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Low-Power Portable Packet Terminal, by Steven Avritch, WB1EOB, January 1991 QEX (issue 107). See Fig 1—The polarity of C10 is reversed. The positive side goes to ground, the negative side connects of pin 6 of U2.

Several errors appeared in HF Frequency Synthesizer... Easier Than Ever, by Pierre Boillat, HB9AIS, January 1991 QEX (issue 107). Here are the corrections as received from the author.

• The IC MC 145 13 is produced by: Motorola Semi

Conductors SA, Av. du General Eisenhower, 31023 Toulouse, Cedex, France. It is also available from several sales offices in Switzerland; I would be surprised if it was not available in the USA.

• The word "self" for L1 and L2 (an English word) was used instead of "coil."

• To obtain a frequency as pure as possible, it is necessary to adjust the 10-kfi pot so as to reach PLL sync (LED from pin 28, via T4 switched off within 0.2 to 1 second).

• Other questions can be answered with this corrected schematic.

Port A Port B B V

Port A Port B B V

Fig 1-4.5-9.999 MHz frequency synthesizer. T1-3, T5, 2N2222 T4, BC2907

L1,17t, Tore Philips No. 4322 020 97170, about 15 ,<H

L2, 47t, Tore Philips No. 4322 020 97170, about 100 /íH MC 145163, Motorola BB 212, Philips

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