Amateur Television

New 10 Watt

Transceiver Only $499

Made in USA Value + Quality from over 25years in ATV...W6ORG

Snow free line of sight DX is 90 miles - assuming 14 dBd antennas at both ends. 10 Watts in this one box may be all you need for local simplex or repeater ATV. Use any home TV camera or camcorder by plugging the composite video and audio into the front phono jacks. Add 70cm antenna, coax, 13.8 Vdc @ 3 Amps, TV set and you're on the air - it's that easy!

TC70-10 has adjustable >10 Watt p.e.p. with one xtal on 439.25, 434.0 or 426.25 MHz & properly matches RF Concepts 4-110 or Mirage D1010N-ATV for 100 Watts. Hot GaAsfet downconverter varicap tunes whole 420-450 MHz band to your TV ch3. 7.5x7.5x2.7" aluminum box.

Transmitters sold only to licensed amateurs, for legal purposes, verified in the latest Callbook or send copy of new license.

Call or write now for our complete ATV catalog including downconverters, transmitters, linear amps, and antennas for the 400, 900 & 1200 MHz bands.

(818) 447-4565 m-t 8am-5:30pm pst. Visa, MC, COD P.C. ELECTRONICS Tom(W60RG)

2522 Paxson Lane Arcadia CA 91007 Maryann (WB6YSS)

September 1993 25

UpcomingTechnical Conferences

1993 ARRL Conference on Digital Communications

• September 10-11, 1993, Holiday Inn Airport in Tampa, Florida

• Contact: Brian Lantz, K04KS, TP ALAN, 6403 N Paddock Avenue, Tampa, FL 33614, Tel 813-877-1469, Internet [email protected].

• Events: Friday, registration and round-table discussions; Saturday, registration, technical talks, discussions on "standards."

• Misc: several "distractions" are available on site and within a short drive.

• Hotel reservations: call the hotel direct at 813-879-4800 and mention the conference. Special rate of $52 per night is available from 3 days before through 3 days after.

Microwave Update '93

• September 23-26, 1993, Northwest Atlanta Hilton, Atlanta, Georgia

• Contact: Jim Davey, WA8NLC, 4664 Jefferson Township Place, Marietta, GA 30066, tel [W] 404 333-2136 LH] 404-998-6971.

• Events: Thursday evening, registration and socializing; Friday, technical sessions, flea market and noise figure contest; Saturday, technical sessions and banquet; Sunday, a short meeting is planned.

• Hotel reservations: call Kim Gilliam (at the Hilton) at 800-234-9304. An airport shuttle bus is available at a round-trip cost of $25. Call 800-237-0709 for reservations.

Mid Atlantic VHF Conference

• October 2,1993, Days Inn, Horsham, Pennsylvania

• Contact: John Sorter, KB3XG, PO Box 451, Montgomeryville, PA 18936, tel 215 270-3185.

• Events: The conference will feature diverse and challenging talks in the

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