Ameco Nuvistor Converters

Chinee of separate models for SO, 144 or 220 mc bands. Output frequency easily changed for present and future requirements. Three RCA GCW4 Numtors used, two as ftf amps, one as mi*er with BJ8 oscillator. Noise figure: 2.5 db for 50 mc model, 1.0 cfb for 144 mc, and db for 220 mc model. Image, spurr-

Chb^ifv Hnr;rrtrt If A..tnttt ous antI ,f rejection better than

IZtVJhf^fS t ? put for 70 required: TOO 150

converter model selected, v @ 30 mj( 6 £ v @ , amp

Kit: CK 50K, CN-144K, or CN-220K, each $34.95 Wired & Tested: CN SOW, CN-144W or CN-220W, each $49.95

Shown approximately actual vy TB for fine tuning- Easily adaptable to any shaft. Comparable valuQ — $5.95.


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