S-ftodio-TV & Basic Electronics-Oldfield. Basic theory still a mental block with you? Rejoice! Good Old Field has the solution to your misery in this eminently self-teaching book. Regularly $4.95, or as they say in the ads: Compare at $19,951 $3.00

20—RTTY HANDBOOK—Kretzman (W2JTPJ. A^Z of ham Teletype. Very popular book, low supply, $3.00

21—VHP HANDBOOK-Johnson (W6QKI). Types of VHF propagation, VHF circuitry, component limitations, antenna design and construction, test equipment. Very thorough book and one that should be in every VHF shock» $2.95

22—BEAM ANTENNA HANDEOOK-Orr (W6SAI), Basics, theory and construction of beams, transmission lines, matching devices, and test equipment. Almost alt ham stations need a beam of some sort . , « here is the only source of basic info to help you decide what beam to build or buy, how to install it, how to tune it. $2.70

23 —NOVICE & TECHNICIAN HANDBOOK - Staner (W6TNS). Sugar coated theory: receivers, transmitters, power supplies, antennas; simple construction of a complete station, converting surplus equipment. How to get a ham license and build a station, $2.85

32—RCA RADIOTRON DESIGNERS HANDBOOK —1500 auges of design notes on every possible type of circuit, fabulous, Every design engineer needs this one. $7.50

33—WAVE PROPAGATION * ANTENNAS—Welch. Highly recommended by the propagation experts as the best

Book on the subject. $5,75


Middleton. Grid-dip meters, antenna impedance meters, oscilloscopes, bridges, simple noise generators, and reflected power meters ore covered. Tells how to chase trouble out of ham gear, 168 pages. $2.50

JO-RADIO HANDBOOK, 15th EDITION—Orr (W65AI). This is far and cwoy the best amateur radio handbook ever printed. Over 800 pages. $8*50

<7—PRACTICAL ELECTRONICS-Hertzberg (W2DJJ). Almost solid! with pictures, Touches tightly on many aspects of electronics: ham radio, TV, transistor radios, hi-fi, microwaves, trouble-shooting. Novice station, antennas, test equipment, etc, S2 50

4?—ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION—Shrader. Everything you need to know about electronics, electricity, and radio to pass FCC amateur or com-merciai license examinations. This text has what you hoped to find in the Amateur Handbook: de-toiled thorough explanations of every phase of radio and electronics, 937 pages. This is one of the few reaily complete texts on the subject. $13.00

50—MICROMINIATURIZATION—This is the standard text on the subject. Don't see how a company library can be without this one. Everything is going to have to be built smaller, you know« $11.00


Components & diagrams; electrical electronic, ac, dc, audio, rf, TV. Starts with individual circuits and carries through complete equipments. $3.50

53—BASIC ELECTRONIC TEST PROCEDURES-Turner, This book covers ¡ust about every possible type of electronic test equipment and explains in detail how to use it for every purpose. Testing: audio equipment, receivers, transmitters, transistors, photocels, distortion, tubes, power * t * etc, $8.00

54—HAM RADIO HANDBOOK-Hertzberg (W2DJJ). This is a lavishly illustrated book to interest people in the hobby of ham radio. Tells how to gel your ticket, select a receiver and transmitter, learn the code. Pictures and info on just about every commercial piece of ham equipment. Better than a catalog. $2.50

55-TRANSISTOR CIRCUIT HANDBOOK—Simple, easy to understand explanation of transistor circuits. Dozens of interesting applications, $4.95

56-RADIOTELEPHONE LICENSE MANUAL-Smith (W6BCX), One of the editors of the old "Radio" has done a beautiful job of presenting study material in this Q & A license guide. Even if you are not going for your commercial ticket, which is accepted as proof of technical knowledge, you may want to use this manual to keep track of how far you have progressed in radio theory,

57-QUAD ANTENNAS-Orr (W6SAI). Theory, design, construction and operation of cubical quads. Build-it yourself info. Feed systems, tuning. $2.85

24—BETTER SHORT WAVE RECEPTION—Orr fW6SAl). How to buy a receiver, how to tune it, align it; building accessories; better antennas; QSL's, maps, aurora zones, CW reception, 5$B reception, etc. Handbook for short wave listeners and radio amateurs. $2.85

2fl—TELEVISION INTERFERENCE-Rand (WtDBM), This is the authoritative book on the subject of getting TVI out of your rigs and the neighbors sets, $1.75

58-ANTENNAS FOR CITIZENS RADIO—Orr (W6SAI). General coverage, mobile and directional antennas far 27 mc. bond. Build & tune 'em. $10G

69-S-9 SIGNALS—Orr (W6SAI). A manual of practical, detailed data covering design and construction of highly efficient, inexpensive antennas for the amateur bands that you can build yourself. $1.00

,2-ABC's OF HAM RADIO-Pyle (W70E). Designed for the Novice ham. Includes all of the information needed to qualify for the Novice License, 112 pages. 51.50


Formulos & laws, constants, standards, symbols and codes. Math tables, misc. data. $2.95

75—BUJLD-A-WARD OSL ALBUM—Mount your prize QSL's in this album- Room for 100 cards in each album plus labels for just about a If possible operating awards. A fine way to show off your cards. $1,95

76—MODERN OSCILLOSCOPES & THEIR USES-RuHer. Second edition. Shows what a 'scope is, what it does and how to use it for radio, TV, transmitters, etc. 346

79—TRANSISTOR PROJECTS-SkTp the theory and start having fun, Radios; self powered, shirt pocket, regenerative, carrier power, headphone. Instruments and accessories: sine-square wave generator, preamps for VTVM's, gain checker, shortwave calibrator, phase shifter, substitution box. Plus remote transistor ear, electronic compass, simple oscillator, lamp control, multi-impedance amplifier, electronic counter, portable power supply , . . etc $2.90

8245—HOW TO USE GRID-DIP OSCILLATORS—Turner (K6AI). Construction & uses, an important book, $2.50

R270 —REPAIRING TRANSISTOR RADIOS-Rather thorough Rider books which should remove some of the mystery and fear from servicing these little bundles of transistors, The book is expensice, but you j save more than the price on the First set you fix so maybe it is a bargain, eh? They have oil of the typical circuits to help you along.

G-83-FUN WITH ELECTRICITY—This book ought to fire the imagination of the teenager. Build a galvanometer, a dc motor, an oc generator, a solenoid, a spark coil, a Tesla coil, etc. Helps teach the basics of electricity while having fun with simple protects. 128 pages. $2,65

MMD-ELIMINATING MAN MADE INTERFERENCE-What makes it, how to find it, how to cure it in homes, factories, auiamobiles, aircraft, boats, etc. Or maybe you hoven't been plagued lately. 160 pages. $2.95

NHP—BUILDING UP YOUR HAM SHACK-Pyle (W70E). A practical discussion of points to consider when you are buying ham equipment, complete with descriptions of much of the available commercial gear. It's just possible that Pyle might keep you from making a mistake which would cost a lot more than his book. $2.50

OAN—SECOND CLASS RADIOTELEPHONE HANDBOOKNoll (W3FQJ). Everything you need to know to pass the FCC exam ond get started servicing two-way equipment. Much more than just a Q & A manual $3.95


NO, t (second edition). This book gives circuit diagrams, photos of most equipment, and rather good and complete conversion instructions for the following: BC-221, BC-342, BC-312, BC-34B, BC-412, BC 645, BC-946B, 5CR-274N 453A series receivers conversion to 10 meter receivers, SCR-274N 457A series transmitters (convex sion to VFO), SCR-522 (BC-624 and BC-625 conversion to 2 meters), TBY to 10 and 6 melers, PE-103A, BC-1068A/1161A receiver lo 2 meters. Surplus tube Index, cross Index of A. N tubes vs. commercial types, TV & FM channels. S3 00


NO, IL Original and conversion circuit diagrams, plus photos of most equipments and full conversion discussion of the following: BC-454/ARC-5 receiver» to TO meters, AN'APS-13 xmtr revr to 420 mc, SC457/ARC-5 xmtrs to 10 meters. Selenium rectifier power units, ARC-5 power and to include 10 meters, Coil data-simplified VHF, GQ-9/TBW, BC-357, TA-12B, AN/ART-13 to at winding charts, AVT-112A, AM-26'AIC, IM frequency meter, rotators, power chart, ARB diagram. $3.00

B2-SURPLUS RADIO CONVERSION MANUAL VOLUME NO, 111—Original and conversion diagrams, plus some photo of these: 701 A, AN/APN-1, AN'CRC-7, AN/URC-4, CBY-29125, 50083, 50141, 52208, 52232, 52302 09, FT-ARA, BC-442, 453-455, 456-459, BC696, 950, 1066, 1253, 241A for x t a I filter, MBF (CCL-43065), MD-7/ARC-5, R-9/APN-4, R23R-28/ARC-5, RAT, RAV, RM-52 (53), Rt-19/ARC-4, SCR-274N, 5CR 522, T-15/ARC^5 to T-23/ARC-5, LM, ARM3, BC-312, 342, 348, 191, 375. Schematics of APT-5, ASB-5, BC-659, 1335A, AHR 2, APA10, APT-2. $300

83—THE SURPLUS HANDBOOK, VOLUME (-Receivers ond Transmitters. This book consists entirely of circuit diagrams of surplus equipment and photos of the gear. One of the first things you really have to have to even start considering a conversion of surplus equipment is a good circuit diagram. This book has the following:; APN-T, APS-13, ARB, ARC-4, ARC-5, ARC-5 VHFr ARN 5, ARR-2, ASB-7, BC-222, 312, -314, -342, -344, -348, -603, -611, -624 [SCR-522), B0652, -654, -659, -66?, -683, -728, -745, -764, ^799, -794, BC-923, -1000, -1004, -1066, -1206, -T306, -1335, BC-AR-231, CRC-7, DAK-3, GF^ll, Mark 11, MN-26, RAK-5, RAL-5, RAX, Super Pro, TBY, TCS, Resistor Code, Capacitor Color Cade, JAN/VT tube index. $3.00

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