ARRL Periodical CDROM to the rescue

You know QSTand other ARRL periodicals are invaluable resource tools. You hoard your back issues and refer to them over and over again. You panic because someone "straightened up" and now you're missing issues. Or even worse, your collection takes up so much room, your family has given THE ultimatum: Either the magazines go or they do. But the worst part is that you still can't remember which elusive issue had that juicy project or the essential information you need right now

If you've got a computer with CD-ROM drive, we've got the solution to your problems: the 1995 ARRL Periodicals CD-ROM That's right, we've compiled all 1995 QST, NCJ and QEXissues into one value packed CD-ROM. And that's not all. Having the information at your fingertips is one thing, but we've also included a number of special features to make your hunting expeditions obsolete.

The 1995 ARRL Periodicals CD-ROM includes the following:

• The full text of every QST, QEX, and NCJ article-including your favorite technical and general interest articles, columns, product reviews, and New Ham Companion features. Every word! Plus, every drawing, table, illustration and photograph (many in color). More than 2000 images in all!

• More than 1000 advertisement images, indexed alphabetically by vendor and product, in special ad sections created for each periodical.

• A powerful search engine that lets you find desired information quickly by entering article titles, call signs, names or just about any other word. Imagine searching for all occurrences of "antenna" or "FM" or any other topic of interest—even your own call sign!

• Advanced search features to help you narrow your search—after all, there are more than 1.8 million words on this

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CD-ROM! It's easy to try wildcard searches (KB1* finds all call signs starting with KB1); Boolean searches (VHF and contest finds all articles with the words VHF and contest near each other); and proximity searches (ARRL within 2 words before BBS finds occurrences like ARRL BBS, ARRL HQ BBS, ARRL Headquarters BBS).

• Windows printing and Clipboard support, so you can print out articles or share them with other Windows applications.

• Tools to create bookmarks at often-used articles; to make your own hyperlinks to jump between spots that you define; or even to record your path as you navigate through a series of articles or issues. You can also annotate the text with personal comments that can be stored at any spot in the text and retrieved simply by clicking an icon.

Minimum System Requirements

• 386, 486 or Pentium™ IBM PC or 100% compatible (486 or better recommended)

• 4 Mbytes of RAM (8 Mbytes recommended)

• Hard disk with at least 10 Mbytes of free space

• 640x480, 256-color graphics

• CD-ROM drive (double speed or faster recommended)

• Mouse or equivalent pointing device

Packed with Power!

Don't waste another minute hunting for information. Order your 1995 ARRL Periodicals CD-ROM today. You'll be glad you did. ARRL Order No. 5579 - Retail $19.95 plus $4 shipping/handling for ARRL Members, $29.95 plus $4 shipping/ handling for nonmembers.

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