Freds 5000 Do-it-yourself Building Plans

About The Author

The creator of this product is known as Fred Schouten. After much research into the name, it was discovered that the name is a pseudonym created by the real individual to protect his real identity. This, however, does not diminish the quality of this product, because Fred turns out to be a carpenter and a Do-It-Yourself fanatic to the core. Therefore, I see that he is driven and passionate to assist other people to do things by themselves. This was the reason why he created this package which contains over ten thousand building drawings.

About The Program

The author created this program containing over ten thousand building plans which will help you do a lot on your own and not have some jobs you can do being classified as odd jobs. With this product, you will be able to carry out DIY jobs with perfection which will save you a lot of time. All you need to do is follow the simple laid down instructions by the author and prepare the materials as stated by the author and assemble them correctly in order. All the construction drawings that the author has produced contain a step-by-step construction guideline which makes everything very clear to you.

The good thing about this program is that anybody can partake in it because it does not require expertise. With the arrangement and explanation of the author, you can begin immediately to carry out those DIY jobs that will turn out to be perfect.

Who This Product Is Meant For

As mentioned earlier, this product is meant for everybody. The author promises that anyone at any level can immediately begin to carry out menial jobs when they buy this product. Therefore, if you want to carry out more do-it-yourself jobs perfectly around your home, without much waste of time, then this product is very suitable for you.

However, even the experienced do-it-yourselfer can get a lot of inspiration from the building plans that are offered in this product. Of course, you must have the motivation to get started. Because even though it seems that with these building plans you have everything finished in an hour, doing odd jobs still requires a lot of time.

Do not forget though that you need to be motivated before you can begin. Because, although these building plans that the author has provided come with simple easy to follow guide that will save you time, doing odd jobs require resilience and dedication.

How good Fred's building plans are

Taking a look at the actual drawings of the author and from reviews from individuals, I can say they are good. And if you want to know if actually, these drawings are for indeed for persons of every level, I would say yes, briefly. All you need to do is take a careful look at the drawings on your first encounter, check what is intended for and how it is assembled. When you continue in this practice, over time, it becomes easier for you to understand the drawings.

Why I concluded that the drawings are good is because of the author's method of teaching you. Every drawing includes a list of the exact materials that you need and the number also. Stated in the materials list are also the dimensions of these materials to enable you to assemble them properly and form your product. Also, a step-by-step guide is provided for each drawing or assembly. Therefore, it is conclusive that the drawings are well organized. But in a case where you are experiencing any difficulties figuring out the drawing or assembly, feel free to visit the website for support.

Finally, there are also other bonuses attached when you purchase this product included in his ten-thousand-plus building plans which of course is what this program is all about. So the bonuses include:

Bonus 1- DWG & CAD Software:

The first bonus you get when you purchase this product is the DWG and CAD software. Using this software, you will be able to open and edit CAD files.

Bonus 2- Scaffolding wood furniture guide:

The second bonus attached to this product is the guide to scaffolding garden furniture. Published in this guide, are good building plans and other plans specifically meant for scaffolding and scrap wood. This is a nice supplement to this product and makes you more knowledgeable about the kinds of wood you can use for certain projects.


  • The website for this product is user-friendly and easy to navigate through
  • This program provides you with good building plans with step by step instructions
  • Another advantage of this product is that it covers a wide range of DIY plans
  • The author also provides support to you when you need it
  • The price of this product is low compared to the amount of information it carries, which is good for you the buyer


  • The author Fred Schouten is an alias


Even though I am not a DIY freak, I can get jobs done with Fred's building plans and guide. These plans have been well put together for you and you will see that they were well planned too, when you purchase the product. From the reviews gotten about this product and personal encounter, I will recommend this product for you if you want to do more menial jobs on your own and save you time and money. When you get started, first of all, take a good look at the drawings and try to understand them before you continue, with time it becomes easier for you. Therefore do not fail to embrace this opportunity to learn more and fix things in your home.

Freds 5000 Do-it-yourself Building Plans
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