Sosurplus Radio Conversion Manual Volume

NO, 1 (second edition). This book give» circuit diagrams, photos of most equipment, end rather good and complete conversion instruction* for the following; BO 221, BC-342, BC-312, &C-348, BC 412, BC-645, BC-946&, SCR-274N 453A series receivers conversion to 10 meter receivers, SCR-274N 457A series transmitter* (conversion to VFO), 5CR-522 (BC 624 and &C-625 conversion to 2 meters), TBY to 10 and 6 meters, PE-103A, BC-1D6BA/1161A receiver to 2 meters, Surplus tube index, cross index of A/N tubes vs. commercial types, TV & FM channels. $1«)


NO. It, Original and conversion circuit diagrams, plus photos of most equipments and full conversion discussion of the following: BC-454/ARC-5 receivers to 10 meters, AN'APS-13 xmtr/rcvr to 420 mc, BC-457/ARC-5 jtmtrs to 10 meters, Selenium rectifier power units, ARC-5 power and to include 10 meters, Coil data-simplified VHF, GO-9/TSW, BC-357, TA-12&, AN/ART 13 to oc winding charts, AVT-112A, AM-26/A1C, LM frequency meter, rotators, power chart, ARB diagram. $3,00


NO. Ill—Originaf and conversion diagrams, plus some photo of these: 701 A, AN/APN-1, AN/CRC-7, AN/URC-4, CflY 29125, 50083, 50141, 52208, 52232, 52302*09, FT-ARA, BC-442, 453-455, 456-459, BC-696, 950, 1066, 1253, 241A for xtai filter, MBF (COL-43065), MD^7/ARC-5, R-9/APN-4, R23-R-28/ARC-5, RAT, RAV, RM-52 (53), RM9/ARC-4, SCR-274N, SCR-522, T-15/ARC-5 to T-23/ARC-5, LM, ART 13, BC-3T2, 342, 348, 191, 375. Schematic! of APT 5, ASB-5, BC-659, 1335A, ARR-2r APAI0, APT-2. $3.00

S3—THE SURPLUS HANDBOOK, VOLUME 1-Receivers and Transmitters, This book consists entirely of circuit diagrams of surplus equipment and photos of the gear. One of the first things you really have to have to even start considering o conversion of surplus equipment is a good circuit diagram. This book has the following: APN-1, APS-13, ARB, ARC-4, ARC-5, ARC-5 VHF, ARN-5, ARR-2, A5B-7, BC-222, -314, -314, -342, -344, 34B, 603, -611, -624 {SCR-522}, BC-652, -654, -659, 669, -683, -728, -745, -764, -799, -794, BC-923, -1000, -1004, -T066, -1206, -1306, -7335, BC-AR-231, CRC7, DAK 3, GF 11, Mark II, MN 26, RAK-5, RAl-5, RAX, Super Pro, TBY, TCS, Resistor Code, Capacitor Color Code, JAN/VT lube Index. $3.00

R221 -BUILDING THE AMATEUR RADIO STATION —Berens (W2PIK), Sequel to above. Everything you need to know to build your first ham station, $2.95


One of these days you'll see one of these DDD (3-D) maps and you'll get all bruised from kicking yourself for passing- up our big bargain ... a chance to buy one of these maps for the Jr Op for the markably low price of $9-95 (full list price, which you'll have to admit is hard to find these days). Just so you won't feel too badly about the deal we throw in, at no extra charge, a one year subscription to 73, Now, about these maps . . - they're 28W x 18*4" and the mountains stick right up at you, all in the right places. lh"s is not one of those cheap crumby maps either, \t is an expensive uncrumby one with eight colors, all different, Send.


One of the best cmd newest books available on RC


R245-HOW TO USE GRID-DIP OSCfLLATORS-Turner (K6AI). Construction & uses, an important book. $2,50

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