legend r.f controls a.f.

figure 3

step-by-step instructions may seem complex and difficult, but work progresses rapidly and the procedure is self-checking.

Remove the transmitter from the shock mount base and discard the base. Scribe the oversize bottom plate, along the sides of t he case. Remove the bottom plate, shear to the scribe marks and discard the scraps. Remove and discard the snubber brackets secured to each corner of the chassis. The rear brackets are riveted in place and the rivets should be filed off. Fill the vacant holes with machine screws. Remove and retain the top cover of the case

Remove and discard the crystal access door. File off the three rivets which secure the protective strip to the top lip of the front panel. Remove the nomenclature plate and discard along with the mounting screws. Remove and discard the 6L6 and 832 tube hold-down clamps. Remove and discard V-105, V-ยก.06, V-109 and K-103; replacing V-106 (6J5) with a 12J5 tube.

Remove the hardware mounting all components on the front panel and remove the panel. Drill and cut the panel as shown in irig, t The projection on the panel 011 which the connectors are mounted should be peened over to present a smooth surface on which the new face panel may be mounted. Sand or steel wool the edges of the panel arid the sides and back of the chassis, Using 16 gauge sheet aluminum, cut and drill a new face panel in accordance with Fig. 2, Make sure the holes in the two panels register. Finish the top cover and the new face panel in flat black lacquer and set these items aside for future use.

Unsolder from Pius 1 and 5 of V-101 the white-black and white-green leads which run from the back of the crystal box. Dismantle and discard the crystal box, leaving the crystal socket-relay assembly intact. Cut the lacing on the cable between this assembly and P-102, Cut out and discard the leads running between

Pins 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of P-102 and the relays, Slit the cable harness as required, unsolder the chassis end of the following wiring and discard the complete crystal socket-relay assembly:

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