Let ce Neville Charger Sywtemn Sealed Silicon Stud Rectifier Finned Stack, Direct Replacement


\ew V«riacs/or c^iniv 0-135V/7.5A $¡5.30 New Vnrlacfi/or equlv 0-135V/3 Amp $10.65 DC-METEB Deiur m Ma/2^" Sag,

iiF-MTO GE/475 Ma A 5 Amp [email protected] 2/57 DO-METER Oi» Mo/4" Rd., $5®. 2/S8 sNoorrascorE ti:be 2 •

MINT KAN or 12VAC/60 CSJ [email protected] 3/$5 XmltUns Mica's .000 @ 2500V, 5 for $ LOO

S66A Xfmr. 2.5V/10A/I0KV JmL^UM Mlcroswttch Bl/SPNC/30 Amp 49<[email protected]

Tube CUmps liirteher.., ofW Si.00

WE Choko 4ny/450Ma/27 Obms [email protected]( Line Filter nnAmn/SSOVAi?. -. [email protected] Line niter iiOOAirip/lSO VAC.. [email protected] Bnminjc Parallel 6"

KS151H« Linear Sa«tiXJth ™--2for«l;OJ ''CTC*' Dt;lay Line 1 Micro»ec d $1 3. S2 Vacuum Condira MMmfd/7,SKv [email protected]

DC. Power Supply IIHV/C0 to 000 Oys Outnut 330 Â IG5 VDC up to 150 MA! Cased SPECIAL 5S,___

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