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B F Electronics Box 602

Cardiff, California

The PC-1 and PC-2 mobile power supplies operate from 12 vdc with toroidal circuits. PCM lias 500 and 1350 vdc output at 150 watts. Price: kit £29,^5, wired $41.50. PC 2 lias outputs of f>0Q and 300 vdc at 150 watts, Price: kit $34,95, wired §47,50.


Cle^g Laboratories

Clegg Interceptor six and two meter receiver. Tunes 50-54 mc with built in converter for 144-148 tnc. Flywheel dia!t entire dial tunes one mr at a time. Nuvistor rf stages. Crystal lattice filter for selectivity. Designed for low cross-talk* Will tunc any other bands, higher or knvei, with converter. J 5" w, 9" h. 9" -I. 32 lbs. $473.

Clegg 99Vr six meter transceiver. Double conversion receiver, S-mcii.rt spotting switch. I ransmjtUT crystal controlled (or external VFO), 8 watts to 7558 final, plate modulated, Receiver covers 50-52 mc for good bandspread. AC power supply built in. S-meter switches for transmitter tuning. 10" w, 6" ht S" d, 14 lbs. $199,99.

Collins Radio Modulation Meter


Centimeg Electronics

313 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, California

The 30S-1 is a grounded grid linear amplifier with 1 kw input to a 4CX10Q0A on all bands SO-10. Refluí res tOO watts drive. Self ron-

Collins Radio Company Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Collins Radio Modulation Meter

Clegs Tli or, six meter transceiver. Receiver has crystal lattice filler for selectivity, BFO, tunes 50-52 mc, externa! speaker (not supplied). Designed for tow cross modulation, images, if leak through, Transmitter is V !70 in receiver frequency or crystal controlled. 60 watts on AM or ( YV to a fina!. Separate (biit included) power supply and modulator uses two 6CU6's in Class IV S-meter switches for transmitter tun in et automatically. Variable BFO rniection for SSft detection and spotting. ANL 12" w, 6" h, 8f4" d. IS lbs. Power unit 12" w, h(

S y?" 27 !bs. $349.95. 32 vdc transistorized supply SI ] 9,95,

I'legj: Veiuh V SSB transceiver for six meters* Receiver tunes 50-50.5 mc (or any other 500 kc band if specified), crystal lattice filter for selectivity» nuvistor front end. Transmitter 85 watts AM, SSIt, CW to f>8K3 final. Tuning dial: 1 kc per division. Receiver may be offset from transmitter frequency by plus or minus 1 kc, Requires separate power supply, $475, AC power supply $115, 12 vdc supply $ 120,

( le^p Zeus six and two meter transmitter. 185 watts AM or CW on both bands to a 7034. SllA's class B plate modulation, IS db speech clipping with automatic modulation control Crystal oscillator or built in ultra-stable \ \'t). Flywheel inning dial. Power supply and modulator in separate unit with interconnecting cable. $695.


Centimeg Electronics

313 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, California tained power supplvt blower and ALC Size: h, 17 w, d.

Weight: 160 lbs. Price: $1550.

Model TA-4.3 is a 432 mc tripler. Driven by 5 watts at 144 mc final 2C39 50 watts input on 432 mc. Tank circuit is silver plated cavity. It lower. Separate power supply and modulator required. S" x 5" x 5" lu without 2C39, $84.50 with,


Collins Radio Company Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The 30S-1 is a grounded grid linear amplifier with 1 kw input to a 4CX10Q0A on all bands SO-10. Refluí res tOO watts drive. Self ron-

1 he 75S-3 receiver covers the 80-15 meter bands and 3-200 kc segments oi the 10 meter band. The circuit uses 11 tubes, a 2.1 kc mechanical filter for SSB, and a 200 cycle crystal filter for CW, Size: ?VAW h, 14*3" w, IP//' d. Weight: 20 lbs. Price: S680.


Comaire Electronics Box 126

Ellsworth, Michigan

FLM-2 two meter line matching unit to match transmitter to feedline lXM-6, same thing on!y for six meters.

The KWM-2 transceiver, 175 watts of PEP SSB or 160 watts CW on i 4 200 kc bands between 3.4 and 29.7 mc. Features include lilrcr type SSB, VOX, anti-trip, ALC, break-in CW and sidetone CW monitor. Power requirements may be obtained from the matching 5IohM dc power supply or 516F-2 ac supply, Size: 7W h, 14^" I anrl 13 Vtf" d.

Tlie 30L.-1 is a table top linear amplifier for use with 100 watt transmitters. 4-81 lA's operate at 1 kw PHP from 80-10 meters. The self contained power supply uses silicon rii« tries. SizL-:: 6 h, 14££ w. 13 Vi d. Weight: 3S lbs. Price: $520.

The 32S-3 transmitter, 175 watts VKP SSB or 1 t>a watts CW on any 13 200 kc segments from 3,4 to 30 mc. 10 db of rf feedback, AL.C, mechanical filter SSB, and carrier insertion keving. Size: h, 14j4 w, 11*6 d. Weiglit: 17 lbs. Price: $750 less power supply.

The 62S-I converts a 14 mc AM, CW. SSHH or RTTY signal to 6 or 2 meters. Receiver sensitivity is 1.3 uv and power input 165 watts PEP, High voltage ts taken from the present exciter. Size: 7ij h, 14*4 13-1 d. Weight: 26 lbs. Price: 51556,



R, Lt Drake Company Box 185

Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

LM-6NJ Jjine matcher. Combination six and two meter antenna tuner with built in SWR power meter, 500 watts. 7^x6"xr 8 lbs. Tuners are completely separate. $59-75.

The DT-20a transmitter (left) operates on 80-10 meters with 20 watts SSB output, 8 watts AM. Transistorized, tube final, mechanical filter SSB generator, VFO, VOX, separate power supply, transceiver operation with DT-30. Size: 4 h, 7% w, 5 iL Price: $345.00.

The DR-30 receiver (right) tunes all bands 80-10 plus WWV, broadcast and 3 other 500 kc bands. Completely transistorized, 2,1 kc mechanical filter, crystal calibrator, Stricter, A XL, crystal and^ variable BFO, double conversion, injection voltages for transceiver operation with DT20 exciter. Size: 4 h, 754 w, 5 d. Price: $289,50. DQ-1 Q-multiplier, ac supply, speaker and batterv holder $36.00.

Dow Key

Dow Key Company hief River Falls. Minnesota


R, Lt Drake Company Box 185

Miamisburg, Ohio 45342


Davco Electronics Company 113 Norwood Avenue Asheville, North Carolina

The TR-3 transceiver covers 80-10 meters with 300 watts PEP SSB input or 2h0 watts shifted carrier C\Y input. 2,1 kc selectivity, .5 uv sensitivity, rf and af gain controls, product detector, crystal filter sideband, crystal calibrator, 3-12BJ6's in final, VOX, PTT, S-meter. Size: 5yi h, lOH w, 14H d. Weight: UYi lbs. Price: $550, AC-3 ac sup-plv $79.95, DC-3 dc supply $129.95, RV-3 remote VFO $79.95, MS-3 speaker $19.95, MMB 3 mobile mount $3.95.

I he 2-B receiver covers 80-10 meters and other bands with extra crystals. .5 uv sensitivity, ,5 3,6 kc selectivity, slow or fast A VC, product or diode detector, triple con vers ion, noise lim iter, preselector, less speaker, calibrator, t)-multiplier. Size: Weight: Price: $279.95.

2-BQ Q-multiplier and speaker $39,95, 2-BS speaker $16.95, 2-AC calibrator $16.95.

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