Here's a New One in Tools

We have recently had occasion to try out a most exciting new tool addition to the workshop equipment of the ham who likes to build his own gear; the ADEL NIBBLING TOOL. And it's just that; a "nibbler." Mystified? Well you might be unless you're "in the know," This tricky little device takes all the hard work out of putting odd-shaped holes in metal panels and chassis as well as in tubular metal parts within its generous thickness liimts.

The "nibbler" will bite holes in sheet metal up to 18 gauge steel or 1/16" copper or aluminum in just about any formation you can

think of. Cut your initials in a piece of rain pipe down-spout or your call letters in a panel; square, rectangular, oval or round cutouts for component mountings, as easily as you punch cardboard with a paper punch! Enlarging holes of any shape is 'duck soup' for this little hiekey; stick his snout in the hole and do a bit of 'ciick-click* finger squeezing and you've got a clean, smooth hole of the size and shape you want!

And . . - the best part. , . . less than §4.0u for this handy contrivance and we'll bet that your local ham jobber already stocks it. If not, write Adel Tool Co., 4640 Ronald Street, Chicago rilinois for further information.



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