Please Rush Me the New Columbia Catalog!

(W2NSD from page 75)

simple system for making up all sorts of exotic antennas out of easily available materials. We have had many letters of approval on this article. Next we ran an interesting article on how to hook your mobile rig to any passing water low ers in order to put out a whopping signal from the car for emergency purposes. Then there was a fine two meter nuvistor preamplifier for souping up your old converter or receiver. W7CSD's article on AM Modulation Systems was clear and lucid and brought a great deal of understanding to an obscure subject, K5RPB explained how to figure distances on the globe from longitudes and latitudes. W3QA discussed doings on the very low frequencies and described a simple converter for listening to these frequencies. (10 -30 kc). KSXIC s little transistorized six meter converter has found its way into a lot of cars during the year since it was first published. Two transistors are used.

The July issue had part II of the New Pan-adaptor unit. This described the construction details and operation of the gadget. This unit hooks your shack scope to your receiver so it becomes a panadaptor, K6UGT explained how to plate modulate the DX-40 and other similar rigs- Sockets for the 4-1000A are hard to come by, W4API described a substitute. Then there was an article on measuring frequency accurately using simple equipment.

One article that is still bringing comments is "From My Side Of The Counter" by W2BNW, one of the dealers down on New York's famous Radio Row. K6EAW did a beautiful job of explaining how to set the bias for transistor stages. This was particularly interesting because it was a practical article and didn't horse around with a lot of formulas, Our Big Technical article for July, in addition to the Modulation article, was on power supplies. This covered regulated supplies, zener diodes, silicon diode supplies, etc. Another little construction project was the K1NFE Baud Edge Marker, using a 3.5 mc crystal W8KTJ wrote up a little demonstrator for showing how transformers work which wiD be valuable to anyone who is trying to teach electricity fundamentals.

There were a few smaller articles and our most unusual cover to further warrant your investing in this issue. If you want it send 50c. This is a good buy For 18 articles, all still topical.


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