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GALAXY 300. This is the 80-40-20 Meter SSB/AM/CW 300 WATT Transceiver you're hearing so much about. Features: Selectable Upper & Lower Sideband, Automatic Load Control, 9.1 Mc Crystal Filter, Stable Linear VFO, Smooth Dual Vernier Tuning, 1 UV Sensitivity for 10 db S/N, F.T.T.

. . .and VOX Operation (Vox OptM $24.95). Both MOBILE and FIXED STATION. ALL for only $299.95. PSA 300 CONSOLE. Here's a real rugged, well regulated AC Power Supply, housed in a matching cabinet to the GALAXY. The ONLY Power Supply built to run the Galaxy at FULL POWER. Standard Power Supply $99.95. With Clock $119.95. 12 VDC Supply $119.95 — Mobile Mount $14.95. ATLAS 2KW LINEAR. Perfect matching 2KW SSB (PEP) companion Linear to the Galaxy. With internal AC supply (115-220VAC). Features: Hypersil I Amp., transformer, grounded grid operation, dual blowers, internal relays. Covers 80-10 meters.* ♦Reduced ratings on 10, 15 meters. Priced at $499.95.

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