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This downloadable business plan gives you the complete blueprint to create your own record label from scratch, no matter what you current level of business expertise is. This is the perfect system for someone who wants to be MORE than just a musician; this is for the person that wants to be able to make real money with their musical talent! When you get this business plan, you will also receive a free set of fill-in contracts; these are full prepared and legal contracts that you simply have to fill out and sign Then you will be able to write down everything that you need to keep in writing! The business plan will help you create a personalized cash-flow plan, analyze the industry, and market your music and products to help you make the money that you deserve from your music! Read more here...

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I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

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A chap who runs a happiness radio program out in Michigan somehow got hold of me and got me to talk over the air about happiness. Now I may grouse in my editorials, but that's just my futile effort to whip you out of your rut and keep you alive a little longer. The fact is that I'm having a bail. You know my goals . like helping the music industry to grow and revamping the American educational mess so we'll have ten million excited young hams instead of a few hundred doddering old codgers whining and kvetching on our bands.

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Legally end our old music business companies. This doesn't affect 73, other than it'll give me more time lo get on the air and have some fun and lo pursue my work with cold fusion. I enjoyed the music business, but 'Tve been there, done that. Ten years was more than enough. I was not surprised b the recent class action suit against ihe six major music companies i five are foreign-owned) for price fixing. But then the whole industry is corrupt, as i've discussed in my past editorials. The big winners are the six majors and big record store chains. The big losers are 98 of the performers, U)0 of the independent record companies, and 100 of the independent record stores. Capitalism works fine until companies get big enough or work in secret groups to control distribution and prices. Lobbyist payments to Congress keeps the Feds at bay, I've testified al Congressional hearings where it was quite clear that (he committee chairman was safely in the music industry's pocket. The industry...


But then my publishing CD Review got me involved In ihc music business. Very involved. Having been a music lover from my early teens, and into hi-fi manufacturing 40 years ago, it seemed to me that a magazine devoted to promoting compact discs might help this amazing new digital format be accepted, it dtd, and the magazine quickty became the leading music review publication in the country That got me into Starting my own record label so t could record the incredible ragtime performer, Scott Kirby. I think that's helped too. When I started doing that there was only one ragtime festival in ihe country, in Sedal-a, Missouri. Now there are over 20, and they're spreading to Europe with ragtime festivals in France and Hungary. And Scott Kirby, who has brought a whole new meaning to ragtime, is the featured performer at most ot theset Since most CDs are sold through record stores I needed a way to reach them, i found there was no publication aimed at the 10,000 record stores, so I started...

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