Arrl Computer Networking Conference

The 10th ARRL Amateur Radio Computer Networking Conference will be held on the weekend of September 27-29 at the Radisson Airport Hotel in San Jose, CA. The Northern California Packet Association (NCPA) is hosting this year's conference and invites you to attend. Glenn Tenney, AA6ER, is the local conference chairperson.

Hams from around the world will be presenting papers on what they're working on in packet radio. The presentations and papers might cover any subject from satellites to spread spectrum, from protocols to hardware or any other topic related to how hams are, or will be networking. In addition to the usual presentation of papers all day Saturday, this year's conference will be surrounded by other interesting and informative activities. See the agenda below for what is planned on Friday and Sunday. So as not to miss any of this, send in the registration form (below) now and contact the ARRL for an author's packet.

Ho w to Submit Papers

The deadline for receipt of camera-ready papers is August 12. If you're going to submit a paper, contact Lori Weinberg at ARRL headquarters. She is handling the arrangements for the proceedings.

How to Register for the Conference

Please use the attached conference registration form for the tutorials, main conference and the dinners. We are working with a very tight budget and would appreciate receiving your registration and check at the earliest possible date. We have already had to make quite a commitment to the hotel and catering is asking for a commitment which requires a close attendance count. Make checks payable to "Fantasia Systems Inc." and mail them to: Glenn Tenney, AA6ER Fantasia Systems Inc. 2111 Ensenada Way San Mateo, CA 94403

Hotel Reservations

We've arranged an attractive room rate of $69 per night, plus tax, for single or double occupancy. You will have to make your hotel reservations early as the number of rooms blocked out for us is limited. Call the Radisson Hotel directly at 800-333-3333 to make your reservation. Tell them your reservation is for the "ARRL CMC" in order to access our block of rooms. The way hotels work, it will help us meet our budget if our block of rooms is used up.


The conference hotel is located near the San Jose International Airport which supports both commercial and general aircraft. The Radisson Hotel offers shuttle service to and from the airport. Be sure to ask about the shuttle service when you make your hotel reservation.

In an effort to save you money, we've selected American Airlines as the official airline for the conference, which means you can receive discount air fares (eg, from within the US, 5% off the lowest published applicable fare). Contact American Airlines directly for details. Call their Meeting Services Desk at 800-433-1790 and refer to Star #S47Z14A. Since San Jose is an American Airlines hub, you should find it very convenient.

The Agenda

We are still improving and tweaking the agenda, but here it is as it stands right now: Friday, September 27 13:00-17:00: In-Depth Tutorials

Three concurrent in-depth technical sessions will be available. These planned "tutorials" are expected to include: Digital Signal Processing; Spread Spectrum and Part 15; and Packet Satellites. The speakers selected will be those currently working on the leading edge of these technologies. These sessions will allow the subjects to be covered in depth and right down to the bits and bytes level These sessions are priced separately and will include handouts and a mid-afternoon break.

19:00-21:30: Dinner Instead of everyone trying to find a pizza place that can handle 50 or a couple of hundred people, we have decided to have a very special group dinner. As an option, you can sign up for the Friday evening dinner and join everyone for a luau! Yes, a real honest to goodness luau! This should be an ideal time for everyone to relax. We expect that most of you will join us, even if you aren't attending the tutorials. This will be right at the hotel, so you won't have to drive anywhere. After dinner we expect to have some informal "birds of a feather" sessions.

Saturday, September 28

08:30-17:00: Presentation of Papers This is the traditional part of the conference. As in past years, we will be gathering up all of the papers submitted for presentation and divide them into the time available. Everyone will have a chance to present a paper. The published proceedings and lunch (at noon) are included in the conference fee.

18:30-21:00: Dinner The conference doesn't stop at dinner. We've arranged an optional dinner at the hotel complete with a guest speaker. At this time, we do not know who will be the banquet speaker, but based on some of the names we are discussing, you will not want to miss this!

21:00-24:00: Birds of a Feather sessions Ten or fifteen minutes per paper really is not enough, so we have planned break-out rooms for "birds of a feather" sessions. During the day we will have sign-up sheets so that discussion groups can form and really get into topics of greatest interest.

Sunday, 29 September As usual, the ARRL Digital Committee will have their business meeting Sunday morning from 09:00 until 12:00. But that's not all. . .

We are going to have a demonstration room available from about 09:00 until 13:00 and we are hoping that you will be able to bring a rig with you to show off your latest work. We may also have some exhibitors. But wait, that's still not all...

We are going to present various newcomer tutorials from 10:00 until 13:00. These tutorials may be for the firsttime packet user, while others might be for the first-time TCP/IP user. These tutorials will help folks learn more about various aspects of packet radio. The demonstration/exhibit room and newcomer tutorials will be open to all hams and prospective hams whether signed up for the rest of the conference or not.

And finally, the San Jose Technology Center is a short light-rail ride away and they have a fantastic high-tech museum called "The Garage." Although a trip to The Garage isn't an official part of the conference, we are sure a large group will be planning a visit on Sunday. We will try to help plan this outing during the conference. . . most likely a late morning trip and an early afternoon trip. from Glenn Tenney, AA6ER

Registration Form



Call_ Telephone:

We are printing a roster. Should we keep you out of the roster (yes means you will not be in the roster)?_________

Do you want vegetarian or special meals, if so what?

Will you be presenting a paper?_

Add up the fees for each person for each event (guests are encouraged). We have to prepay most of our costs a month before the conference, so please hurry.

Friday afternoon tutorials:

$30 now, $40 after August 20th

Friday night Luau:

$35 now, $45 after August 20th Quantity:__Total $_

Saturday conference (all day)

$30 now, $40 after August 20th Quantity:_Total $___

Saturday banquet (with speaker): $30 now, $40 after August 20th Quantity:__Total $_

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