Rolling Your Own Jim Kyle K5JKX/6 II

We're determined that you're going to build something.

Amplifier for Van cap Modulator Robert Baird W7CSD 16

More grain for the modulator in our October issue.

World's Simplest Phone Patch J. Kyle K5JKX/6 17

Average construction time: five minutes.

Two Meter Pip-Squeak Ray Fulton K6BP 18

Cum|>kite phuiu- rig using only three fiCXH's.

Squawk Ken Cole W7IDF 20

Guaranteed Kuuser* We should neeille Ken into writing more like this*

Six Meter Converter Kyle K5JKX 6 22

For the car . * . operates with only 12 volt.s on the plates.

Heath Phone Patch Allie C. Peed K2DHA 24

Heath does it jjfrnin. Works fine for SSB also. Hey Heath, where* a the ads?

Life I nsurance for Transistors Roy McCarthy K6EAW 26

These little nincala are delicate, so watch your siep.

Beat Generation Staff 28

Bitf technical ariicle on SSB and CW detectors.

Updating the Absorption Wavemeter Edward Noll W3FQJ _ . 34

Real handy piece of test gear, and easy to knock together.

Interference Chaser K5JKX 6 35

Easy way of getting audio break-thru out of TV sets and things,

Gettinq the Most Out of Your Mobile Whip Charles Spitz W4API 36

How to make the best, of a miserable situation: a short vertical antenna.

How Modern is the VFO? Howard Pyle W70E 38

Not very,

EICO Grid Dip Oscillator Don Smith W3UZN 42

Our Associate Editor U stilt building up kits and liking 'em.

Power for the Pro James Kyle K5JKX/6 44

Super-Pro owners, take nnte.

Differential Switching Roy Pafenberg 46

Using polar relays for senHitive switching at tlliferent current levels.

Propagation Charts . R Dave Brown K2IGY 56


Trtble of Contents 3 editor-pub Wisher Wayne Green W2NSD

Editorial: W2NSD 6

Keeping panels from being scratched 33 publications manager David Fish

Mounting feet 40 associate editor Jim Kyle K5JKX/6

Ham Shaclcs 43

Nibbling tool 5 f associate editor . Don Smith W3UZN

Letters to the Editor 53

Flying Hams 54 associate editor Marvin Lipton VE3DQX

AF MARS Tech Net Schedules 57 . va/axcvii r* l \ n ■ j- d r7 sa es representative * Jjm Mornssett WAotXU

Crystal grinding rowder bf

Coil Data ior December Capacity Meter 59 sales repre^nfative Jaci GtiW W2LZX

List of Maritime Mobile Stations 59

Accura+c Crystal I iza I ion . 59 subscriptions - , Important Announcement Coming Soon

Subscription Deportment 58

Other Ham Publications 61 Transportation Porsch e

COVER; Circuit diagram of ihe Centra! 200V transmitter. We finally got an advertised product on the cover!

73 Magazine is publish«! monthly bv Amiteur Kadlo Publishing *nc,. 116 Main Street. Xnnralk. Connecticut. business Office 1379 Ent Xr.Th ' I: rv okh n New Y«rk Tt'Lenhunv IXgerti'll •• Subscriiuion rates; ISA ami P-^ AFO. H»0, Canid*

inri Mexico: one y^ar 53,00; i^n years $5.00; three yezTt on Fireiin: nn^ year U <>fl; two year* Application for entry dt ororM-cla«* matter p :n Nmtulfe, ComiectlcuL Printed in the U.S.A. Entire corHi-nts copvrlftH Iflfil by Ainateur Radio Public In*.

Int. Postmaster: Please Ki'tul ronu 3.17 ii to 73 M«Bit/Inn. 1370 Knst tjth ^tr^et. Brooklyn New York.

MOBILETTE 61, International s new improved all transistor, crystal controlled converter provides a "quick and easy" way to convert your car radio for short wave reception. MOBILETTE 61 units cover a specific band of frequencies providing a ONE MEGACYCLE tuning range. Mobilette units are miniature size and quickly interchangeable.

Check these all New features . . . New and improved circuit for increased gain . . . New internal jumper for positive and negative grounds . . . New RF amplifier, mixer/oscillator . . . New separate input for broadcast and short wave antennas . . . Mounting bracket for under dash installation.

MOBILETTE 61 is available in a wide choice of frequencies covering the Amateur bands 75 through 6 meters, Citizens band, Civil Air Patrol low band frequencies, WWV time and frequency standards. Any frequency in the range 2 MC to 50 MC available on special order.*

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