Saturn 6 Antenna only $11,



For example—look at the picture below—from top to bottom the antenna consists of 4 elements wide spaced, 15 meters at 90 feet; G elements optimum spaced, 20 meters at 80 feet; 3 elements wide spaced, 40 meters at 71 feet.


The sower shown here is the Tri-Ex HZRN 71 foot tower which raises, lowers and rotates by remote control. The HZRN is available in 37,54, and 71 foot heights. The HZN series, which does not have the rotating feature, is available in 37,54,71 and 88 foot heights.

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Other Tri-Ex towers will support from the smallest to the largest antennas. There is a Tri-Ex tower ideally suited to your needs. Send for our new catalog.

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The main requirement is that a worker be eager and willing. If he is eager and willing, he can learn. Actually the work in each lab tends to be so special that a new worker has to be broken in almost from scratch even tho he has some experience. However, the man with experience will break lii much quicker.

It costs a company a great deal to train a technician, i herefore, a company will try to select a prospective trainee very carefully before investing in his training. Any evidence oi instability such as previous job hopping will count against him. Usually there is a probationary period f or new employees. During this time, the company can size him up, and if they don't like what they see, they can let him go with little or no explanation. Once accepted as a regular full time employee, it is not as easy (from a supervisors standpoint) to let an employee go. Seldom is an employee clearly and definitely "no good." This kind of worker would have been weeded out in the first few days of his probationary period. It is more common to find a man to be not as good as you had at first hoped he would be. But it may be difficult to find sufficient reason to satis! y the personnel office that the man should be let go. Therefore, a supervisor really takes a look during that probationary period of a new man. Once accepted, if a worker becomes a small problem in one position, it is best to protect the company's training investment by trying the worker at a different position. This often works out very well to the company's and to the workers best interest,

I'he first step is usually the hardest—getting your foot in the door. For a new, inexperienced worker, it is best to "take what you can get/' even perhaps not directly an electronic job, to get into a desirable company. Then, after you have shown your willingness to work, you will likely be able to transfer into electronics when there is an opening. This opening problem is often a major obstacle. Everyone wants to get into the act, so there are not always openings.

Many good technicians, working for a good company, have found that if they have genuine interest in their work, show willingness to work and learn, and when the time is right, a willingness to accept responsibilityf the pay and promotions are taken care of without worry on their part The worker who will work harder after he gets more pay is not likely to to get the promotion. The worker that makes himself valuable to the company is the one who gets the promotions, . , f W6JAT



Selected Circuits

Roy Poferiberg W4WKM 316 Stratford Avenue Fairfax, Virginia

Altec 460a

Typical grouping of the modular assemblies is shown im the ALTEC 7300A Telephone Repeater Terminating Unit. The units are easily removed for service.

Radio Transistor 1963
The ALTEC 460A Transistor Compressor Amplifier is typical of the transistorized, modular audio assemblies. All are housed in identical, plug-in cases.

The communications industry has long recognized the practical utility and flexibility of modular or "building block construction. Even the most complex multi-channel carrier systems consist of large numbers of relatively few types of circuits inter-connected to meet specific system requirements. Where minor differences occur, such as oscillator and filter frequencies? these elements are often made plug-in to permit fullest flexibility in manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

The ALTEC Lansing Corporation of Anaheim, California, manufacturers and markets a line of compart, modular plug-in units to meet the requirements of the telephone industry. This line includes transistorized line, compression and power audio amplifiers. The circuitry of these audio components is of particular interest to amateurs who may desire to pattern their construction projects along these lines. The ALTEC line is rounded out by a series of attenuators, equalizers, line transformers, hybrids and networks of similar construction. These individual system elements are housed in compact, plug-in cases, The basic package is similar to the Western Electric V-3 vacuum tube line amplifier, ¡'his unit is used in great quantities by the telephone companies as repeater amplifiers. The compact construction of these units is shown in the photograph of the ALTEC 4 GO A Transistor Compressor Amplifier which measures IS" x IS" x 6".

The various units may be mounted and interconnected to meet specific system requirements. An example of this is shown in the photograph of the ALTEC 7300A Telephone Repeater Terminating Unit, While other assembled packages are available, probably the greatest use ol the line amplifiers is to replace existing vacuum tube amplifiers or to expand existing installations. Several models of the basic transistor line amplifiers are available for operation from various supply voltages. Other variations include dual input and output impedances with optional simplex taps on the transformers and monitor output options.

The ALTEC 457B Transistor Amplifier is typical and the schematic is shown in Fig. 1. This unit provides 37 db gain from and into 600 ohm loads and delivers a maximum output power of +18 dbm. Distortion is low and output is Hat within I db between 200 and 3,000 cps.

Typical grouping of the modular assemblies is shown im the ALTEC 7300A Telephone Repeater Terminating Unit. The units are easily removed for service.

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