Mew Air Force Tech Manuals

#52-19 Antenna Systems $1,50

#52-11 Aircraft Sheet Metal Maintenance £1.50

#101-6 Airborne Shoran SI.50

#102-4 Ground Shoran $1.50

25 Position Stepping Switches, automatic electric type. 45 Unew $14.95

KY-65 ARA-26 Keyer, article pg 66 apr 62

used, exc

APX 6 Transponder—GET ON [212 mc used, exc S19.95

APX-6 Conversion Pamphlet , SI.50

ARN-5 Glide Path Revs. freq. 326-ü3mc, xtal controlled, omplete w tfr 6 relays Gr 11 tubei Used exc cond. $4.75

BC'348 Rcvr. freq. 200-500 !kc & K5-1S mc. Used, exc cond ,,.. + S98,50

R-45 ARR-7 Rcvr freq .55-43 mc in 6 bands. Used, exc. cond - . $97.50

FM Tuning Meter, ind cat^s peak tuning on all FW tunc-and radios. Compact clear plastic case is square. 1 /new $2,95 or 1 S5.00

Federal (freq. multiplier* #Z .526 1 mc stepping generator, new, in orig. box, less tubes $3.49

Federol Ifreq. converter) #Z 2426, new in orig. box, less tubes . >, $3.49

New Protection Fallout Detector/Monitor, detects radio activity and aEI types of radio active particles. Comes complete with detector/monitor, ear phone £r batteries . ■ . i v. - ... / i. . $3,88

BC 1023 12 V DC Marker beacon rcvr. 75 mc. Tuneable from 70 mc to 80 mc, 1/new $12.95

BC 1033 Marker Beacon Rcvr. 75 mc @ 28 VDC exc.

RB ARN-8 75 rnc Beacon Rcvr Contains 7 tubes G 1-12,

500 ohrn sensitive relay Exc 52.49

RT-18 ARC 1 Transceiver, freq. 130-156 mc. Used, exc cond. $49.95

ARC-5 Rcvr Han:! Crank Tuning Knobs, ne ■ 98c

MD-7 Plate Modulator Exc. Cond $5-95

BC-442 Antenna Relay wit- 0-10 antenna current meter fbasic 0-1 Mc), thermocouple and 50 mmf vacuum capacitor 5 KV+ Relay requires 2Av DC can be converted to 6v or 12v DC. Brand new $3.95

BC-442 Used exc. cond $1,95


HS 33 600 ohms NEW 6,95

Hi Fi Headset, 15,000 cycles, New with Chamois cushions ...

never before offered at this price:

Channel ARC-1 Com pieu? win* ery-stals, dyna-inüi(jrT excellent checked out oornHtion, candee special s129.50


Famous Q-5'er. 190-550 \c The receiver you've been looking for at only $12.95

T5-170 ARN-5 Test Oscillator Portable, battery-operated, crystal controlled, for frequencies: 332.6 Mc., 338.6 Mc , and 335 Mc. Power input 1.5 VDC and 90 VDC. Less batteries Brand new $29.95

OS 29 0PM4A Oscilloscope 60 cycle Can be used os a panadoptor, 110 V.A.C. regulated selenium power supply. Pins 1 arid 3 for U0 voltage This =s a real gem ond one that you'll be proud to own; Excellent like new cond.

TS-239 UP Oscilloscope, ILavoie Lab. LA-239-A) Portable Measuring instrument used in testing all types of electron.: equipment, in radar and communication fields This un-t consists essentially of a calibrating voltage generator, a timing marker generator. Has self-contained power supply, 105-125V 210W, 50/1600 eye. AC Sinewave response 10 cycles to 5 mc. Excellent Cond. _____ . S99.50

Stoddard Turret Attenuator Mo. #90519-42 2 position,

H.P. 475B Tuneable Bolometer Mount Used Exc Cord



ordering instructions Minimum Ortlor $3.50

All fchipmenU are F.ChH. Hurhuiik. rulifurnJsi. We will ship ihcaiMsi way unless you *|jet'if_v :t eurrier or ruetiioU. Si* vis vourseif t ' O.D. fees »ml 11 rue by remitting in ftiil ulfh order*

inrUnUn^ L « j -1 u ^«. •. \\ - uill refund all - \ ^ > ■ - - tmsiai:e > mi ^nul

All item* art1 of&rurj suhjiict to prior sale; ill prlre< »re Huhjeet to change without notice.

* üliiUrriij residents please mill I % for saIab tax.

J- J. CANDEE CO., 509 N. Victory Blvd., Burbank, California, DDD Area 213 VI 9 2411

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