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Here's the simple easy way to go VHP on TWC METERS! Just feed the 20 meter output of your present SSB, AM or CW exciter into the P&H 2-150 and you have 175 Watts PEP on TWO METERS, either crystal or VFO controlled, depending on your exciter features. Resistive Pi-Pad and switchable Half-Power Pad permits operation with any 5 to 100 Watt exciter Since the 2-150 is a high stability mixing device, the output signal stability is the same as that of your exciter. Uses a 6EA8 Crystal Oscillator/Tripler; a 6360 Balanced Mixer ; a 6360 Class A driver and a 7854 push-pull Output Tube. Power input to 7S54 final: 175 Watts PEP on SSB, 165 Watts

Complete — With Built-in Power Supply, All Tubes and Crystal, for Only $329,95*

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CW, 90 Watts linear AM. Entire chassis and oil shielding is COPPER PLATED. Output jack pro-v[ded to furnish oscillator signal injection for receiving converter, Quiet 200 CFM forced-air cooling. 50-70 ohm input and output impedances. Husky built-in power supply has three separate rectifiers and filter combinations. Meter reads; PA GRID, PA PLATE and RELATIVE RF OUTPUT, Modernistic curved corner grey cabinet; 9" X 15" X 1014". The P&H 2-150 is so ihoroughly shielded, by-passed and parasitic-free that it operates as smoothly as an 80 meter transmitter, P&H also manufactures the Model 6-150: 175 Watts on 6 Meters,

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