DS14C89A serve to improve signal noise rejection, help to lower power and EMI, and improves data integrity. For further information on these two new CMOS ICs, contact National Semiconductor Corp, PO Box 70818, Sunnyvale, CA 94086.

FM Narrowband Receiver

Motorola has introduced a new low-voltage (2 V), dual-conversion FM narrowband receiver IC that can operate as a complete VHF receiver, incorporating all essential functions from the antenna input to audio preamp output. The MC3362 can be used as a utility receiver for voice and data communications. Manufactured using their patented MOSAIC process, the IC offers excellent performance for RF inputs up to 180 MHz. If the first LO signal is provided externally, the device can be used at over 400 MHz. Features include dual-conversion circuitry for improved image rejection; Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) output, allowing application with a muting circuit or signal strength meter; 6-35 mW power consumption; and a data slicing comparator for FSK data recovery up to 30 kbit/s (15 kHz). The MC3362 is available in a 24-pin DIP or 24-lead wide-body SOIC (which improves RF performance), and is priced at $1.80 for orders in quantities of 100. Contact Jon Stilwell, Motorola Semiconductor, PO Box 52073, Phoenix, AZ 85072, tel 602-897-3842. (This information was excerpted from the Sep 1987 issue of Electronic Component News.)

New 2400-bit/s Option

Kantronics announces its newest highspeed packet modem option for the KAM and KPC-4—the 2400 Kantronics Modem™. Plug this new PC-board modem into your existing KAM or KPC-4 board for optional 2400-bit/s packet operation. The 2400 Kantronics Modem retails for $69.95. Contact Kantronics, Inc, 1202 E 23rd St, Lawrence, KS 66046, tel 913-842-7745.

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