Satellite Tracking

with your PC and the Kansas City Tracker & Tuner


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The Kansas City Tracker is a hardware and software package that connects between your rotor controller and an IBM XT. AT. or clone It controls your antenna array, letting your PC track any satellite or orbital body The Kansas City Tracker hardware consists of a half-size interface card that plugs into your PC It can be connected directly to Kenpro 5400A/5600A or Yaesu G5400B/G5600B rotor controllers It can be connected to other rotor assemblies using our Rotor Interface Option

The Kansas City Tuner Option provides automatic doppler-shift compensation for digital satellite work The Tuner is compatible with most rigs including Yaesu, Kenwood, and ICOM It controls your radio thru the radio's serial computer port (if present) or through the radio's up/down mic-click interface The Kansas City Tuner Option is perfect for low-orbit digital satellites like the NOAA and Microsat satellites

The Kansas City Tracker and Tuner include custom serial interfaces and do not use your computer's valuable COMM ports The software runs in your PC's "spare time," letting you run other programs at the same time

Thi' Kansas City Tracker and Tuner programs are "Terminate-and-Stay-Resident" programs that attach themselves to DOS and disappear You can run other DOS programs while your antenna tracks its target and your radios are tuned under computer control This unique feature is especially useful for digital satellite work; a communications program like PROCOMM can be run while the PC aims your antennas and tunes your radios in its spare time Status pop-up windows allow the user to review and change current and upcoming radio and antenna parameters The KC Tracker is compatible with DOS 2 00 or higher

Satellite and EME Work The Kansas City Tracker and Tuner packages include the The Kansas City Tracker and Kansas City Tuner are fully PC interface card, interface connector, software diskette, and compatible with N4HY's QUIKTRAK and with Silicon Solution's instructions Each Kansas City unit carries a one year warranty GRAFTRAK These programs can be used to load the Kansas # KC Tracker package for the Yaesu/Kenpro

City Tracker's tables with more than 50 satellite passes 5400A/5600A controller $189

DX, Contests, and Nets • Interface cable for Yaesu/Kenpro

Working DX or contests and need three hands? Use the Kansas 5400A/5600A $ 19

City Tracker pop-up to work your antenna rotor for you The # Rotor |nterface Option (to connect to

Kansas City Tracker is compatible with all DX logging ANY rotors) $ 30

programs A special callsign aiming program is included for working nets • KC Tuner Option $ 79

Packet BBS • N4HY QuikTrak software $ 80

The Kansas City Tracker comes complete with special control Visa gnd MasterCard ^

programs that allow the packet BBS user or control-op to perform g ^ ^ fw ,nternatl0na| shlpments)

automated antenna aiming over an hour a day, or a week Your ¿m » (o e withou( no(ice BBS or packet station can be programmed to automatically solicit mail from remote packet sites ^jTSCG

Vision-Impaired Hams Communications Products

The Kansas City Tracker has a special morse-code sender 41 Acadia Drlve • Voorhees, NJ 08043 • U S A

section that will announce the rotor position and status auto- For more info: Telephone 609 751 1018

matically or on request The speed and spacing of the code are CompuServe 72677,1107

ad|ustable 9/89

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