Zeus Asp-1000 Generator

American Electronics Company 178 Herricks Road Mineola, New York

Model CUT, Iran sis tunzed, built in battery or car battery through BS-9 adapter. CUT converts 2 meters to broadcast band. Can covcr from 108-1 74 mc. Model CLT same as CHT except converts any ham band from 2-54 mc down to the broadcast band or any other i-f output. Model SNL squelch & noice limiter, 6 or 12 vdc. SNLT all transistor. CLT or CTIT . . $35.95. BS-9 . . $2,95. SNL . $17,75. SNLT . . $19,95.

Amplrdyne Lobs

Amplidyne Laboratories Box 673

Preamplifier Model PCL (left) for all bands 80-6 meters, Nnvistors give 20 db gain. Nuvistor preamplifier for 50, 144 or 220 mc (right) Model PY. Botli require power from receiver or from PS-1 power supply. PV . . . $13.95. PCL . . . $24.95.

separate power supply or voltage from receiver. Output 14-18 mc. Special outputs $1 extra. 13NC connectors. 4" x 6" x 2". $34.25. PS-4 Matching power supply $9.75 (right), C-14 1J4 meter nuvistor converter. Identical to the C-23 except input 220-225 mc and price $42.50.

C-til six meter nuvistor converter. One 6CW4 grounded grid rf amplifier, 6F1Q7 mixer and oscillator, 604 if amplifier. PS-4 matching supply. 14-18 mc output. BNC connectors. 4 x 6i x 2. $28>50,

P*62 Nuvistor preamplifier, 50-54 mc BNC cotnlectors, separate power supply required. $9.75. P-25 nuvistor preamplifier, 144-148 mc, BNC's, separate power required. $9.75.

Model 621 six and two meter transmitter. 60 watts to GE 8150, 6L6's plate mod. Xtals or external VFO* Built in dummy load, separate loading controls, spotting button, metering of all stages including rf output using external meter (not supplied*. $229,50.

126 nuvistor three band converter 6-2-154 meters, built in power sup-

ply, 2-lXW4,s, 6DJ8, B.VC ' ncctors, four ff outputs (7, M, 2<>p iO.5 rac) available. $94.50. Model 221 (right) is an adapter for the 621 transmitter and puts 18 watts 220 mc. 6360 output. Lses 55 mc output, power supply, modulator and metering of 621, $72.50,

Ancien Fusible Electriques Ronds

Model SA 601 switchable attcnuatfrf. X sed for signal-to-noise, noise figure, gain measurements, etc. dc-500 mc, l"p to hi) db attenuation. lA watt. 2r:j x 5 x 3. $14.95.

Antenna Specialists

Antenna Specialists 12435 Euclid Avenue Cleveland 6t Ohio

Zeus Antique Generator

J he Antriuia Specialists Zeus ASP-1000 power supply produces 1000 watts of 115 volt 60 cycle ac. The generator is driven hy a self-contained gasoline engine and can be handled by one man, $197,50.

the Zeu^ ASP-1250-4 power supply de livers 1250 watts at 115 volts ac. This small generator is provided with handles fot easy handling. $254.50*

The Zeus ASF-3000 electric power supplv delivers 3000 watts of 60 cycle ac at either 115 or 230 volts. The self-contained gasoline engine con sumes minute fjuantities of gasoline and runs quietly. The supply is completely fused and shock mounted, it is light enough to be moved by one man or carried easily by two. Rope starter model $575 J clcctric starting model is $650.

Barker & Williamson, Inc. lirisiol, Pennsylvania

Model f>100 transmitter, Uses crystal frequency synthesizer permitting cx-act frequency to he set on dials. Covers 10-80 meters, AM-CW-SSB. 2-6146's final, 180 watts CW or SSB, 90 watts AM, VOX, PTT, break-in CW. Built in solid statt power supply, Crystal lattice filter, ALC for 10 db voice compression.

Model L PA ■ 1 I KW grounded grid linear amplilur. 10-80 meters. Tor use with 100 watt output exciters (such as 6100). 2-813's* 1000 watts input on CW and SSBt 375 watts on AM. Requires separate power supply (LPS-li, Contains filament and bias supplies. $375.

Model LPC-1 powt-i supply. Matching unit for LPA ] linear, 2500 vdc at 400 ma. Used four 816*s. 50 lbs, 8"il, 14"D. Has removable control panel which can be mounted at operating position. Remote control cable provided. $205,

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