Upcoming Technical Conferences

The 1994 AMSAT-NA Annual Meeting and Space Symposium

October 7-9, 1994, Holiday Inn, Orlando International Airport, Orlando, Florida.

Contact: Steve Park, WB90EP, 12122 99th Ave N, Seminole, FL 34642, tel: 813-391-7515. Internet: [email protected]; Am Pkt Radio: WB90EP @ W4DPH.

Events: Friday, October 7, 1994 11 AM-5 PM, open registration, International Ballroom entrance; 1-5 PM, papers and presentations—Session A—Mission Status Briefings, International Ballroom.

Saturday, October 8, 1994, 7:308 AM, open registration, International Ballroom entrance; 8-11:45 AM— Session B—Orbital Science and Systems, International Ballroom; 8-8:10 AM, Welcome and Opening Remarks; 8:10-11:45, AM papers and presentations; 11:45-1 PM, Lunch. Session C— P3D Design Review, International Ballroom; 1-5 PM, papers and presentations. 7-10 PM Banquet and Annual Meeting, International Ballroom (cost: $23 per person). Guest speaker, Dr. Paul Shuch, N6TX, "The Search for Dark Matter."

Sunday, October 9,1994, 9 AM-1:30 PM, Session D—Satellite Operating, International Ballroom; 9 AM-2 PM, Bus Tours to the P3D Integration Facility; 10 AM, Open Board of Directors Meeting, Continental Room,

Registration: Cost is $25.00 per person (includes Proceedings). Registration can be made by phone to AMSAT, 850 Sligo Ave, #600, Silver Spring, MD 20910, tel: 301-589-6062, fax: 301608-3410.

Hotel, etc: Special hotel rates are available: $58.00 per night (one or two persons per room). Call the Holiday Inn at 407-851-6400 (9 AM to 6 PM EDT). 5% discount on US Air—Use Gold File Number 14210074.

ARRL Continuing Education Workshop: Computer-Aided Design of HF Antennas

October 21, 1994, Pacificon—ARRL Pacific Division Convention, Hilton Hotel, Concord, California.

Topics include: Propagation, Anten-

30 QEX

na selection, transmission line selection and putting it together.

Speakers: R. Dean Straw, N6BV, ARRL Senior Assistant Technical Editor and Roy Lewallen, W7EL, ARRL Technical Advisor.

Cost: For ARRL members is $20, $25 for nonmembers, and includes a workbook, convention ticket and six hours of practical information that will allow you to design your own antennas.

Checks should be made payable to

The following Proceedings are available from ARRL:

Central States VHF Society Proceedings, ISBN: 0-87259-482-3; ARRL Order Number: 4823, cost: $12 plus s/h. Titles include:

Subharmonic IF Receivers, Rick Campbell, KK7B

1296 MHz Amplifier Notes, Dave Meier, N4MW

Shielding No-Tune Printed Filters, Rick Campbell, KK7B

PROPLOG—Automated Propagation Monitor, Robert J. Carpenter, W30TC

Fifteen Years of EME, Francis Shepard, W7HAH

Algoquin EME Expedition, Peter Shilton, VE3VD

Modulating a "Brick" Microwave Source or Beacon Service, Dave Meier, N4MW

Simple Antennas—How to make 'em Cheap'., Kent Britian, WA5VJB

How I Integrated a Siemans TWT into My Station, Dave Meier, N4MW Our Early Heritage—A History of VHF, Bill Tynan, W3XO

A Simple 5 Band CW Transceiver, Rick Campbell, KK7B

Equidistant Azimuthal Projection Program for Amateur Use, Joseph Mack, NA3T

Transient Suppression and Protection, Charlie Chennault, WA5YOU

Pacificon, and sent to Ray Gaschk, KD6BLS, 2680 Cherry Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, tel: 510-933-3243. Registration cut-off is October 17, 1994. To preregister and for more information, contact the ARRL Educational Activities Department at tel: 203-666-1541 or fax: 203-665-7531.

(Have an upcoming technical event? Drop us a note with the all the details and we'll include it, in Upcoming Technical Conferences.) □□

Notes on Down East Microwave 5760 MHz Transverter Assembly, Dave Meier, N4MW

Practical Electric Motors 101, Charlie Chennault, WA5YOU

The Console Station, Dave Meier, N4MW

North American VHF and Above DX Records, A.J. Ward, WB5LUA

27th Central States VHF Society Conference, Preamp Measurement Results

2 Meter EME Standings, John Carter, K0IFL

23 cm EME Standings, Tommy Henderson, WD5AGO

13 cm EME Standings, Tommy Henderson, WD5AGO

1994 North American Beacon Register—144 MHz & Higher, Emil Pocock, W3EP

Central States VHF Society Proceedings—Cumulative Index, Dave Meier, N4MW

Proceedings of the Twentieth Eastern VHF/UHF Conference of the Eastern VHFIUHF Society; ISBN:0-87259-485-8; ARRL Order Number: 4858; cost: $12 plus s/h. Titles include:

The Eastern VHF/UHF Conference Experience, Stan Hilinski, KA1ZE, Chairman

The Eastern VHF/UHF Conference Trivia Quiz, Stan Hilinski, KA1ZE, Chairman

Proceedings i


New Rover Rules, ARRL Contest News Release, Billy Lunt, KR1R

Maritime Mobile Operation Aboard the S.S. Chemical Pioneer, Clint Walker, N1KTM

50 MHz. Beacon List, O. B. Madsen, OZ1IZB

The 1994 Summer Sporadic-E Season, A Summary of Six Meter Observations, Ken Neubeck, WB2AMU Microwave Operating—making suc-cesful contacts, Zack Lau, KH6CP/1

Getting on 10 GHz, Dale P. Clement, AF1T

10 GHz POTPOURRI—Meeting of the North East Weak Signal Group, Photos by N2LIV and WB2DVK

AZ_PROJ.PS—A Program to Create Azimuthal Equidistant Map Projections, Joseph Mack, NA3T, and Michael Katzmann, NV3Z


Secrets of Parabolic Dish Antennas, Paul Wade, N1BWT

Accurate Dimensions for Horn Antenna Design, Jeff Millar, WA1HCO

CUSHCRAFT 4218XL Modifications Revisited, Ron Klimas, WZ1V


Digital Receiver Design, Peter Traneus Anderson, KC1HR

RF Power Amplifiers—Demystified, David M. Upton, WB1CMG

A Collection of VHF Filters, Zack Lau, KH6CP/1

A Digital Sequencer for Tower Mounted Preamps, Ron Klimas, WZIV A Look at Tower Mounting SHF Transverters: Why it Makes Good Dollars and Sense, Fred Stefanik, N1DPM

Up, Up & Away to 10-GHz or 10-GHz Semi-Commercial Style, Bruce Wood, N2LIV

Interfacing HF Tranceivers to Transverters, a Compendium, Introductory Notes and General Information, David Olean, K1WHS

ICOM IC-735 Transverter Wiring, Ron Klimas, WZ1V

Kenwood TS-830S, TS-820S Transverter Wiring, David Olean, K1WHS

Kenwood TS-850S, Drake TR-7 Transverter Wiring, Steve Powlishen, K1FO

Drake C Line, Yaesu FT757 Transverter Wiring, Fred Stefanik, N1DPM

Yaesu FT101ZD Transverter Wiring, Franks Potts, NC1I

Uniden HR-2510 Modifications for Transverter Applications, Chris Fagas, WB2VW

Uniden HR-2510 Modification Notes, John Balboni, AC1T

Radio Shack HTX-100 Transverter Wiring, A1 Carpin, NA1W

Amp Supply TR-110 Transverter Wiring, Ernie Gray, WA1NIE


Antenna Gain Measurements Nineteenth Eastern VHF/UHF Conference Noise Figure Measurements Nineteenth Eastern VHF/UHF Conference The Hottest GaAsFETs, Emil Pocock, W3EP

13th ARRL Digital Communications Conference Proceedings; ISBN: 0-87259-483-1; ARRL Order Number: 4831; cost $12 plus s/h. Titles include:

A Proposal for a Standard Digital Radio Interface, Jeffrey Austen, K9JA Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS), Bob Bruninga. WB4APR

Boadcast, UI and unconnected protocols—the future of Amateur Packet Radio?, Paul Evans,W4/G4BKI

Packet, GPS, APRS and the Future, Paul Evans, W4/G4BKI

Computer Networks in Africa: From Utopian Discourse to Working Reality, Iain Cook

A Low Cost DSP Modem for HF Digital Experimentation, Johan Forrer, KC7WW

G-TOR: The Protocol, Mike Huslig, Phil Anderson, Karl Medcalf and Glenn Prescott

GMON—a G-TOR Monitoring Program for PC Compatibles, Richard Huslig and Phil Anderson, W0XI

A Theoretical Evaluation of the G-TOR Hybrid ARQ Protocol, Glenn E. Prescott. WB0SKX, and Phil Anderson, W0XI

On Fractal Compression of Images for Narrowband Channels and Storage, W. Kinsner, VE4WK

Fast CELP Algorithm and Implementation for Speech Compression, A. Langi, VE4ARM, W. Grieder, VE4WSG, and W. Kinsner, VE4WK

Wavelet Compression for Image Transmission Through Bandlimited Channels, A. Langi, VE4ARM, and W. Kinsner, VE4WK

ROSE X.25 Packet Switch Status Update, Thomas A. Moulton, W2VY

A Primer on Reliability as Applied to Amateur Radio Packet Networks, T.C. McDermott, N5EG

FSK Modem with Scalable Baud Rate, Wolf-Henning Rech, N1EOW, and Gunter Jost, KD7WJ

MacAPRS: Mac Automatic Packet .Reporting System—A Macintosh Version of APRS, Keith Sproul, WU2Z, and Mark Sproul, KB2ICI

Formation of the TAPR Bulletin Board System Special Interest Group, David A. Wolf, W05H How Amateur Radio Operators Can

Emulate an HF ALE Radio, David R. Wortendyke, N0WGC

A Preview of HF Packet Radio Modem Protocol Performance, Teresa Young, Stephen Rieman and David Wortendyke, N0WGC

Microwave Update 1994; ISBN: 0-87259-486-6; ARRL Order Number: 4866; cost: $12 plus s/h. Titles include:

Chicago-Area Amateur Microwave Activity, Gary Hess, K3SIW/9

Low Noise Amplifier for 2304 MHz Using the HP ATF-36077 PHEMT Device, A1 Ward, WB5LUA

Using the MGA-86576 GaAs MMIC in Amateur Microwave Applications, A1 Ward, WB5LUA

A Broadband Dish Feed for Amateur Radio SHF, Tom Williams, WA1MBA Secrets of Parabolic Dish Antennas, Paul Wade, N1BWT

Simply Getting on the Air from DC to Daylight, Rick Campbell, KK7B

A Universal Phase Lock Loop System for Microwave Use, Dave Glawson, WA6CGR

YIG Tuned Devices in Ham Radio, West Atchison, WA5TKU

HP 8551 YIG Driver Circuit, Jeff Kruth, WA3ZKR

Microwave Operations—California Style, Jack Henry, N6XQ

Amateur Lightwave Communication—Practical and Affordable, Steve J. Noll, WA6EJO

Estimating Sun Noise at Various Frequencies, Based on the 10.5 cm Flux Reported by WWV, Melvin B Graves, WR0I

Power Amplifiers for 903 Through 3456 MHz, Jim Davey, WA8NLC, Bibliography of 33-cm (902 to 928 MHz) Articles (Neyens, N0CIH); 3456 MHz IMFET Amplifier (Ward, WB5LUA, and Fogle, WA5TNY); 2304 MHz Power Ampli fier Using 7289 or Similar Tube (Malowanchuk, VE4MA); 2 GHz to 6 GHz Power Amplifiers (Hilliard, W0PW); 2.3 GHz Power Amplifiers (Campbell, KK7B); 2304 and 3456 MHz Power Amplifiers (Mclntire, AA5C); A 7289 Amplifier for 3456 MHz (Malowanchuk, VE4MA); Update on a 7289 Amplifier for 3456 MHz (Malowanchuk, VE4MA); Bias Circuit for 7289 Tubes (Malowanchuk, VE4MA); Using Impedance Matched Power GaAsFETs at Other Frequencies (Malowanchuk, VE4MA) Control Unit for RWN 220/221TWT Power Supply, Rick Beatty, NU7Z

Viariable Bias Supply for Grounded Grid Power Triodes, A1 Ward, WB5LUA

5.7 GHz HPAs using IM5964-3A, Toshihiko Takamizawa, JE1AAH 10 GHz A/oTune Single Board

Transverter, Toshihiko Takamizawa, JE1AAH

HEMT has broken through a barrier of 2.0 dB or NF for 24 GHz, Toahihiko Takamizawa, JE1AAH

Topics: Millimeter Wave and Submillimeter Wave, Toshihiko Takamizawa, JE1AAH

A Sweep Generator Using a YIG Oscillator, John Petrich, W7HQJ

A Replacement 2 GHz IF Strip for the HP 8551 Spectrum Analyzer, Jim Davey, WA8NLC

Modernizing the 3456 NHz No-Tune Transverter, Jim Davey, WA8NLC Improved Battery Regulation for

No-Tune Transverters, Paul Wade, N1BWT

3456 MHz No-Tune Transverter Mod, Dave Mascaro, WA3JUF

Shielding Printed No-Tune Filters, Rick Campbell, KK7B

Sub harmonic IF Receivers, Rick Campbell, KK7B

A Simple 5 Band CW Transceiver (for 2.3, 3.4, 5.7, 10.3 and 24.2 GHz!), Rick Campbell, KK7B

Building Blocks for a 10 GHz Transverter, Paul Wade, N1BWT

AA5C 24 GHz Beacon, Greg Mclntire, AA5C Another EFH Contact—The

120 GHz Band, Tom Williams, WA1MBA, and Jim Mead, WB2BYW A Simple High Performance Microwave Transverter, Philip Gabriel, AA0BR

Up, Up & Away to 10-GHz or 10-GHz Semi-Commercial Style, Bruce Wood, N2LIV

Programming Surplus Synthesizers for Use on 10 GHz, Bruce Wood, N2LIV, and Bob Schoenfeld, WA2AQQ Fiber Optics: Waveguide of the Future, Dr. H. Paul Shuch, N6TX

Index to the Proceedings of the Microwave Update 1986-1993, Dave Meier, N4MW : [


A Practical Note On Designing FIR Filters

It is recommended that both positive and negative values of k be used when designing FIR filters using the method described in the sidebar, "Description of FIR Filters," in our article, "DSP Voice Frequency Compandor for use in RF Communications," from the July, 1994, QEX (p 8). Doing this provides much better convergence in the truncated Fourier series (Eq B2) for most ordinary desired filter responses, H(f),

Adding these coefficients is equivalent to doing re/2 time-advance operations with their associated multiply-accumulates before the delays shown in Fig A. This might bother you, because it requires knowing x(t) for the future (t > 0). Don't let it; just define t = 0 to be a few seconds ago, n/(2f) seconds to be exact. With these modifications, all the equations are the same, with the exception that the summations now run from k = -n /2 to n ¡2 instead of from 0 to n. We actually used negative k values in the filters designed for the compandor; we simply forgot to note it when writing the article.—Rob Frohne, KL7NA

I just noticed a small mistake in the artwork for Fig 4 of my article, "5760MHz from the Junkbox," May 1994 QEX. Choke L2 should be connected to the junction of C5 and FB in the drain Circuit of the MRF-966. See the figure below.—Robert Cook, N2SB

+ 5 V Regulated


+ 5 V Regulated


With Mrf966


Computer Assisted Prediction Manager


"Use lONCAP' like a pro!"

Package includes:

CAPMAN Menu driven input & control with context sensitive help! Multicolor Output Graphics display! Extra or Novice, its EASY to use!

ION CAP the same J 2 bit tool the pros use to get S/N>MUF,FOT,LUF, Reliability and much More! Special Long distance model for DXers!

MININEC 8c ELNEC interface for your custom antenna input!

Customize all input parameters for your station! + Your contacts and friends may be added to the library and run arjy time with a few keystrokes +A full featured location database, indexed on country name and call prefix, provides access to over 490prefixes for quick one-steppredictions. + 7/ie package includes the newest "updated" full commercial version of J ON CAP used by over 4SO government agencies and commercial depts. in the USA and over 100 other countries. ■* Many more features in a powerful "HF Analysis" package at a fraction of the commercial price.

Entire CAPMAN package -- $89

USA postage paid. Overseas add $1. 50 Order today from: LUCAS Radio /Kangaroo Tabor Software 2900 Vaifrjom Rd, Suite H Boulder. CO 80*01 (303) 494 4647 (494 0937 fax)


32 QEX


Amateur Microwave Antennas and Equipment



Write for Free Catalog to:

Bill Olson W3HQT, Bo* 2310 RR1 Troy, ME 04987 (207) 948-3741 ■¡■■I

CC-1 Capacitor Kit contains 365 pieces, 5 ea of every 10% value from 1pf to .33^f CR-1 Resistor Kit contains 1540 pieces; lOea of every 5% value from 10ftto10megft. Sizes are 0805 and 1206 Each kit is ONLY $4995 and available for Immediate One Day Delivery!

Order by toll-free phone, FAX, or mail. We accept VISA, MC, COD, or Pre-paid orders. Company P.O.'s accepted with approved credit. Call for free detailed brochure.

CC-1 Capacitor Kit contains 365 pieces, 5 ea of every 10% value from 1pf to .33^f CR-1 Resistor Kit contains 1540 pieces; lOea of every 5% value from 10ftto10megft. Sizes are 0805 and 1206 Each kit is ONLY $4995 and available for Immediate One Day Delivery!

Order by toll-free phone, FAX, or mail. We accept VISA, MC, COD, or Pre-paid orders. Company P.O.'s accepted with approved credit. Call for free detailed brochure.


1 426 West Taft Ave. ■ Orange, CA 92665-4296 ' Local (714) 998-3021 • FAX (714) 974-3420

Entire USA 1-800-854-0547

QEX Subscription Order Card

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For 12 issues of QEX in the US

In Canada, Mexico and US by First Class Mail

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Remittance must be in US funds and checks must be drawn on a bank in the US. Prices subject to change without notice.

QEX, The ARRL Experimenter's Exchange is available at the rates shown at left. Maximum term is 12 issues, and because of the uncertainly of postal rates, prices are subject to change without notice

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ri fir ("-890AT

-J Compact HF Transceiver

• Automatic Antenna Tuner Hybrid High Speed Design Covers 160-10 meters

• I.P.O. Intercept Point Optimization

• DDS-Direct Digital Synthesis

• F.S.P. Frequency Shift Speech Processor

• General Coverage Receiver 100 KHz to 30 MHz

• Pass Band Shift and 30db Notch Filter

• Noise Blanker with Adjustable Pulse Width

• Built-in Iambic Keyer

• 32 Memories plus 20 VFOs

• FM Repeater Operation Automatic 10 Meter Repeater Offset w/Selectable CTCSS Encode

»All Mode Squelch

• DFCS-Duct Flow Cooling System

• Accessories: Contact your Dealer for full details.

"It's the world's smallest HF rig with

~a build-in antenna tuner."

Field days and contesting are challenging. We built the FT-890AT for times when you need the high performance of a base station - like the FT-1000 - but the practicality of a compact, rugged mobile. In fact, the FT-890AT is the mobile version of the FT-1000. Designed to be the world's smallest HF with a built-in antenna tuner, its superior receiving performance is a direct result of FT-1000 technology.

Since field work is demanding, the front panel has been simplified. Seldom used VOX controls are on the back. For faster TX/RX switching, the FT-890AT has two. direct digital synthesizers (DDSs). With its unique duct flow cooling system, die-cast aluminum upper case and heat sink, the FT-890AT can't be beat for superior field work and DX-peditions.

Not just a "field" radio, with the optional FP-800 AC Power Supply, MD-1C8 Desk Mic and YH-77ST Headphones you've got a performance-plus base station loaded with features and affordably priced.

To see what that means for you, contact your Yaesu dealer today.

Duct Flow Cooling System (DFCS)

Rugged aluminum top panel heat sink and internal thermally switched fan draws air through the heart of the transceiver.

Duct Flow Cooling System (DFCS)

Rugged aluminum top panel heat sink and internal thermally switched fan draws air through the heart of the transceiver.

Built-in Antenna Tuner

Tunes most antennas 160-10 meters.

Built-in Antenna Tuner

Tunes most antennas 160-10 meters.

Performance without compromise j/iBM



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