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There is no difficulty in reading the this compact instrument.

on the front of the case. The coils are stored in a cushioned, heavy plastic box. The instrument is housed in an attractive, heavy gauge brushed aluminum case measuring x lV2f\ The case has a substantial heft and a nicely shaped for easy one hand operation. Control designations are neatly silk screened for ready identification. Hardware is nickel plated brass and machine screws are used instead of the sheet metal screws often encountered in lower priced equipment.

The six color coded scales are nicely laid out on a 3" diameter, serrated edge, plastic dial and an adjustable index scale is provided for precise calibration of any given range. The dial mechanism includes a friction device for smooth operation and the dial extends beyond the right side of the case for easy, vernier effect, tuning, internal AM modulation is provided and may be selected by a slide switch mounted on the back end of the case, ' his feature simplifies use of the instrument as a signal generator, The tone is rich in harmonics and enables identification of the grid dip meter signal in a welter of heterodynes* A phone jack is pro-

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