Design your own Hf Vhf and UHF


In Introduction to Radio Frequency Design, Wes Hay ward, W7ZOI, gives you the fundamental "how-to" methods of radio frequency design to develop intuition for RF circuits and systems. He emphasizes practical application of simple circuit modes whenever possible and will prepare you to actually design HF, VHF and UHF equipment. Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran electronics experimenter, here's a way to learn RF design without intimidation!


Electronc Design

In this timeless reprint, Wes...

• emphasizes using models and their application to linear and nonlinear circuits

• reviews traditional material, stressing the viewpoints taken by the RF designer

• illustrates subject material by numerical ex amples

• discusses oscillator design including oscillator noise, starting conditions and limiting mechanisms

• applies two-port network methods to the design of amplifiers and oscillators, including using S-parameters

• presents system design with the communication receiver as an example

• includes comprehensive lists of references and suggested additional reading

• covers structured equations sets to help you write programs for a PC or hand-held programmable calculator.

This exciting package includes a 31/2-inch diskette for IBM-compatible PCs with programs that design

• single tuned circuits

• LC bandpass filters

• low-pass and high-pass Butterworth or Chebyshev filters

• crystal ladder filters

• simple n networks and more! A handy user manual is included on the disk.

ntroduction to Radio Frequency Design,

ARRL Order No. 4920, retail $30

ARRL • 225 Main Street • Newington, CT 06111-1494

Hams Must Comply with the New RF Exposure Rules...

...and this is the one book that explains everything you need to know about them—in plain English. Simple worksheets and tables allow you to determine if your station is in compliance. If it's not, you'll learn how to modify your station or antenna.In most cases, it's not at all difficult to comply with the new Rules. To ensure you're in compliance, you need the information in this book.

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