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Since the last report, conventions and hamfesls have caused QRM and we missed the lust issue of the magazine. We now have a good system lined up, so my service to all of you wall be speedier and more efficient Remember . . . send all reports directly to me. Dont send anything to 73 Magazine. 1 have all the certificates here and am sending them directly.

We still need a good club in W/Kl, W/K2, and W/K0, as well as Africa for WTW card check points.

There seems to be some confusion about phone certificates, SSB and AM iire both phone, and count toward the award for either mode.

Regarding Don Miller's cards . . . we are only accepting the ones that ARRL accepts toward DXCC, thus no one can say we make our rules as we go along. We accept as a country any spot recognized by any national radio society. If ARRL accepts, we do too. If RSGR accepts it we do too. Send 25c to get a copy of the country list/tally sheet. This will relieve any doubts you might have. There are strong rumors that a number of fellows are getting close to WTW-300 on 20 now, I wonder who will be first to qualify? Check your cards very carefully as we look them over with a critical eye and will disqualify any which show they have been tampered with.

To make the task of anyone checking your cards for the awards easier, I strongly suggest, when possible, to have all QSO information on one side of the card, along with your call sign in fairly large letters. Next time you have QSLs printed, how about keeping tins in mind? The business of flipping cards over and over when checking them can become a chore and requires twice the time.

Remember, to qualify for WTW, all contacts must have taken place after May 1, 1966.

The following stations have qualified for WTW since the last listing: WTW-200, 14 MHz Phone:

Certificate #11, KSYBU

12, PY3EXW

13, W6MEM

WTW-100, 14 MHz Phone:

54, K5TGT

55, K4VKW

56, SV0WL WTW-100 21 MHz Phone:

13, W6MEM

14, K4VKW

15, WA1EUV WTW-100, 21 MHz CW:

15, K4CEB 21 MHz Phone still has only W40PM with # I, and 28 MHz both Phone and CW still await someone to pick up # 1.

As soon as enough scores are received, I will Start a running list of the number of countries various fellows have worked.

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