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I have received several more letters, and they continue to say the same thing: most of you build a variety of projects, or, like me, you go through phases. Several more requests were made for microwave components, so I'll begin to dig a bit deeper in that area. This month begins again with a description of a small-quantity hardware vendor.

Jameco Electronics

Jameco, like Digi-Key described in April, has been serving the electronic hobbyist for many years and has built a solid reputation for quality parts, shipped quickly, and at a reasonable price. Jameco used to be known as "James Electronics," but apparently outgrew that name.

Their catalog is quite extensive, covering components, tools, PCs and PC products. The only area that Jameco doesn't cover is RF-specific parts. For just about any other project, they can supply chips, resistors, caps, pcb, cabinet, power cord, and just about anything else you might need, including the test equipment to debug your circuit!

Prices are very reasonable too. For example, digital ICs generally range from 15 to 50 cents. The minimum order is $20, and even with that, I can't see how they can make any money!

You can get a copy of their current catalog by writing them at 1355 Shoreway Road, Belmont, CA 94002. Or, you can call and request one via their 24-hour order line: 415-592-8097. They even have a technical-assistance number if you have problems: 415-592-9990.

Microprocessors Unlimited, Inc

While on the subject of parts vendors, another company which deals exclusively with memory and microprocessors is Microprocessors Unlimited. They describe themselves as "a small company dedicated to excellence." I have had only limited dealings with them, but they seem reliable. They offer a very complete line of static and dynamic RAM, EPROM, and non-68000 family microprocessors.

In addition to normal shipment, they will also Federal Express orders for only $6 for up to four (4) pounds. To prevent damage to ICs from static electricity, they "wear 100% cotton clothing—including their underwear—while working barefoot on a grounded floor mat." Anyone who would ask his employees to work barefoot must be sincere about quality!

To get a copy of their small catalog,

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