Communications Receiver Bargains

BC453B : 190-550 kc C-tubfl superhet w/95 kc IF\st Idea» as long-wave revr, as tunable IF & as 2nd convert. W/all data. CHECKED ELECTRICALLY, Grtd. OK 9 lbs. Cl?Qq fob Los Angeles

Same, in handsome cabinet w/pwr sply. spkr. tf 37 Cfj etc., ready to use, is our QX-535. 19 lbs. t*J\J

RBSr Navy's pride 2-20 mc 14-tube superhet has voice filter for low noise, ear-saving AGC, high sens. & select. IF is 1255 k tm Checker aligned, w/pwr sply, cords, tech data ready to use, fob Charleston* S, C. or Los J^Ç JQ

A. Tl fl CI 4j S . . . j » ■ 81 ■ . . J - J 1 1 .

R-45/ARR-7 brand new, 12-tube superhet .55-43 mc in 6 bands, S-meter, 455 kc IF"s> xtl filter, 6 sel. positions, etc. Hot and complète, ft can be made still better by iloublc-c<m verting into the BC-453 or QX-535. Pwr sply Includes DC for the automatic tuning motor. Fob San

Time Pay Plan: $17.95 down, II * SI6.Q3 _With QX-535, 521.70 down. 12 x $17.90

RADIO RECEIVER AND/OR SPECTRUM STUDIES R - 54/A PR * 4 rcvr is the It-tube 30 mc IF etc. for the plugin tuning units: has S-mcter, 60 cy pwr sply. Pan. Video & Audio outputs. AM. Checked, aligned, with hirnds for 38-1000 mc, pwr plug & Handbook« fob Los CI ¿4 Of) Angel« . 1 OT*VV

{Add 130.00 for 60 ey AM FM instead of AM,} {Write for price on Panadapters and for TNs to get to

4 kmc and rcvr to 6 kmc J

Pan adapter Bargains: 400 kc input, 115 v 60 cy CAO ^A pwr supply built in. Navy RBV-1, exc

APA-10* 455 kc, 5.25 mc. 30 mc, has 400 cy pwr sply, W/schematic Instruct, to modify to GO cy &. COQ Cfl scojie xfrmr tci help do It. Checked OK_

Low Fret». Revrs; DZ + 2 superhet, 15*70 & 100-1750 kt, dynam, pwr sply easily replaced, with schematic, Instructions . ,

R B L-(* > TRF, 15-600 kc. w/bullt-in GO pwr spfy^e^c. condition, w schematic

Tub«less inverter; Motorola TAI42, Run 6 v radios 30 to 50 amps input in 12 v cars! 80% efficient. Brand npw. w inst illât, kit anil instructing_

60 CY AC FROM 12 V DC A VICE VERSA! Charge 12 v battery from 115 v 60 cy then use the battery to make 115 v BO cy sq wave for anything except capacitor-start motors. New. factory over-run, grtd 100% OKh original pack, w/inst. 250 W 2.3 amp intermit,, 200 W <£Ç7 Çfl 1.8 amp contln. 15 lbs net fob Los Angeles ,, 500 W 4.0 amp intermit.* 300 W 2.5 amp etintin. Metered. Compartment for battery you use to make AC CI Cf\ •r to start de*d ears; w/starter cables. 55 lbs. i 1 ^

iy $150.00

Silicon Diodes Less Than a Dime! We send you 50 stud-mount and 50 top-hats ranging 50-600 PftV and 0.3-2 Amps. Unmarked, refected for Mil Spec, but plenty are plenty OK for ordinary use. You do the grading w/lnstructtons we furnish and if you don't ijet enough good ones out of the lot, wc will sent! you mort? free or refund your money on return, Unconditionally grtd to give you enough good ones <PQ O^ to delight youl Postpaid


E^Ang type AW; 0-1 ma dcr I20v GO ey C^AQ Cf| synch chart drive; fob Los Angeles ...

Same w/spring-wound drive; fob PhiJad A. Chicago $249.50 Varian G-lfA 0-9 mv rte new, complete ready tfTJ,G

Above is 60 cy; same In 50 cy, only $149.50 Varian G-JO 0-100 mv loss chart drive A pen, CQ7 IT A servo-system only, use as meter_^ ' *JV

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