See The Space Shuttle Video

Many ATV repeaters and individuals are re-transmitting Space Shuttle Video & Audio from their TVRO's tuned to GE-2 (85W) transponder 9 vertical. Others may be re-transmitting weather radar durning significatn storms or home camcorder video. If it is being done in your area on 420 MHz - check page 577 in the 97-98 ARRL Repeater Directory or call us, ATV repeaters are springing up all over - all you need is the TVC-4G ATV 420-450 MHz downconverter, TV set to ch 2, 3 or 4, and 70cm antenna (you can use your 435 Oscar beam). We also have equipment for the 902-928 & 1240-1300 MHz bands. In fact we are your one stop for all your ATV needs and info - antennas, amps, transmitters, etc.

Model TVC-4G ATV Downconverter tunes 420-450 MHz to ch 3

Only $89

TVC-9G 900 MHz $99 TVC-12G 1200 MHz $109. Get The ATV Bug!

Companion TX70-1b 1.5Watt ATV TRANSMITTER only $299 Buy both, for $359 and save $29 Full color & sound Plug in your camcorder,

Hams, call for our complete 10 page ATV catalogue! antenna & 13.8 vdc @ 1A

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