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This is a complete list of every surplus conversion article that has ever been published, with a brief description of the conversion. Invaluable bibliography.

This book gives you a blow by blow description of how to get on the air on TV for under $50. This book is the reason that hundreds of hams are now going on TV. This is not the usual theory book, just a how-to-do-it manual.

Written by an expert. One of the best methods for learning the code yet devised. Lays in a good foundation for later high speed CW ability. CW can be a ot of fun if you go about learning it the right way. This book will be invaluable to the beginner and the ham who wants to really increase his code speed.


Rather thorough exploration of the subject, complete with an exhaustive bibliography. By W0HKF

Rather thorough exploration of the subject, complete with an exhaustive bibliography. By W0HKF


t tfuuümr

I lie first five issues of this invaluable bulletin are now in print. Each one is worth more than the year's subscription. Send $2 for complete set from #1 up through #12. Quantity limited so don't wait.




KQAMD's interesting book on all aspects of forming and holding together a ham club. : "his is the result of exhaustive interviews with many club officers and will be invaluable to every club going.


Well illustrated basic book which describes all of the different types of coils to be found in radio work. Covers theory and practical aspects.


Arc Scr 522 Vhf Antenna

Complete schematics and thorough conversion details on this modern transceiver which covers 2-9 mc {80-40 meters . . . and 160). This unit now sells for S40 to $50 surplus and is easily converted into a terrific little transceiver.

WORLD GLOBE (plus subscription for one year) $16.95

livery visitor to the 73 HQ shack i$ taken aback by the beautiful world globe next to the operating position. We find this invaluable for figuring out beam angles and planning world tours. !t is 18" in diameter, normally sells for $19,95 (via CQ), is nearly five feet around the equator. Canadians please allow a little extra for Diefendollar exchange.

In the interests of making home construction simpler for those readers with anemic junk boxes 73 has gathered together the parts required for building our less complicated projects, These kits are as complete as we can make them, containing good quality parts. Except where the chassis or case is integral to a unit we do not supply it. We will mention when we do supply a case or chassis. We do supply tubes, sockets, condensers, resistors, transformers, connectors, etc. The kits are kept in stock to the best of our ability, though sometimes the distributors who supply us delay us a bit TWO METER THREE NUVISTOR PREAMPLIFIER for perfectionists, complete with self-contained power supply. Kit contains nu-vis tors, sockets, all condensers, resistors, potentiometers, power transformer, rectifier, switch, antenna coax connector, etc. See article in March 73 page 8, Everything you need, complete with full scale drilling template.

QRP TRANSMITTER, One tube (1S4) Ji watt 40M rig. Fun to build and really works. See article in March 73 page 22. We've built a lot of 'em here.

Nuvistor preamp for 15 & 20 meters. March 73.

ADJUSTABLE 11ECULATED XSTR PS, as described page 8 April 73. Five transistors, zenert complete kit of parts. W1ISI-1 . $25.00


THOMAS-1 $9.00

VECTOR VFO (p. 24 April 73)

Complete VFO kit. W7IDF-1 $6.50

Radio Book Shop

Form your own Book Clubf Order one book each month from this list. Just think, in one hundred years you will have o teriffic radio library with 1200 volumes. Order the book anyway.

& RAD1° ENGINEERING—Terman. One of the most complete text books ever printed, 1078 pages, "Theory, but easy on the math

5—ANTENNAS—Kraus (W8JKH The most complete book on antennas in print, but largely design and theory complete with moth, $12.00

BOOK'—by Bill Orr W6SAI. This fantastic book is loaded with the most understandable theory course now available in our hobby plus dozens of great construction projects. This is the best ham handbook in print by a wide margin. Easily worth twice the price, $9.50


ENGINEERS. Tables, formulas, graphs. You will find this reference book on the desk of almost every electronic engineer in the country. Published by International Telephone and Tele-

fhumbncfil sketches of 10,000 of the active and well known hams on the air today. This is the Who's Who of ham radio. Fascinating reading. Only edi-

Now only $2.50

Hertzberg (W2DJJJ. Second edition. Good introduction to the hobby. Has photos and brief descriptions of almost every commercially available Transmitter and receiver, plus accessories. Lavishly illustrated and readable. $2-95

21—VHF HANDBOOK—Johnson IW6-QKIh Types of VHF propogation, VHF

circuitry, component limitations, antenna design and construction test equipment. Very thorough book and one that should be in every VHF shack.


Orr (W6SA!), Basics, theory and construction of beams, transmission lines matching devices, and test equipment! Almost all ham stations need a beam of some sort , . . here is the only source of basic info to help you decide what beam to build or buy, to install it, how to tune it. $2.70

23—NOVICE & TECHNICIAN HANDBOOK—Stoner (W6TNS). Sugar coated theory: receivers, transmitters, power supplies, antennas; simple construction of a complete station, converting surplus equipment. How to get a ham license and build a station. $2.85

24—BETTER SHORT WAVE RECEPTION—Orr (W6SAIL How to buy a receiver, how to tune it, align it; building accessories; better antennas, QSL's, maps, aurora 2ones, CW reception, SSB reception, etc. Handbook for short wove listeners and radio ama-teufs. $2,85

26—S9 SIGNALS—Orr (W6SAIK A manual of practical detailed data covering design and construction of highly efficient, inexpensive antennas for the amateur bands that you can build yourself, $1.00

27—QUAD ANTENNAS—Orr (W6SAI). Theory, design, construction^ and operation of cubical quads. Build-it yourself info. Feed systems, tuning. $2,85


Rand (W1DBML This is the authoritative book on the subject of petting TV I out of your rigs and the neighbors sets. $1.75

32—RCA RADIOTRON DESIGNERS HANDBOOK—1500 pages of design notes on every possible type of circuit. Fabulous. Every design engineer needs this one. $7,50


Regulation size license plate. Please give your call and the color of letters and background. $3.00

37—I0T WAYS TO USE YOUR HAM TEST EQUIPMENT—Middleton, Grid-dip meters, antenna impedance meters, oscilloscopes, bridges, simple noise generators, and reflected power meters are covered. Tells how to chase trouble out of ham gear. 16B pages. $2.50

45—CURTA COMPUTER. The world's smallest computer. Send for detailed information. Makes the slide rule look sick+ Like a big Monroe computer only hand size. $125-00

48—BASIC ELECTRONICS-—Covers subject completely. Written for use with RCA Institute training course, $9,25


—Shrader. Huge book aimed at giving alJ information necessary for FCC commercial and amateur licenses. $13,00

52—HOW TO READ SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS—Marks. Components & Diagrams; electrical, electronic, ac, dc audio, rf, TV. Starts with individual circuits and carriers through complete equipments. $3.50

53—BASIC ELECTRONIC TEST PROCEDURES—Turner, This book covers just about every possible type of electronic test equipment and explains in detail how to use it for every purpose. Testing: audio equipment, receivers, transmitters, transistors, photocels, distortion, tubes, power , . . etc. $9.75

55—TRANSISTOR CIRCUIT HANDBOOK—Simple, easy to understand explanation of transistor circuits. Dozens of interesting applications. $4,95

63—GE TRANSISTOR MANUAL—6th edition. This is one of the best buys around: 22 chapters, 440 pages, diagrams by the gross, data, facts, charts, etc. If you don't have this one you just aren't up to date. only $2.00

66—DESIGN MANUAL FOR TRANSISTOR CIRCUITS BY CARROLL. Tested transistor circuits for design engineers Interesting reading too. $9.50

67—TRANSISTOR CIRCUIT ANALYSIS AND DESIGN by Fitchen, Written primarily as a college text to teach circuit design. $13.00

68-—HANDBOOK OF TRANSISTOR CIRCUIT DESIGN BY PULLEN—This is 0 handbook which teaches o systematic system for transistor circuit design. Highly recommended by radio schools.

74—HANDBOOK OF ELECTRONIC TABLES & FORMULAS—Formulas & laws, constants, standards, symbols and codes. Math, tables, misc, data, $2,95

76—MODERN OSCILLOSCOPES & THEIR USES—Ruiter, Second edition. Shows what a 'scope is, what it does and how to use it for radio, TV, transmitters, etc. 346 pages. $10.20

80—SURPLUS RADIO CONVERSION MANUAL VOLUME NO, 1 (second edU tion). This book gives circuit diagrams, photos of most equipment, and rather good and complete conversion instructions for the following: BC-221, BC-342, BC-312 BC-348, BC-412, BC-645, BC-946B, SCR-274N 453A series receivers conversion to 10 meter receivers, SCR-274N 457A series transmitters (conversion to VFOJSCR-522 IBC-624 and BC-625 conversion to 2 meters), TBY to 10 and 6 meters, PE-103A, 6C-1068A/ 1161A receiver to 2 meters, Surplus tube index, cross index of A/N tubes vs. commercial types, TV & FM channels. 53.00

81—SURPLUS RADIO CONVERSION MANUAL VOLUME NO. II. Original and conversion circuit diagrams, plus photos of most equipments and full conversion discussion of the following: BC-454/ARC-5 receivers to 10 meters, AN /APS-13 xmtr/rcvr to 420 mc, BC-457/ARC-5 xmtrs to \0 meters Selenium rectifier power units, ARC-5 power and to include 10 meters, Coif data-simplified VHF, CO-9/TBW, BC-357, TA-12B, AN/ART-13 to ac winding charts, AVT-U2A, AM-26/AIC, LM frequency meter, rotators, power chart, ARB diagram. $3.00

82—SURPLUS RADIO CONVERSION MANUAL VOLUME NO. HI—Original and conversion diagrams, plus some photo of these: 701 A, AN/APN-1, AN/CRC-7, AN/URC-4 CBY-29125, 500S3, 50141, 52203, 52^32, 52302-09. FT-ARA, BC-442, 453-455, 456-459, BC-696, 950, 1066, 1253, 241A for xtal filter, MBF (COL-43065), MD-7/ARC-5, R-9/APN-4, R23-R-28/ ARC-5, RAT, RAV, RM-52 (53), Rt-T9/ARC-4, SCR-274N, SCR-522, T-15/ ARC-5 to T-23/ARC-5, LM, ART^13, BC-312r 342, 348, 191, 375- Schematics of APT-5, ASB-5, BC-659, 1335A, ARP-2, APA10, APT-2.

Lurope con be just as expensive as the U. S. unless you know where to stay and where to eat This book is the standord reference work for European travelers on a budget, This is the latest edition. $1.95

90—TELEPRINTERS, MODEL 31A— This midget, printer, complete with case, measures only 11" x 16" x 12" and is light enough to throw in the car for portable use. Complete with keyboard, ready to operate. $100.00

This is the slide rufe that is recommended in the book, "Simplified Moth For The Horn Shock." With a fit tie practice you'll have Ohm's Law whipped, ond any other calculations too. Has C-D-Cl -L-T-A-B-S-K scales. Beautifully mode rule, complete with plastic case, looks like five times the price and works that way too. 52.85


—Each set of clear plastic pockets holds twenty QSL's for wall display. Keeps cards flat, clean and perfect. Keeps walls clean too. Or have you tried to hang QSL's yet. This beats thumb tocks and Scotch Tape all hollow. Comes in envelope of three to hold 60 QSL's, give i! o try and vou'll never use anything else. Three: $1,00

9 3— RADAR-TECTO ft—This gadget, though designed to pick up police radar (which it does very efficiently we are tofd by several amateurs*, also picks up two of our amateur UHF bands. Operates entirely from the I2v cor battery, Regular price is $34.95.

Bookshop Special $28.95

94—KIT OF SOLDERING TOOLS—Used to was a soldering iron was all that was necessary, now you have to have o kit cf fool tools. Little doohinkies like scrapers, reamers, forks, and brushes. Forsooth [ Made of varnished maple ard spring steel (vastly superior to winter steel L $4.87

95—NE-PAD—Pi lot-type writina desk that elastics to your pants (eg for mobile log-keeping. Complete with two pods of 50 special 73 mobile log sheets, You know the logs aotta be jocd £>*ra >og pads are onfy 25c a pad Ne-Pad with two log pads 53.95

96—LATEST CALLBOOK—There are many changes in the Calfbook that you should plan on buying a new one at least once a year,

Foreign Calfbook $3,00

Crammed with maps, time conversion tobies, great circle charts, etc. Each page may be removed for mounting on wall, $2.00

98—WORLD PREFIX MAP—Printed in four colors on heavy stock for wali mounting. 29" x 42" Has country prefixes, time zones, radio zones, ond alphabetical Irsting of prefixes. $1.00

99—RADIO AMATEURS WORLD ATLAS—16 pages in four colors. Shows all six continents West Indies, country prefix list, etc. If you work any DX This atlas will be very helpfuL $K00

ACR-1—ABCS OF CITIZENS BAND RADIO—by Buckwalter, How to choose, set up, license and operate CB equipment, Discusses different types of rigs, receivers, antennas, how to tune, install, operate and troubleshoot. $1 95

ALP-l—CENERAL CLASS LICENSE HANDBOOK—by Pyle W70E. A complete guide including typical questions and answers, to help you prepare for the FCC Technician, Conditional or General amateur radio exam. A good writer is quite a help in this sort of thing, $2.50

AMA-I^AMATEUR RADIO ANTENNA HANDBOOK—by Hooton W6TYK Basic theory, construction and tuning of all the well known and effective ham antennas. Good stuff on feed lines and towers too, $2.50

A M P~1—TROUBLESHOOTING AMATEUR RADIO EQUIPMENT—by Pyle W70E. A guide for all hams who want to keep their gear on the air by themselves. Includes complete schematics of many popular ham transmitters and receivers. 52.50


¡Martin, Covers subject of two-way FM mobile operation. Equipment, control, range, power supply, receivers, transmitters, installation, and uses. Quite comprehensive, $1.95

ARN-1— ABC'S OF RADIO NAVIGATION—by LyteL Complete info on navigational sys terns for small boat and plane owners. Covers Loran, Radar, Consolan Decca, Gee, Omni, Tacan, Vortac, lis, etc. Well illustrated, simply written and complete, $1.95

Adams, This book is designed for the fellow who really wants to know how electronic circuits work. It is written with incredible simplicity ard uses four color diagrams to effectively explain just what happens in circuits-Covers all nine basic oscillator circuits, $2,95

BON—FIRST CLASS RADIOTELEPHONE LICENSE HANDBOOK, Everything you need to know to get your 1st license. More than a Q & A book, you'll understand what it is all about when you get through this one $4.95

EOT—ELECTRONIC GAMES AND TOYS YOU CAN BUILD, 15 Original games and toys, none available commercial ly. Test your steady nerves; your reaction time, battle a lie detector, etc. Guaranteed rouser $2,50

Waters, Sugar coated basics of electronics: the electron, magnetism, resistance, inductance, ac, impedance, radio waves, vacuum tubes, transistors, the oscillator. Excellent book for beginners, $!.95

Pyle W70E, How to get a Novice

íícense Excellent book by a tap author. $1.95

MCN—MODERN COMMUNICATIONS COURSE—by Noll. Aimed more at commercial radio than amateur, but an excellent book for home study or class work Covers transmitters and antennas quite well, $4,95

MMD—ELIMINATING MAN MADE INTERFERENCE—What makes nt how to find it, how to cure it in homes, fac^ tones, automobiles, aircraft, boats, etc. Or maybe you haven't been plagued lately, 160 pages, $2,95

NHP—BUILDING UP YOUR HAM SHACK—Pyle (W70E>, A practical discussion of points to consider when you are buying ham equipment, complete with descriptions of much of the available commercial gear, Ifs just possible thai Pyle might keep you from making a mistake which would cost o tot more than his book, $2,50

QAN—2ND CLASS RADIOTELEPHONE LICENSE MANUAL—by Noll, Another 73 author mokes ft in the big time, Q & A manual for commercial ticket. Get one, you never know when it'll be handy . . , and this sure proves what you know, or don't know,

SIH—SSB COMMUNICATIONS HANDBOOK—by W6YTHL This book covers ail known methods of generating SSB with details on them. Discussion and schematics on many popular SSB rigs, Very educational ond mostfy for the ham, $€.95


LISTENING—by Buckwalter. Covers what to listen to, frequencies, antennas, receivers, QSL's, space signals.

Good basic cook for SWL^ng, 5**95

TCM—TRANSISTORS CIRCUIT MANUAL—by Lytel. Schematics and descriptions or over 200 transistorized circuits, covering just about anything you can possibly want to do with transistors, $4.95

R261— MAGNETIC AMPLIFIERS, This new Rider book is a complete home-study course in M-A, Explicitly illustrated. We don't find M-A in ham use yet, but they are growing in in~ dusthal use as more engineers understand the applications of this relatively new device, H2 pages. 52.45


Schure, Incredibly well illustrate! book which sugar coots your way to understanding transistors. These little doohinkies been worrying you? Fret no more, read. $3,95

R235—RADIO CONTROL FOR MODEL BUILDERS—Winter. One of the best and newest books ova labTe on RC

R245—HOW TO USE GRID-DIP OSCILLATORS—Tuner (K6AI), Construction & uses, an important book. $2.50


by McEntee This is the largest and most complete book ever published on the subject. 304 pages! It covers in detail every possible aspect of radio control. $4+95

C94—TRANSISTORS, Selected articles from Radio Electronics on how to test transistors and how to buifd alf-transistor test equipment. 51-95

100—ELECTRONIC CONSTRUCTION HANDBOOK by W8MQU, Covers all sorts of info on how to build $2.95

731—HAM—TV—W0KYQ. This is the only book available on this fascinating branch of ham radio. Describes complete ham TV station that costs under $50. Very simple, $3.00

732—FULL SCALE PRINTS FOR MARK HI IMPEDANCE BRIDGE FROM AU^ GUST 1961 ISSUE OF 73. These enlargements of the published scale drawings greatly simplify home construction of this terrific piece of test equipment. A complete copy of the original article is also included. $1.00

Send cash, check, money order or anything else we can easily take down to the bank to get them off our backs. Tear our pages and mark books you are ordering, or else jot a note of the numbers on a separate sheet. We also find it helpful when you include your name, call and address. Make check out to 73, Inc. (or to Wayne Green, Radio Bookshop, 73 Magazine, etc,)* Don't make it out to CQ. We won't even get mad if you include $3.50 extra for a subscription or renewal. Send order to Radio Bookshop, Peterborough, N. H.

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