itter than j/2 microvolt sensitivity.

) kc selectivity (6 db down), ouble conversion for selectivity, image re ntage regulated oscillators for stability, p to 5 watts audio output for external speaker. ?lf contained speaker, arge 6:1 vernier dial for easy tuning, ick for headset output, jilt-in noise Iimiter.

rotting switch for zeroing receiver and transmitter.

12 Watts input to a 5763,

High efficiency plate and screen modulation for maximum "punch/1

Uses popular and inexpensive 8 mc crystals

(FT-243 holders).

Provision for VFO operation. Press-to-talk,


Microphone: crystal, ceramic or carbon

50-75 ohm output (will match standard auto receiving whip).

Phototube Dan Transmitter

Corp. 149 Wooster Street New York 12, New York

Other Ham Publications

Rather th an devote half or more of 73 to the printing of news of interest to specialized groups we bel ieve that it is our function to do everything possible to encourage the publishers of bulletins which cater to these interests. These bulletins br ing you the news you want in far greater detail and in much less time than is possible in a monthly magazine where it usually takes two months for news to get into print.

HAM-SWAP. Published by Ham Swap, Inc., 35 East Wacker Drive, Chicago I, Illinois. Editor is Ed Shuey, K9BDK. S ubs are $1 per year by 3rd class mall, $3 for 1st class, $5 airmail, and $7.20 special delivery. Pub-Ished twice a month. Contains classified ads entirely. This is your best bet for an inexpensive way to sell or swap some gear In a hurry. Within two weeks oeople are answering your ad.

FLORIDA RTTY BULLETIN. Fred W. DeMo+te W4RWM, P.O. Box 6047, Daytona Beach, Florida. $3 per year including membership ¡n Florida RTTY Society. Mostly operating news with a bit cf technical info now and then. All TT men should be getting this.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA RTTY BULLETIN. Merrill L. Swan W6AEE, 372 West Warren Way, Arcadia, California. $2.75 per yearr not including membership In Society. Operating news and some technical articles.

This Is the oldest TT bulletin going. All TT men should also get this one. Monthly,

73 HAM CLUB BULLETIN, Marvin Upton VE3DQX, 311 Rosemary Road, Toronto 10, Ontario, Canada. Sent free to all editors of ham club bulletins monthly to keep them abreast of what is going on with all the other ham clubs. This Is an excellent source of news for putting together your club bulletins. To subscribe to this news bulletin fust send a copy of your own club bulletin to Marvin.

WESTERN RADIO AMATEUR. Don Williamson W6JRE, 10517 Haveriy Street, El Monte, California, Monthly. Su bs are $2 per year, $3.50 for two years, $5 for three years. Operating news of west coast activity, columns on DX, SSB, YL, and some articles. 48 pages.

SIDEBANDER* Official organ of the Single Sidebanc Amateur Radio Association, 12 Elm Stree+L Lynbroot L. L N. Y, Su bs include membership to SSBARA: $!

1 FT

per year. Monthly, Primarily operating news and chit chat for the SS8 DX gang. Columns by W8YIN

K5MWU, K6EXT and occasional technical info. ■

THE MONITOR. Mar-Jax Publishers, 507 West Davi Street, Dallas 8, Texas. $! a year, 3 years for $2,5C Monthly. Largely operating news. Columns: YL, Clul Meetings, Arkansas News, Mississippi News< Florid* News, DX, Missouri News, MARS, California News

Louisiana News, VHF News, Oklahoma News, RI<

Grande Valley News, Novice News,

VHF AMATEUR. 67 Russell Avenue, Rahway, Ne\ Jersey* $2 year, $3.50 two years, $5 ihree years Monthly. Operating news for VHF men. Some tech meal info.

DX-QSL News Letter, Clif Evansh K£>BX, Box 381 Bonita, California. Published quarterly. 40^ each; An nual subscription $1,25 (four copies) by first clas mail ($1.50 for DX stations). Lists all QSL Bureau« managers for rare DX stations, etc,


Evans, K6BX, Box 385, Bonita, CaL Complete Direc tory plus one year of revisions (quarterly) $3.50, Adi 75£ for 1st class mail; $1.25 for airmail; DX station 1st class mail add $1.00- Needless to say, this Is th most complete collection of data on the hundreds c certificates and awards available,

MOBILE NEWS. Published monthly by the Amateu Radio Mobile Society, 79 Murcbtson RdM Leyton, [ 10, England. Joining fee and I year sub. is $2.5(

DX BULLETIN. Don Chesser W4KVXt RFD I, Burllnc ton, Kentucky. DX news in depth, Published weekly 3rd Class mail $5 year; 1st class $6; Airmail $7.5C DX rates on request.

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