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TAPR and AMSAT are both proud to announce that orders for kits will be taking place between July 15th and August 20th for the first 150 units. The DSP-93 is designed to provide radio amateurs the wonderful capabilities of Digital Signal Processing in a stand-alone low-cost design. Not just limited to one mode, the DSP-93 can support data, audio, and video modes with the proper software. The DSP-93 will be supplied as a complete kit (including box and power supply). The basic kit includes: DSP Engine (TMS320C25 DSP at 40Mhz, with 32K by 16 bits of program & data memory, expandable to 64K) and Radio Interface Board (serial connection to PC at 19.2K baud, two radio ports, TLC32044 - samples and updates at a rate of DSP-93

45K operations per second). A low cost shareware assembler is available for code development. Initial software includes: 300/1200/9600 baud terrestrial, 1200 PSK, 9600 full-duplex satellite, and audio filters. Currently under test: APT, SSTV, Digital Scope, HF modems, and others (these may or may not be available with this kit release). The DSP-93 offers an open architecture that makes DSP development by the entire ham community possible, which should make the kit an ultimate success as more and more DSP code is developed, by more and more hams. Join the future of DSP now; get a TAPR/AMSAT DSP-93 kit! For more information on the DSP-93 kit, price, and how to order, contact the TAPR office. _

TAPR • 8987-309 £ Tanque Verde «d #337 Tucson. Az 85749-9399 • Phone: (817) 383-0000 • Fax: (817) 566-2544 A Non-Profit P & D Corporation

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Inexpensive PC A-to-D

Use your PC's game port to interface to the analog world.

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