Dear Friend Douglas Hedin KpOFB 66

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Associate Editors W3UZN, W4API, W4WKM

Canadian Representative: Robert J. Bucfcland Co. VE3AQEh P. O. Box 563, Chatham, Ont. Ph.: (519) EL 4-3106 Western Representative: Jim Morrisett WA6EXU, 2103 India St., Los Angeles 39, Calif PK: [213] NO 4-7840 Cover: Design by Bob Kelly K2VLO

73 Magazine is published monthly by Amateur Radio Publishing, Inc., 116 Main Street» Norwalk, Connecticut. Please note that the address of the haziness office where you are to send all cor respond en ce. subscript ions, submitted articles, etc., is at the lop of this page. The telephone number is here too and we dare you to try to get it from the phone company. Subscription ratest while covered rather compJetely in ihe regular subscription itd, are: U.S.A* and possessions, APQ, FPO, Canada and Mexico: one year for £3*50, two years $6,50, three years $9.00. Foreign: One year $1+00. Second class postage paid at Nor walk, Connecticut and at additional mailing offices. Printed in fhe U.S.A. Entire contents copyright 1062 bv Amateur ftadio Publishing, Inc. Postmaster: Please send form lo 7ii Magazine

Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Convention Hall

National Convention i he gang up Oregon way are cooking up quite a convention. Though it has been my policy to let the League promote League functions, there is an off chance that some eyes might scan this page that might otherwise miss the news throng1! a too-hurried scanning of QS' pages. The convention will be held at the Portland Memorial Coliseum on September 1-2-3. There will be exhibits, talks, prizes, tours, and all other convention-like events. i)rop a uote or QSL to Convention, Box 1335, Portland 1, Oregon for a nice brochure. Perhaps by next year I'll have 73 well enough in hand to be able to get to some conventions, I sure wish I could make it to Portland and the nearby Seattle World's Fair for this National ARRL gathering,

If you are normal and read the magazine from the back, you have probably already noticed that I have cut down the number of pages in this issue even though there are plenty of ads. There is a method in my madness, It isn't just that I think you have been living too high with us publishing 27 feature articles last month to seven and eight in the other two ham magazines, it is only that I have to save a little money this month so we can move our editorial offices to a new location, Let me explain.

In the interests of economy we have been publishing 73 from a small, dingy apartment in Brooklyn. This has been incredibly frustrating for we have been cramped and have not been able to set up anything passable in the way of a ham station. Thus, for well over a year we have been trying to figure out where we would most like to have the magazine located. We looked over Westchester County pretty carefully and found that in most places ground was sold! by the foot, not the acre. This makes an antenna farm awfully expensive* Next we investigated upper New York State, then Connecticut, Still too costly. We finally decided to look for our new home in lower New Hampshire. This seemed to offer us the most. It would only be an hour or so out of Boston so we could get all the big city services we need for running a publishing business. It would be much cooler than New York and more comfortable for working. Land is so much lower there that we could afford something a lot nicer than we could manage further south. New Hampshire has extremelv low taxes, the third lowest of all the states! 1 lius, should we ever make any money, we would not have to immediately turn it over in taxes.

On May 30th Virginia and I settled into the Porsche and headed for New Hampshire to find our new headquarters. After trying two different real estate salesmen we came across a natural: John Peterson in Peterborough, John had a Porsche Speedster just like mine. It didn't take long until we were on our way to our new offices.

We had discovered that it is difficult to buy a large house and grounds if you don't have any money. This developed into quite a stumbling block. It didn't even slow fohn dow n, he immediately thought of a place that was available for vent. We drove over, looked at it, and knew immediately iaat this was for us. WaitII you see it! There are so many rooms that even I will be hard put to fill them up. We counted at least 20 rooms and five or six bathrooms. There is a huge garage that will hold all of the cars that happen to be visiting. There is even a nice modern clean barn. We walked from

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