Ground Radial System Kits

Take fhe v/orir ouf of fafaricaf/ng your antenna ground system

Here are ground radial system* for getting improved perform -a nee from Ions-wire, vertical and oilier 1 "H AM ami "SWL" antenna** which are opt-rat^l against grouftd. These radial sys-temg will also in]prove lIig efficiency of ungrounded antennas such as doublets, ssepps and directive arrays reducing tlie tosses resulting from grouriti Imperfections. Excellent as permanent or temporary ("Field hiitsillatluns Complete, ready (.0 rull nut radial sy^ems in two siscea to satisfy most "HAM" aud "SWL" requirements. ltes No. M gauge solid coiner ratlinl wires electrically arid mcdumlciiMy bonded to central hull Uri;Ve pegs are pruritic] for securing radial wire end a. .lust locate center hub where yen wain It, roll out the radial a mid you're in business, [ladtals nan bo easily buried to preserve the beauty of your ffont or hack yard lawn. Full Instructions Ij] kit. Semi for fret? antenna ground system far* sheet.

\M0 FOOT KIT (JlJ-Cr»', S-33'# 8-17' llADlALSi $24.fl5

Send only S5,00 (cash. ck.( M 1) ) and pay balance COD phis express or postage charts tm arrivul or send full iirlte for pn i)uJU delivery.


Central Electronics

Central Electronics

MM-2 69 Central; Electronics

MM-1 75 Central Electronics

6001 249

Collins KWM-2 895

Collins 75A-4 495

Collins 3126-2 89

Drake 1A receiver 149

EiC0 723 55

Elmac AF-67 89

Efmac PMR-7 99

Eimac A54H 44 Elmac PMR6A & Efmac

PSR116S 59

Elmac M-1470 39

Globe Champ 300A 225

Globe King 500A 279

Globe Scout 680A 59

Globe 755 VFO 29

Gonset GSB-1 01 229 Gonset Communicator f 6 mtr 89 Hallicrafter SX-101A 299

Hallfcrafter SX-111 169

Hallicrafter HT-4G 79

Hallfcrafter S-53A 59

Hallfcrafters SX-tOO 195

Halficrafters HA 6 249

Hallicrafters HA-2 249

Hallicrafters P26 79

Hallicrafters HT-37 375

Hammarlund HIM 10 179

Heath DX-100 159

Heath DX-100-8 169

Johnson Invader 2000 895

Johnson Viking I 99

Johnson Ranger 179

Johnson Challenger 89 Johnson 500 exclnt cond 499

Johnson Valiant 299

Johnson 250-23-3 65

Mosley CM1 150

National NC-300 239 PStH 6-150 6 mtr.

xmting converter 189

ft ME VHM52A 45

RME 84 receiver 49

Swan SW-120 199

Tecraft TR-20-50 39 Tecraft PTR-2 supply

(new) 30 Tecraft TR-20-144


Phone 88G 5749

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) 20 Amp Power Rett, SUM. Silicon ..Si > 15 Silicon Diodes, 'E|joxyF ffij

) 20 Top Hat Reels, îo 750 ma, silicon $1 } 15 PNP Transistors, asst types . S 15 NPN Transistors, asst tynes S 10 Surface Barrier Trans't'rs, imp S ) 5 Power Transistors, 2N155 case Si ) 2 40W Power Transistors, 2NI74 case $1


) 10 2-Amp Rects. stud, silicon

> 25 Rett. TransTrs, Diaries, asst

) 15 CK722 Type Transistors, pnp

) 10 Transistors. 5 pnpT 5 npn

) 25 Si I icon'n Germanium Diodes

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