Sp Kw Pep Ssb Linear Amplifier

linear amplifier shows what can be done in designing a low distortion, high efficiency amplifier by following the above recommendations and by using an extremely linear tube, designed specifically for single sideband use. such as the 8179, * . . , W2LPC

L9—Plate Tank Coil Illumitronic PI Dux #P1 195-2

Modified as per Figure ] I LIO—RF Choke OH MITE Z28 Lll—Ravpar All Band Plate Choke Ll2 -B & W AH Rand Filament Choke 25 Amp. Tl—Stancor PC-S420 Transformer T2 —Stancor PA-8421 Transformer T3—U,T,C. Type CG307 Transformer T4—Triad F-2S-U Transformer

CHI—16 HY 300 MA Choke (2 x LVT.C. 5-33 in series) SW-1-2 Pole 5 Pos uO* Index Rotary Switch, CENTRA*

LAB #P~275 & (2) #Z-D SW-2—2 Pole 5 Pos 35 Index Rotary Switch, Radio

Switch Co. #86 CB-1 Circuit Breaker Hememaim Electric #XAM 666 Lett Coil 500 MA DC Inst. Center Coil— 75 MA DC lust. Riffht Coil—2 Amps, AC Curve 3 Modified by removing companion trip connection between center and right poles.

3.5-3Q MC RF PRESELECTOR. Built-in AC ¡power supply, 18-h db gain. Continuous tuning, RF gain control. Compact, 6" x 4" x 5". Order your SK-20 Pre^ selector kit today. Only $18.98 posi-paid! H0LSTR0M ASSOCIATES, P.O. Box 8640-G, Sacramento 22, California (Stocking distributor of Air-Dux Coils. Send 25c for valuable data sheet] Hy-Gain antenna fist free!}

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