Lysco B129 Transmitter

In Ibis Issue

The second half of a two-part article on liquid-crystal displays begins on page 3. It is a reprint from the IEE PROCEEDINGS-1 issue on Molecular Electronics. Part I appeared in the October 1984 issue of QfX The author, I. A. Shanks, B.SC., Ph.D., C.Eng., M.I.E.E., was formerly with the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, Malvern, Worcester, England, and is now with Unilever Research, Colworth Laboratory, Colworth House, Sharnbrook, Bedford MK44 1LQ, England.

BITS (p. 9) takes a look at three Conferences being held around the country. On page 8, Clint Bowman, W9GLW, shares his notes on building, "An Experimental Two-Meter Converter with GalliumArsenide Transistors."

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This issue of QE2L features a different type of "Correspondence" column. Approximately four thousand calls and letters are received each year by the Technical Information Specialist (TIS) at ARRL Hq. Many of these questions are beyond the scope of Tis because they deal with equipment modifications or schematics for discontinued gear. Because of this, we have decided to share a number of these qustions with the QEX readership each month. If you have a response, we ask that you write the inquirer direct. We are also interested in receiving a copy of your answer.

* I am searching for an interface circuit that will connect the 80-V/40-m& loop of my page printer to the ttl input of my AFSK generator. — Claude Laget, F9LC, 65 Rue de la Gaite, 94170 le Perreux, France.

* I would like to continue my experiments in TV transmission. Is there a circuit for a TV repeater with maximum output power of 1 Watt? — Salvador Ravanal, CE5IG, M. Cordova 26, Concepciin, Chile.

* I recently purchased an old oscilloscope, but its circuit diagram was missing. The manufacturer is The Northern Radio Company, Inc., New York, NY. Does anyone know where I can obtain both the

circuit diagram and information about this company? — P. K. Wilmot, In Front of Ananda Centrel Collage, Igela, Elpitiya, Sri Lanka.

* I have an old transmitter manufactured by Lysco of Hoboken, NJ. The model no. is B 129 and the serial no. is 148. I would like to get a copy of the schematic, as well as information on what frequencies it was designed for. — Scott Larson, KWJ0B, Box 68, Murdock, MN 56271.

.* I am searching for information regarding facsimile weather map transmissions in the HF band. The maps are broadcast on 4.855, 9.396 and 14.826 MHz by an on-shore agency unknown to me. They are annotated maps made from satellite photos for maritime use. I plan to collect the data and display it on a CRT rather than use a FAX machine, but I need the exact format of the data stream. Is anyone familiar with these broadcasts or the originating agency? — Wayne Stilwell, KE6A, 1495 Bittern Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94087.

* I am interested in performing experiments such as propagation studies with my rig. Is there a book on this subject? — Vincent Fertitta, W2PFK, 179 Potomac Ave., Buffalo, NY 14213.

* I homebrewed the high-performance 20-meter receiver featured in the 1978 April and May issues of QSE, I have had pleasing results, but I wonder if anyone has made a 40-meter receiver. I would like the coil data for the tuned circuits. — W. F. Rhodes, Sr., W8MCW, 216 Dellsing Dr., Vandalia, OH 45377.

* In the VHF Manual, (no. 23, 3rd edition, 2nd printing, p. 248), a Gonset Communicator II is converted to FM (narrowband). Can you change the Communicator III or an Ameco Model TX 62 transmitter also? — Ralph G. Johnson, WA9TSA, 324 Sullivan St., Louisa, KY 41230.

* I would like to convert a VHF Engineering Synthesizer II for use on the 440-MHz band. Has anyone experimented with this? — Joseph Moouvaw, Jr., W4XD, 304 Valley View Dr., Staunton, VA 24401.

* Does anyone have the address for Clegg? My equipment is in need of repair. — Leon E. Hartley, KA4BEN, Box 261, Andalusia, AL 36420.

* I have a Signal 1030 Transceiver and plan to buy a Tandy 2000 microcomputer that runs at 8 MHz. Is there a report available on the harmful interference received from the model I will be using? — Dean Biggood, WT4A, 4921 NW 19th Place, Gainesville, FL 32605.

* I have purchased a 6-meter transceiver, but would like further information on 6-meter propagation, nets, beacons, groups such as SMIRK, contacts and etiquette. — John F. Schilke, KA70R0, 184 Harding Blvd., Oregon City, OR 97045.

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