Ameco Nuvistor Converters

Choice of separate models for SO, 144 or 220 mc bands. Output frequency easily changed for present and future requirements. Three RCA 5CW4 Nuvistcrs used, two as RF amps, one as mixer with SIB oscillator. Noise fig* ure: 2.5 db for 50 mc model, U db for 144 mc, and 4.0 db for 220 mc model, Jmageh spurious and IF rejection better than 70 db, Power required: 100-150 V @ 30 ma, 6.3 V @ 1 amp.

Kit: CN-5GK, CN-144K, or CN-220K, each $31.95 wired & Tested; CN-50W, CN-144W or CN-22QW, each $44.95

Specify desired IF output for converter model selected.

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