is it worth it!), the Metro«, the Eifel Tower, the Louvre and some coffee while watching the beautiful gals walking along the Champs. Next stop Geneva where you find the finest international shopping in the world, a visit to 41 1 U, and maybe a side trip to Chamonix for the adventurous to ride the cable car lip Mfc Blanc, one of the most exciting rides you'll probably ever run into. Rome is the next stop. We only have four days to do a months sightseeing and sample the ambrosia of their inexpensive but incredible restaurants. On Sunday we all can get a Papal Blessing * . • arid waitll you try the real Italian ice cream! Then we're off to Berlin, over 100 miles behind the Iron Curtaili. where you'll not only see and feel the infamous wall, but you'll get a guided tour behind the wall and see for yoursell the desolation of the Communist East Germany and East Berlin- Don't forget a camera and plenty of film. Berlin also has some of the finest shopping in Europe, one of the most famous zoos in the world, and some unforgettable nightclubs such as the Resi.

Since this is a club group it is necessary that one member of your immediate family must be a member of the institute of Amateur Radio (send $1 to join). Send $250 with your reservation for each person going, the remaining $300 is due 60 days before blast-off, August 6th. Full refunds can be made up until one week before flit !it time should some disaster strike. We have to have the reservation money so we can reserv e Space on planes, in hotels, etc. Send reservations and check to the Institute of Amateur Radio, Peterborough, New Hampshire,

Compare the cost oi this trip with (he most economical regular air travel and you'll find that the same itinerary would cost you $630 for air fare alone. That's the nice thing about group travel and having a non-profit club running things.

Were going to all have the time of our lives, how about coming along. Even if you have to sell the car or borrow the money ¡his will be well worth it - , * an experience youll never forget,

73—Wayne Green W2NSD/1

Send for your copy of our new 1963 catalog

Barker & Williamson Inc

Communications Equipment Since 1932 I, Penna.

(TV from page 64)

VIDEO & SYNC jack. You should now have a picture on your receiver or monitor. If the video from your scanner or camera has negative going sync and blanking, the switch on the modulator next to the TFS should be in the minus position, if the sync and blanking are positive going, the switch should be in the plus position. This should make the picture on your receiver positive. If your receiver is positive and your monitor has a negative picture and the switch is right, then remove the four screws on die MON ITOR and ANTENNA plugs and lift out the diode probe box from the bottom. Reverse the polarity of the diode and replace the box. Trace the lead to the meter switch and reverse it also so that your antenna meter will read properly. Now both your receiver and monitor shou:d have positive pictures.

You will find that slight re tuning of the cathode line is required for the best picture.

Now remove the loop and connect the antenna and you are on the air!

Your average input with an 800 volt supply wi.ll be about 35 watts. Which means your peak input I on sync peaks) will be about 100 watts.

Raising the high voltage supply to about 1200 vdc will raise the average input to just under the 50 watt limit presently on the 420 mc band.

Without expensive test equipment it is difficult to obtain accurate power output measurements, Good dummy loads at 450 mc are not easy to come by, However, with 24 watts input there was sufficient output to cause severe overheating of a homebrew 4 watt dummy load made of 4 one watt carbon resistor, This type of resistor is a poor UHF load and would tend to cause power measurements to appear lower than they actually are. I believe that this transmitter is capable of eight to ten watts average output at 25 watts average input. In any case, this unit will make a substantial difference in signal strength over 1 and 2 watt type rig as well as providing a beautiful driver for a 500 or 1000 watt amplifier should the current I KW on 420 proposal be passed.

Some difficulty was encountered in acquiring 3C22's inexpensively, but we finally found that J. J. Candee Co., 509 N. Victory Blvd., llurbank, Calif, will supply them brand new and guaranteed for $15,00. The ART-26*s less tubes, meter and power supply are available for $24,95 through Kencol Electronics, 2816 E. Norwich, Fresno 26, California. Don't mistake the APT-5 for the ART-26, This transmitter is similar in appearance but it is not a television transmitter. The 6AB7 and the 7F8 may be purchased locally but if you can t find any they are available through Allied Radio, 100 X. Western Avenue, Chicago SO, Illinois,

SUBSCRIPTION RATE: $3.50 per year NEWSSTAND RATE: $4,80 per year


And remember that there are going to be a lot more special issues of 73 coming along.

NO WJif ■■ <9 - .«.- a E. 4 * - v -m w -m «■—■■■■ ■ v v 4 ■ -m t m «-4 -4 4 r « - -r-r-r--m-rw-rm rrra I * fr 4 -m 4- 4 ^E^OK

Add ress t.. . . , h». *. ., ♦. . - . ♦..., .

□ $3.50 One Year □ $6,50 Two Years □ $9,00 Three Years

50c each enclosed for the following back issues .

□ $1.00 enclosed for one year membership in Institute of Amateur Radio.


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