G4clf Transceiver

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an attempt to produce a home-constructed multiband amateur transceiver without overcompli-cation. The results achieved have been far better than originally expected and the home made transceiver is now used in preference to my commercial one. No sophisticated test equipment was used for testing or alignment, but access to a dfm, signal generator and a vvm or oscilloscope is necessary.

The G4CLF module has been built by the author for three separate designs and has performed well in each. The new design of pcb produced an exciter unit that is much easier to duplicate than the original and has now been successfully copied by four other amateurs.

Each module was constructed and tested independently before final assembly. This was initially done in breadboard form to make sure that it all worked. The chassis was also home constructed and scaled up from the earlier 18MHz single band unit. G2CKM has faithfully followed my design and produced a very similar transceiver; this has provided much useful feedback including verification of the circuit diagrams and component lists.

Additional features may be added to the basic transceiver to suit personal preference and may include such items as a digital frequency counter, speech processor, audio filter, cw sidetone and keying unit and a variety of other add-ons.

No great originality is claimed for the circuitry which has evolved from studying numerous commercial manuals as well as the ARRL Handbook. All I can claim is success in making it all work. Hopefully I can inspire others with a little less confidence to have a go at building something that will become their pride and joy for a long time to come.

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