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Communications Electronics^

the world's largest distributor of radio scanners, introduces new lower prices to celebrate our 15th anniversary.

Regency! MX7000-EA

L ist »rice $699.95/CE price S399 95/SPECIAL 10-Band, 20 Channel • Crystallesa • AC/DC

Frequency range: 25-550 MHz. continuous coverage and 800 MHz. io f,3 GHz. continuous coverage The Regency MX7000 scanner lets you monitor military, F.B.I., Space Satellites, Police and Fire Departments, Drug Enforcement Agencies, Defense Department, Aeronautical AM band, Aero Navigation Band, Fish & Game, Immigration, Paramedics, Amateur Radio, Justice Department, State Department, plus thousands of other radio frequencies most scanners can't pick up. The Regency MX7000 is the perfect scanner for intelligence agencies that need to monitor the new 800 MHz, cellular telephone band. The MX7000, now at a special price from CE.

Regency® Z60-EA

List price $299 95/CE price S179.95/SPECIAL ff-Band, BO Channel e Ncrcrystss! scaimer

Bands; 30-50, 88-108, 118-136, 144-174, 440-512 MHz. The Regency Z60 covers all the public service bands plus aircraft and FM music for a total of eight bands. The Z60 also features an alarm clock and priority control as well as AC/DC operation. Order today.

Regency® Z45-EA

List price $259.95/CE price $159.95/SPECIAL 7-Band, 45 Channel • No-crystal scanner

Bands: 30-50, 1 18-136, 144-174 440-512 MHz. The Regency Z45 is very simiiar to the Z60 model listed above however it does not have the commercial FM broadcast band. The Z45, now at a special price from Communications Electronics.

Regency® RH250B-EA

List price S613.00/CE price S329.93/SPECIAL 10 Channel • 3S Watt Transceiver • Priority

The Regency RH250B isa ten-channel VHF land mobile transceiver designed to cover any frequency between 150 to 162 MHz. Since this radio is synthesized, no expensive crystals are needed to store up to ten frequencies without battery backup. All radios come with CTCSS tone and scanning capabilities. A monitor and night/day switch is also standard, fhis transceiver even has a priority function. The RH250 makes an ideal radio for any police or fire department volunteer because of its low cost pnd high performance. A UHF version of the same radio called the RU150B covers450-482 MHz. but the cost is $449.95. To get technician programming instructions, order a service manual from CE with your radio system.

NEW! Bearcat® 50XL-EA

List price S199.95/CE price $114.95/SPECIAL lO-Band, 10 Channel • Handheld scanner

Bands: 29.7-54, 136-174. 406-512 MHz. The Uniden Bearcat S0XL is an economical, hand-held scanner witb 10 channels covering ten frequency bands. It features a keyboard lock switch to prevent accidental entry and more. Also order part # BP50 which isa rechargeable battery pack for $14.95, a plug-in wall charger, part # AD100 for S14.95, a carrying case part # VC001 for $14.95 and also order optionai cigarette lightercable part # PS001 for$14.95.

NEW! Regency® XL156-EA

List price $239.95/CE price $129.95/SPECIAL B-Bmnd, 10 Channel » ^o-arystai Scanner Search • Loekout • Priority » AC/DC

Bands: 30-50, 144-174, 440-512 MHz. Cover your choice of over 15,000 frequencies on 10 channels at the touch of your finger. Display messages. External speaker jack Telescoping antenna. External antenna jack. AC/DC.

NEW! Regency® R1060-EA

List price $149 95/CE price S92.95/SPECIAL C-to4 10 Channel • Cry* <**•«• • AC only

Bands: 30-50, 144-1 74. 4 4 0-5 1 2 MHz Now you can enjoy computerized scanner versatility st a price that's less than some crystal units. The Regency R1060 lets you in on all the action of police, fire, weather, and emergency calls. You'll even hear mobile telephones.

Bearcat® DX1000-EA

List price S649.95/CE priceS349.95/SPECIAL

Frequency range 10 KHz. to 30 MHz. The Bearcat DX1000 shortwave radio makes tuning in London as easy as dialing a phone. It features PLL synthesized accuracy, two time zone 24-hour digital quartz clock and a built-in timer to wake you to your favorite shortwave station. It can be programmed to activate peripheral equipment like a tape recorder to record up to five different broadcasts, any frequency, any mode, while you are asleep or at work. It will receive AM, LSB, USB, CW and FM broadcasts.

There's never been an easier way to hear what the world has to say. With the Bearcat DX1000 shortwave receiver, you now have direct access to the world.

NEW! Regency® HX1200-EA

List price $369.95/CE pries S214.95/SPECIAL 8-Band, 45 Channel « No Crystal scantier iearch a Lockout • Priority • Scan delay Shtem liquid crystal display • EAROM Memory Mew Direct Channel Access Feature Bands: 30-60, 116-136, 144-174, 406-420, 440-51? MHz The new handheld Regency HX1200 scanner is fully keyboard programmable for the ultimate in versatility. You can scan up to 45 channels at the same time including the AM aircraft band. The LCD display is even sidelit for night use. Order MA-258-EA rapid charge drop-in battery charger for $84.95 plus $3.00 shipping/handling. Includes wall charger, carrying case, belt clip, flexible antenna and nicad battery.

NEW! Bearcat® 100XL-EA

List price $349.95/CE price $203 95/SPECIAL »-Band, 16 Channel • Priority • Scan Otimr iSearch • Limit • Hold * lotskmit • MC/BC

Frequency range: 30-50, 118-174, 406-512 MHz. The world's firs! no-crystai handheld scanner now has a LCD channel display with backlight for low light use and aircraft band coverage at the same low price. Size is 1 %" x 7V2" x 2%:' The Sea rear 100XL has wide frequency coverage that includes all public service bands (Low, High, UHF and "T" bands), the AM aircraft band, the 2-meter and 70 cm. amateur bands, plus military and federal government frequencies. Wow... what a scanner!

Included in our low CE price is a sturdy carrying case, earphone, battery charger/AC adapter, six AA ni-cad batteries and flexible antenna. Order your scanner now.

Bearcat® 210XW-EA

List price $339.95/CE price $209.95/SPECIAL B-Bmnd, #3 Channel • No-cr ftstal scanner Automatic Weather * Search/Scan • AC/DC

Frequency range: 30-50, 136-174, 406-512 MHz. The new Bearcat 210XW isan advanced third generation scanner with great performance at a low CE price.

NEW! Bearcat® 145XL-EA

List price $1 79.95/CE pries S102.95/SPECIAL 10Band, 10channel • AC/DC • InmtanlWaelher

Frequency range 29-54, 136-174, 420-512 MHz. The Bearcat 145XL makes a great first scanner. Its low cost and high performance ietsyou hearail the action with the touch of a key. Order your scanner from CE today.


Test any scanner purchased from Communications Electronics" for 31 days before you decide !o keep it. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return it in original condition with all parts in 31 days, foi a prompt refund (less shipping/handling charges and rebate credits).

Regency MX7000

Regency HX1200

NEW! Bearcat® 800XLT-EA

List price $499.95/CE price $317.95 18-Band, 40 Channel • No-crystal ascanner Priority control • Search/Scan • AC/DC

Bands: 29-54, 118-174, 406-512, 806-972 MHz. The Uniden 800XLT receives 40 channels in two banks. Scans 15 channels per second. Size 9'/«" x4'/i" x 12'/!." QTHEH. RADIOS MHO ACCESSORIES

Panasonic RF-2600-EA Shortwave receiver $1 79.95 RD9S-EA Uniden Remote mount Radar Detector $ l 28 9S R055-EA Uniden Visor mount Radar Detector .,, $98.95 RD9-EA u'niden" Passport" size Radar Detector $239.95 BC a 10XW-E A Bearcat 20 channel scanner SALE ,, $209.95

BC-WA-EA Bearcat Weather Alert" S49.95

0X1000-EA Bearcat shortwave receiver SALE $349.9® PC22-EA Uniden remote mount CB transceiver. $99,95 PC55-EA Uniden mobile mount CB transceiver , ,. $59.95 R1060-EA Regency 10 channel scanner SALE , $92.95 M3C3000-EA Regency 30 channel scanner. .. $198.95 XL158-EA Regency 10 channel scanner SALE $1 29.95 UC102-EA Regency VH F 2 ch. 1 Watt transceiver. . SI 24.95 RH250B EA Regency 10 ch. 25WattVHFIrans. .. S329 95 RH600B-EA Regency 10 ch. 60 Watt VHF trans. .. $454 95 RU150B-EARegency 10channel UHFtransceiver, . S449.96 RPH410-EA 10 ch handheld no-crystal trans . $399.95 LC10-EA Carrying case tor RPH410 transceiver $34.95 M At 81 -EA Ni-cad batti-ry pack tor RPH41 a trans $34.95 P140S-EAfiegencj/5ampregulatedpowersupply , $69.95 P1412-EA Regency 12 amp reg, power supply,., $ 164.95 BC10-EA Battery charger for Regency RPH41G $84,95 MA256-EA Drop- in charger for HX1000 & HX1200 $84.95 MA2S7-EA Cigarette lighter cord lor HX1 200 $ 19.95 MAV1 7-EA Ni-Cad batlery pack for HX1 200 . $34.95 EC10-EA Programming tool for Regency RPM410 $24.95 SMRH2SO-EA Service man. for Regency RH250 . $24.95 SMRU150-EA Service man. for Regency RU1 50 . $24.95 SMRPH410-EA Service man, tor Regency RPH410 . $24 95 SMM)i7000-6ASvc,man.forMX7000SMX5000 . $19.95 SMMX3000* EA Service man. for Regency MX3000 $19 99 B-4-EA 1.2 V AAA Ni-Cad batteries (set of four! , $9.95 FB-E-EA Frequency Directoryfor Eastern U.S.A. . $ 12,95 FB-W-EAFrequencyDirectoryforWestern U S A .. $12.95 TSG-EA 'Top Secret" Registry of U S. Govt. Freq. $14.95

TiC-EA Techniques for intercepting Comm $14.95

RRF-EA Railroad frequency directory $10.95

CIE-EACovert Intelligence Elect. Eavesdropping . $14 05 A60-EA Magnet mount mobile scanner antenna . $35.00

A7Q-EA Base station scanner antenna $35 00

USAMM-CA Mag mount VHF/UHF ant. w/12' cable.,, $39.95 USAK-EA3/«' hole mount VHF/UHFantw/ 17'cable $35,00 USATI.M-EA Trunk lip mount VHF/UHF antenna $35 00 Add $3.00 shipping for all accessories ordered at the same time. Add $i 2.00 shipping per shortwave receiver. Add $7 00 shipping per scanner and $3.00 per antenna.


To get the fastest delivery from CE of any scanner, send or phone your order directly to our Scanner Distribution Center" Michigan residents please add 4% sales tax or supply your tax I.D. number Written purchase orders are accepted from approved government agencies and most well rated firms at a 10% surcharge for net 10 billing. All sales are subject to availability, acceptance and verification. All sales on accessories are final. Prices, terms and specifications are subject to change without notice. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Out of stock items will be placed on backorder automatically unless CE is instructed differently A $5.00 additional handling fee will be charged for all orders with a merchandise total under $50 00 Shipments are F O B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. No COD's. Most products that vie sell have a manufacturer's warranty Free copies of warranties on these products are available prior to purchase by writing to CE. Non-certified checks require bank clearance.

Mail orders to: Communications Electronics;" Box 1045, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106 U.S.A. Add $7.00 per scanner for U.P.S. ground shipping and handling in the continental U.S.A. For Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, or APO/FPO delivery, shipping charges are three times continental U.S. rates. If you have a Visa or Master Card, you may call and place a credit card order. Order toll-free in the U.S. Dial 8Q0-USA-SCAN. In Canada, order toll-free by calling 800-221-3475. Telex CE anytime, dial 810-223-2422. If you are outside the U.S. or in Michigan dial 313-973-8888. Order today. Scanner Distribution Center " and CE logos are trademarks of Communications Electronics Inc. 1 Bearcat is a registered trademark of Uniden Corporation, t Regency is a registered trademark of Regency Electronics Inc " AD #040186-EA

Copyright © 1986 Communications Electronics Inc.

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P.O. Box 1045 □ Ann Arbor, Michigan48106-1045 U.S.A. Call 800-USA-SCAN or outside U.S.A. 313-973-8888

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