Networking Conference Proceedings Available

The ARRL/CRRL Computer Networking Conference was held in London, Ontario, Canada on September 22. The proceedings of this ninth edition of the conference are available now from ARRL HQ for $12.00 plus $2.50 ($3.50 UPS) for shipping and handling. The papers contained in this year's edition are:

"9600 Baud Operation" by Phil Anderson, W0XI, and Karl Medcalf, WK5M

"Digital Regenerator Modification for the TNC-2A" by William A. Beech, NJ7P, and Jack Taylor, N700

"Considering Next-Generation Amateur Voice Systems" by Jon Bloom, KE3Z

"AVC_R_ISA: A MAC Layer for NOS/net" by F.

Davoli, A. Giordano, 11TD, A. Imovilli, IW1PVW, C. Nobile IW1QAP, G. Pederiva IW1QAN, and S. Zappatore IW1PIR

"A Built in TNC for the Toshiba Mod. T1000" by Frederic de Bros, KX1S

"A GPS Data Receiver" by Dan Doberstein, M.S.E.E.

"Physical Layer Considerations in Building a High Speed Amateur Radio Network" by Glenn Elmore, N6GN

"Hubmaster: Cluster-Based Access to High-Speed

Networks" by Glenn Elmore, N6GN, Kevin Rowett, N6RCE, and Ed Satterthwaite, N6PLO

"Adoption of the KA9Q TCP/IP Package for Standalone Packet Switch Operation" by Bdale Garbee, N3EUA, Don Lemley, N4PCR, and Milt Heath

"Network Routing Techniques and Their Relevance to Packet Radio Networks" by James Geier, Martin DeSimio, WB8MPF, and Byron Welsh, KD8WG

"Status Report on the KA9Q Internet Protocol Package for the Apple Macintosh" by Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZP, and Doug Thorn, N60YU

"Texas Packet Radio Society Projects: An Update" by Greg Jones, WD5IVD, and Tom McDermott, N5EG "FlexNet - The European Solution" by Gunter Jost, DK7WJ, and Joachim Sonnabend

"MACA1 - A New Channel Access Method for Packet Radio" by Phil Karn, KA9Q

"Forward Error Correction for Imperfect Data in Packet Radio" by W. Kinsner, VE4WK

"The Network News Transfer Protocol and its Use in Packet Radio" by Anders Klemets, SM0RGV

"Packet Radio with Rudak II on the Russian Radio-Mi Mission" by Hanspeter Kuhlen, DK1YQ

"CELP High-Quality Speech Processing for Packet Radio Transmission and Networking" by A. Langi, and W. Kinsner, VE4WK

"The PackeTen System - The Next Generation Packet Switch" by Don Lemley, N4PCR, and Milt Heath "The BPQ Node in an Expanding Network" by Karl Medcaif, WK5M, and Phil Anderson, WOXI, in cooperation with John Wiseman, G8BPQ

"Node Networking" by Donald R. Neisch, K8EIW "The 'Cloverleaf Performance-Oriented HF Data Communication System" by Raymond C. Petit, W7GHM "Frequency-Stable Narrowband Transceiver for 10100.5 kHz" by Raymond C. Petit, W7GHM

"PACSAT Protocol Suite - An Overview" by Harold E. Price, NK6K, and Jeff Ward, G0/K8KA

"PACSAT Data Specification Standards" by Harold E. Price, NK6K, and Jeff Ward, G0/K8KA

"PACSAT Protocol: File Transfer Level 0" by Jeff Ward, G0/K8KA, and Harold E. Price, NK6K

"PACSAT Broadcast Protocol" by Harold E. Price, NK6K, and Jeff Ward, G0/K8KA

"PACSAT File Header Definition" by Jeff Ward, G0/K8KA, and Harold E. Price, NK6K

"A Fast Switching, Wide Bandwidth Transceiver for 70-cm Operation, The DVR 4-2" by Jerry Schmitt, WX0S, Phil Anderson WOXI, and Bruce Kerns

"Long Distance Packet Mail Via Satellite" by Mark Sproul, KB2ICI, and Keith Sproul, WU2Z

"Station Traffic System: A Traffic Handler's Utility Package with Integrated Packet Support" by Frank Warren, Jr., KB4CYC

"Comments on HF Digital Communications Part

1—Link Level Issues" by Tom Clark, W3IWI "Comments on HF Digital Communications Part

2—Data Protocol Issues" by Tom Clark, W3IWI

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