on/y $5 down v/ Tunable Superhet Receiver Covers Entire Band Built-in Adjustable Noise Limiter s/ Front-Panel Crystal Socket \/ 7 Watts Input—6CX8 Final Amplifier

Get in on the 6-meter fun with this outstanding Allied special! Its complete- all set to go, with built-in 115-volt AC power supply, 50.2-mc crystal and crystal mike—tops in value for 6-meter mobile, fixed station, or both. Just connect an antenna and you're on the air! Superhet receiver section covers 50-54 mc with vernier tuning; includes adjustable noise limiter. Transmitter section uses a 6CX8 final at 7 watts input; has t>ui]t-in TVI filter; fully tunable output network matchcs any 30-100 ohm

antenna; uses 3rd-overtone crystals which plug into front-panel socket. With neon modulation indicator. Tube line-up: 6U8A RF amp/mixer; 6U8A osc/IF; 6AL5 det/ANL; 6CX8 xtal osc/RFoutput; 12AX5 AF/mike amp; 6V6GT AF output/modulator. Attractive, compact cabinet measures 5H x

12-Volt Power Supply. 2^x5H x 4%\ 4 lbs. 78 S 163. NET $10.95

6-Volt Power Supply. 2% x5^x A%\ 4 lbs. 78 S 164. NET $10.95

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Ham Headquarters!

Ihey're highe»H • Only $2 down on orders op to ?5°?

' Flash!Ham Shach Open Sundays

rff«-H*? KT80 were at your service seven days a wees. -


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