Head and Earphones Subject of New World Standard

A new world standard dealing with headphones and earphones was issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) at the end of 1984. It gives standard methods of measurement for a number of characteristics useful for specification purposes, and includes a solution to the extremely difficult problem of assigning a mean ingful frequency response specification to supra-aural and circumaural head and earphones. A type designation scheme is also included, giving the principle of the transducer(s), the rated impedance or voltage and the number of channels. It completes the 268 series of Publications and work on revising some of the major parts of this important basic standard has now begun.

The IEC is the authority for world standards in electrical and electronic engineering. It is composed of National Committees in 42 countries formed to represent in international discussions all their national electrical and electronics interests, including manufacturers, users, trade associations, the engineering profession and government.

The cost of Publication 268-7: Sound system equipment. Part 7: Headphones and headsets, is $18.58, and can be obtained from the Information Officer, Central Office of the IEC, 1, Rue de Varembe, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland.

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