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The GR 91 is an SWL or Novice general coverage .55-30 mc receiver kit. BFO- noise limiter, electrical bandspread, speaker, antenna trimmer. Size: Syi h, 12y4 w, 8'A d. Weight: 15 lbs. Price: 539.95.

The HA* 10 Warrior linear amplifier runs 1000 watts CW, 1000 watts PEP SSB, 400 watts AM, and 650 watts RTTY to 4-SHA's with 50-75 watts drive, Self-contained power supply, forced air cooling, grounded grid circuit, TVI shielding. Size: 11^4 h, 19# w, 16 d. Weight: 99 lbs. Price: kit $229.95, wired $329.95-

The HX-500 is an 80-10 meter transmitter for 100 watts of CW, PEP SSB, FM, or FSK and 25 watts of AM. Calibration to 200 cycles, VOX, anti-trip, ALC, built in power supply. Size: 11 y7 h, 19% w, 16^ d. Weight: 85 lbs. Price: $695.00.

The HA-20 is a 6 meter linear am* plifier kit to match the HX-30. 2.5-10 watts drive, 125 watts PEP

The HXL-1 is a grounded grid linear for 1500 watts PEP SSB, and 1000 watts CW, 50-60 watts drive, SO-JO meters, built in silicon power supply, pi-network, provision for 160 meters Size: 9% h, 17^ w, 9J3 d. Weight: lbs. Price: $375.00.

The DX -60 is a 90 watt AM or CW transmitter kit for 80-3 0 meters. 6146 final, low pass filter, carrier control modulator. Size: h*4 h. w, 11 ¡4 d. Weight: 25 lbs. Price: $79.95.

The GC-1A Mohican is a transistorized, portable general coverage re-

The SP-6G0-JX is a general coverage receiver for .54-54 mc. Dual conversion over 7,4 mc, crystal filter, .2-13 kc selectivity, 2,3 uv sensitivity, S-meter, phono input, less speaker. Size: 1234 h, 21*6 w, 17^6 d, Weight: 88 lbs. Price: $1140.00.


Heath Company Benton Harbor, Michigan

SSB, 75 vyattM AM, push-pull o14i>'sP forced air cooling, self-contained power supply. Size: 10>£ h, 16 w, 10 d. Weight: 43 lbs. Price: $99.95.

Hammarlund 600

The H [J-l I is a ^multiplier kit for use with any receiver having an of 450-460 kc, 2 peaking positions, 1 rejection notch, built in power supply. !Vice: $ 1 4.95.

Power Supply For Amateur Transmitter

The IKMO is a VFO kit for all 1 lands Si I-2 meters. May te used with most transmitters, grid-block or cathode keying. Clapp oscillator, less power supply. Size: 6l/j h, w, 9 d. Weight: 12 lbs. Price: $34.95.

829b Transmitters

The MO-Kl is a monitor scope kit for observation af and rf trapezoid patterns, AM and SS K envelopes on ham transmitters. Handles 5-1000 watts, 6-160 meters* Two-tone test signal, rf attenuator. Weight : 10 lis, Price: $59.95.

Eimac 1000a

The 1 i R-10 is a 80-10 meter ham hand receiver kit for all modes. S-meter, BFO, ANnl, AYC, less speaker and crystal calibrator. Size:

6lA h, 13J4 Wj UJ4 d. Weight: 21 lbs. Price: $79.95, crvstal calibrator $8.95.

Receiver Noise Eliminator

The HR-20 is an SO 10 meter mobile receiver kit. S tubes, product detector t noise ttmitcr, slow or fast AVCf S- meter, less speaker and power supply. Size: 6lA b, 12 1% w, 9^4 d. Weight: 17 lbs. Price: $] 34.5Q,

Mobile speaker $5,95, mobile base mount $4,95.

The HW-29A and HW-3Q, the Sixer and Twoer, are 6 and 2 meter transceiver kits. Crystal controlled transmitters, 5 watts input to a 6CL6, tunable superregenerative receiver, with microphone, less crystal and mobile power supply, built-in ac supply- Weight: s lbs. Price: $44.95, GP-H mobile power supply kit $ 16.88.

The I1X-10 Marauder is a 18i) watt CW and PEP SSB, 75 watt AM, transmitter kit for 80-10 meters. I liter SSB, VOX .anti-trip, break-in CWt ALC, 2-6146's in final, accessor v socket, with power supplv. Size: 11 5/5 ii, 19 w, 16 d. Weight: 92 lbs. Price: $334.95.

Hammarlund 600 Headset Adapter
The HW0 2, H W-22, and HW-32

are single band SSB transceivers for 80, 10 and 20 meters, respectively* LSB on 40 and 80, USB on 20. 200 watts input to 2-6GE.V*, VOX, PTT. 14 tubes, crystal filter SSB, 2,7 kc selectivity, 1 uv sensitivity, S-meter, less microphone, crystal caliterator and power supply. Size: 614 h, 12 w, 9Va d. Weight: 15 lbs. Price: $119.95, GH-12 push-to-talk mierophou< crystal calibrator

$8.95, HP 23 ac supply kit $39,95. HP 13 dc supply kit $59.95,

Tube Transmitter

The ] 1X 11 CW transmitter kit runs 50 watts to a 6DQ6A nn 80-10 meters. Crystal controlled, may be driven by external VFO. Band-switching:, pi-network output. Size: b, 13 w¥ 7 d. Weight: 17 lbs. I "rice: $43.50,

Ssb Vfo Digital

The HX-20 is an SSB and CW mobile transmitter kit with 90 watt input. Matches HR-20 and uses same power supplies. Filter SSB, 6146 final, VOX, anti-trip, VFO, ALC, fixed loading, push to talk, less power supply. Si^e: *>}$ h, w, 944 d. Weight: 19 lis. Price: $199,95.

Lafayette Tube Transceiver2meter Transmitter

The ITW-10 and HW 20 are 6 and 2 meter transceiver kits, respectively. 6 meter Shawnee covers -i,J.S-54 inc, 2 meter Pawnee 143.3-148.2 inc. Both feature built-in supply for 6, 12 or 120 volts. 10 watt n3f>0 final, push-to-talk microphone, VFO or crystals, internal speaker, 15 kc selectivity, double conversion, squelch, BIO, AVC. Size: 6 h, 12 w, 10 cl. Weight: 34 lbs. Price: $199.95.

dipping, timed sequence keying, 3-6146*3 in final, with power supply. Size: 11^ h, 19y2 w, 16 d> Weight: 1 10 Ihs. Pric e ; f 252.50.

Hammarlund 600

Model SK 20 preselector. Tunes 3.530 mc, built in power supply. SIS ,J8


Hammarlund 600 Headset Adapter


600 Receiver


Holstrom Associates P.O. Box 8640 Sacramcnto 22, California

The TX 1 Apache is a 180 watt SSB and CW, 150 watt AM, transmitter kit to match the RX-1. 80-10 meters, provision fur SSB adapter, speech

Exciter Tube For SsbOlympic Boulevard Bridge Los Angeles

Henry Radio

11240 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles 64, California

Henry Radio


DMF-2 mechanical filter. An accessory for the Drake 2 A and 2B receivers or any other 45 5 kc i-f receiver. Complete unit ready to mount in receiver to increase selectivity. Priori $29.


Holstrom Associates P.O. Box 8640 Sacramcnto 22, California dipping, timed sequence keying, 3-6146*3 in final, with power supply. Size: 11^ h, 19y2 w, 16 d> Weight: 1 10 Ihs. Pric e ; f 252.50.

The TX 1 Apache is a 180 watt SSB and CW, 150 watt AM, transmitter kit to match the RX-1. 80-10 meters, provision fur SSB adapter, speech

The VHF-1 Seneca is a 6 and 2 meter transmitter kit with 140 watt CW and 120 watt AM input to 2-6146's. VI Op 4 crystal sockets, carrier control modulation, hand-switching, power supplies included. Size: 10h, 1(>H w, 10 d. Weight: 59 IIjs, Price: $179.95-


Henry Radio

11240 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles 64, California

II-K. linear amplifier. J000 watts PEP input, 81) 40-20 15-10 meters, 1 KW AM, CW, NFM, ÏÏTTY. Uses two 3-400Z Eimac zero bias triodes. 80-150 watts drive required. Size: rf section 10J4" h, 14w, d; power supply console 29J4" h, w, KW d. Weight: 158

lbs. Two panel meters for final plate voltage, plaîe current and grid cur-

Model SK 20 preselector. Tunes 3.530 mc, built in power supply. SIS ,J8

"I'he HX 30 is a n meter SSB trans-milter kit with 20 watts input on SSB, AM and CW. Phasing SSB, VOX, anti-trip, VFO, grid block keying. Size: 10^ h, 16^ w, 10 d. Weight: SO lbs. Price: $189.95.

The RX-1 Mohawk is a 16040 meter ham band receiver kit with calibrated scales for 6 and 2 meter converters Product detector, J notch filter, crystal calibrator, dual com version, A XL, ? kc selectivity, less speaker. Size; 11H h, 19pi w, 16 d. Weight: 66 lbs. Price: $299.95, matching AK-5 speaker ?10,95.

The SB 10 SSB adapter kit plugs into the XI for conversion to phasing SSB with VOX and antitrip. May be used with other transmitters* Size: 10 h, wp E3 d. Weight: 12 lbs. Price: $93.50,

The SB 300 is an SSB ham hnnd receiver kit for SO-1 ii meters. 1 kc calibration, crystal filter, variable AVC, crystal calibrator, .4-3.75 kc selectivity* linear liming Size: 6H h, UH d( 14 Ji w. Weight : 17 lbs. Price: $264,95.


Hunter Manufacturing Company Iowa City. Iowa

Bandit 1000A linear amplifier. Two IIE572 zero Lias triodes \n grounded ^rid, 1000 watts PEP, 80-10 meters, rf output meter, 70-100 watts drive required, instant heating filaments good for mobile operation, power supply required* antenna rcfciv built in, 9Si"W, 7¥4"Hf 9"D, II lbs. $299.

Model 60 power supply for 1000A Î 186.

Hand it 2000 A linear amplifier. Four L"E572A's for 2000 watts PEP, ¡000 ^atts CW, SO-10 meters. 160 watts drive required,, rf output meter, internal antenna relav* built in power supply, 14 tf" W, 6?4"H, 14wDt 4 5 lbs, $575,

International Crystol

International Crystal Manufacturïng

Co., I ne, 18 North Lee Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

S b, 10 w, 7 d. Price: S99.50. The Prevcrter 50 and Preverter 144 are 6 and 2 meter transistorized preamplifiers. Band pass circuitry, silver plated chsasis. Price: $14.95.

AO 1 VFO kit. 8-9 mc VFO for six and two meter transmitters. watt output. AOF~89 includes VFO and buffer $22. AOF-90 includes multiplier for six meter output $29. AOF-91 includes multiplier for 6/2M output $36. 6BH6 use., OB-2 VR, 12 R Y 7 buîïer-amplificr-inul: iplier.

6bh6 Tube Amp

AO P power supply kits, AO P-100 350 vdc 150 ma intermittent, 100 ma continuous, 6.3 vac <a 5 a, $18.50. AO P-200 650 vdc 250 ma intermittent, 200 ma continuous, 6.3 vac (tf 10 a, $32,50.

Circuit Bioa Plifiers

AOK receiver kits. Supcrhet circuit (except for 150-450 kc model which is tuned rf) with regenerative second detector- Xuvtstor ri amplifier. Ad ditional Add-On-Circuits may be used to expand these basic receivers, AOR41-150-4SO kc : AOR42 2-6 mc ; AOR43 6-1S mc: AOR44 80/40 meter; AOR45 15/10 meter are all S62.50. AOR46 six meter; A OR 4 7 two meter arc $66.50. All AOR receivers include power supply and 4" speaker,

Arc Power Meter

AOT-50 transmitter kit. 50W CW, 80/40M, 6DQ6, Includes meter, send-receive switch, xtal, less power supply, $35.00,


Irving Electronics Co.

San Antonio 4, Texas

The Hivcrter 50 converts the output of any 14 mc transmitter to 50 mc AM, CW or SSB. 6146 final, pi;net output, less power supply. Size:

Eaton town, New jersey

Jonson 500 Linear

Model 500 linear amplifier, 4X150 final, built in silicon power supply, 50" watt- SSti and CW. 250 watts AM. Single band unit, available for and hand from to 2 meters. Requires ten watts drive. $149.95. Model 1000 linear amplifier. Same as model 500, only uses two 4X150's in the final for 1000 watts SSB and CW, 500 watts AM. Available for any hand 80-2 meters. 7"H, 15"Wf 9"b, $199.95,

Model 1062 linear amplifier, two 7034up to 900 watts AM & CW, 1000 wans PET SSH, Covers both two and six meters. Requires only 5 watts drive, $199.95. Power supply for liH>2 is $119.95.

Grid Dip Meter Modulator

Musketeer Quad grounded grid four band (80-15 meters) amplifier. Power supplv built in. Runs Eimac 3-400Z for full KW on SSB or CW and 600 watts on A.M. Drives with any 70-250 watt exciter. 8"H, 12"W, 7"JJ, $329.90. Musketeer Six, same as above but f{>r six meters : $39.90. Musketeer Two, same as Quad except for two meters: $319,90.


E. F> Johnson Company Waseca, Minnesota

The Adventurer (left) is a complete Xovice transmitter with 50 watts of CW input on all bands 80 10. It is crystal controlled and may te used with an external VFO and modulator. The 807 final is TVI shielded. Price: $69.95 in kit form only. Speech amplifier modulator accessory kit, with tui es $12,25. The Ranger LI (right* is a 75 watt CW and 65 watt AM transmitter that covers all bands from 160 to 6 meters. The 15 tube circuit (6146 final) features VFO, plate modulation, timed sequence keying and TVI suppression. Power supply built in, t he auxiliary socket may be used to power other equipment or drive a liigh power modulator. Size: 15^? w, 95^ hT 14 d* Weight: 43 lbs. Price; Kit, $249.50: Wired. $359.50.

Hammarlund 600 Headset Adapter

The Valiant II Cleft) is a 275 watt CW and SSB, 200 watts AM transmitter covering all bands 160-10. Provisions are included for an auxiliary SSB exciter. 1 he 21 tube circuit features VFO, limed sequence keying, self contained power supply and TVI suppression. Size: 11 f/i k 21 w, 14 d. Weight: 73 lbs. Price; Kit, $375 ; Wired. $495. The Viking SSB Adapter (right) is a band switching filter type exciter for 80-10 meters designed for use with the Valiant or Valiant II. The 13 tube circuit includes an external power supply and needs only rf excitation and amplification from the transmitter. Size: rt" unit 8 w, 11 h, 14 d; power supply w, 6 )4 h, ?l/2 d. Total weight: 25 lbs. Price: $369*50 wired only.

Power Selfoscillator For Wats

The Challenger transmitter, 120 watts CW and 70 watts AM. covirs 80-6 meers. 7 tube circuit, 6DQ6A's final, screen modulator, shaped keying and crystal oscillator with provisions tor external VFO. Built in power supply. Weight: 24 lbs. Price; Kit, $124.75; Wired, $169,75. The Five Hundred is a complete 500 watt AM, 600 watt CW transmitter for the 80-10 meter bands. The 23 tube circuit features timed sequence keying, VFO, pi network Output. TVI suppression and a PL175A final amplifier. An auxiliary SSB exciter will drive the transmitter to .^00 watts. The rf chassis is 21 w, 11 h, I6¥i d; the power supplv-modulator chassis is 20}S w, h, d. Total weight: 173

lbs. Price: $1050 wired only.

Thunderbolt Linear

The Thunderbolt (left) is a 1000 watt linear amplifier covering 3.5-30 mc. It features a self contained j>ower supply, 2 PLl75A's, and less than 20 watts required drive. The one chassis is designed for table top operation. Size: 23 w, 11-Hi h, 1655 d. Weight: 120 lbs. Price: $659 vi ire 1 nnl\.

The Invader (right) is a 200 watt CW and SSB transmitter for the 80-10 meter bands. The 17 tube and 6 diode circuit includes VOX, antitrip, filter sideband generation and self contained power supply. Size: h, 21 w, \iyz d. Weight: 53 lbs.. Price; $619.50 wired only.

The Mi-power Converter converts the Viking Invader to the Invader 2000 to give 2 kw PKP SSB, 1 kw CW, or 800 watts AM. The kit includes new controls and panel for the Invader to make it identical to the Invader 2000. Size: lljtf h, 19 ji w, 14d. Weight: 102 lbs. Price: $619.50.

The Invader-2000 combines all features of the preceding Invader and Hi-power converter in one complete transmitter. Sizes and weights are identical to each of the 2 preceding units Price: 51229.

Converter Nuvistor Cascode

The 6N2 Converter (left) converts ii and 2 meter signals to i of 4 ifs; 2h-30 mc, 28-30 mc, 14-18 mc, 30.5-3 I.S mc. Handswitching and self contained power supply. Size: 5 ht 2)i w, 12 d. Weight: 2 lbs. Price: Kit, $59,95 ; Wired, i 89.95. The 6N2 VFO replaces 8 to 9 mc crystals in any 6 or 2 meter transmitter. Includes a VR tube hut requires external pQwcr. Size: 4 w, 5 h, 4y* d. Weight: 2 lbs. Price: Kit, $34.95 ; Wiredt $54.95. The 6N2 is a I; and switching transmitter for 6 and 2 meters. Requires an external power supply and modulator. 150 watts input CW, 100 watts AM to 5894. TV1 suppression. May be driven by any 8-9 mc VFO or crystal. Size: 8-Hi ht 13^ w, SJ^J d. Weight: 10 lbs, Price: Kit, $149.50; Wired, $194.50, .he 6N2 Thunderbolt amplifies a 5 watt input signal to 1200 watts PEP SSB, 1000 watts CW, or 700 watts AM. Silver plated tank circuits^ 2-7034 final amplifiers, self contained powi-r supply. Size: 21 w, UH h, 1654 d. Weight: 120 lbs.

Price: $549.50 wired only.

The Kilowatt Matchbox (left) provides all features of the 275 watt Matchbox plu^ a built in antenna change-over system. Size: 17'i w, 10?£ h, 12 ¡4 d. Weight: 27 lbs. Price: $154.50 with directional coupler.

The 275 watt Matchbox (right) matches 52 ohm coaxial input to 25 to 1500 ohm balanced or 25 to 3000 ohm unbalanced lines over the 3.5-30 mc range. Optional directional coupler gives continuous reading of

SWK and relative power. Size: 9Ji W, 10y2 d, 7 h. Weight: II lbs. Price: $94.95 with directional coupler, $64.95 without.

Ham Radio Directional Antenna Prices


Lafayette RadioLafayette Swl Radio Images


Kolin Engineering Company Box 357

Bronrtville, New York

The N'L-1 and NL-2 are s^lid state noise limiters for tube and transistor receivers respectively. Silicon diodes, use with any diode dctector. Price: NT.-l $7.95, NL-2 $9.95.


Lafayette Radio Electronics

Corporation 111 Jericho Turnpike Syosset, L, I,, New York

The HE-40 is a general coverage .55-30 mc receiver for the Novice or SWL. Electrical bandspread, AVC, s-metcr, ANL, Til'O, internal speaker. Size: 5^ h, 1 3}4 w, 8}4 d, Weight: 12 lbs. Price: Model 351 is a double pole double throw coaxial switch. Price £ 12.95.

The HE-55 Squelcher (left) is a noise eliminator and squelch for use with all superhet receivers and transceivers. Reduces noise, quiets receiver under no-signal conditions, 2 tubes, takes power from receiver. Size: 2yA h, 3 w, d. Weight: 1 lb. Price: $10.95. 1 he HE-2b (right) is a hybrid phone patch for use with almost any transmitter and receiver. \ U meter, gain control, complete switching. Size: 3x/z h, 5Yt w, 4 d. Weight: 3 lbs. Price: 522.50.

The HE-73 is a preselector and converter for S0-1Q meters. Preselector only on 80 and 40, preselector or converter on 20, 15 and 10, Converts to SO meters, self powered, gives 22 to 36 db gain. Size: 6 h, 10 w, 8 d. Price: $49.50.

The ITE-30 is a general coverage .55-30 mc receiver with calibrated amateur bandsprcad. 0'multiplier, S-meter, BFO, less speaker. Size: 7 h, 15 w, 10 d. Price: $99,95; HE-11 matching speaker $7.95-

The HE-45-B a 6 meter transceiver with 14 w;t|ts input til a 2E26 final. Built in 12 and 115 volt supplies and speaker, Pi-network, external VFO inputs S-meter, spotting switch, poise limiter, superhet receiver. Size : 5 h, 12 w, Sy2 d. Weight: 15 lbs. Price: $119.95. HE-50A is the same as the HF-<I5 except it covers 10 meters. $89.95.

The I1E-61A (left) is a 6 meter VFO with 8-9 mc output for use with most GM Transmitters and transceivers, 2 lubes, power cable, crystal plug, les power supply. Size: wT 4H h, 4J4 d. Weight: 3 lbs. Price: $19,95.

Model 1I K-62 is the same except it covers 10 meters. Same price. The HE-56 fright) and HE-7I are ft and 2 meter converters, respectively, converting 50-54 mc and 141148 mc to 7-11 mc. 2 tubes in HE-56, 3 in HE-71, self-contained powei supply. Size: 7H h, w, 5# d. Weight: 6 lbs. Price: liE-56, S29.95; HE-71, $32.95.

The HE-74 Starcbief is a VFO for ftO-6 meters with output to drive most amateur transmitters, 4 tubes plus self-contained power supply, crystal socket, output voltage to 20 volts. Size: h, 8ji wt 10 d.

Communications Receivers

The HE-80WX is a communications receiver tor 55-30 and 48-54 mc with calibrated amateur bandspread SO-10. 14 tubes, product detector, S-meter, crystal calibrator, Q-multipHer, ANL, less speaker. Size: 7J4 h, 17 w, 10 d. Price: $149.50.

Transistor 829

The KT-390 Starflite is a 8.0-10 meter transmitter kil with 90 watts input 1 o a <>146 on CW or carrier* controlled AM. Grid-block keying, low-pass filter, pi-network output, internal silicon power supply. Weight: 25 Lbs, Price; $79,50t

Wheatstone Bridge Meter

The TM-59A is an S-meter for use with any superhet receiver with AVC* Wheatstone bridge circuit, 4 connecting leads, calibrate«I rn 30 db over S9. Price: $M5.

Linear Systems

Linear Systems Inc. 605 University Avenue Los Gat OS, California

James Millen Manufacturing

James Milieu Mfg, Co., Inc. Maiden, Massachusetts

National Radio Inc MelroseHenry Radio Amplifier

LS A -3 Broadband Linear Amplifier. Uses four GE 7984's in parallel for 5G0 watts input, 20-40-80 meters band switching, separate matching power supply« 25 watts drive, for shack or mobile use. 4J4"H, 6J4"W, 10"D, 5 ]4 lbs. Pi-net 50 ohm output Price is $150. With ac -n" dc supply $249.50.

Adeem 350-12, dc to dc transistorized converter. 4^" x 6W * g", 8 lbs, 12 vdc to 800 v @ 400 ma or 600 v @ 50ft ma and 275 v @ 200 ma. Also 0-110 v @ 30 ma neg adj bias, Provides power for most sideband transceivers oil market: TR*3, SR-I50, Galaxy 300, Swan, KWM 2, etcn Price >125.

Adcom 500, dc to dc transistorized converter. 13 vdc input to 1250 v 400 ma, 300 v e 200 ma, 90 v dc neg zener regulated, adj 0-90. \Vz" x 7" x 9". 9 lbs, $150* Adcom 1000, dc to dc transistorized converter. 13 vdc input gives 2250 v (a 450 ma, 300 v (ft> 100 ma, 0-110 v neg adj bias, 0-90 v adj bias. 4^4" x 7" x 9", IS lbs. $250,

Adcom 350-ac, 117 vac 50/60 cycle input, 800 v @ 400 ma or 600 v i® 500 ma and 275 v fa 200 ma, 0-3 10 v ncg adj bias, 6,3 vac 6A, 12.6 vac 6A, 12.0 vdc @ 200 ma. 4" x 6'A" x 8". $99.50. INV-lSlSO. Input 12 vdc (to 15

vdc), output 120 vac 60 cycle square* wave, 150 watts continuous* 4" x 4" x 6'\ 6*4 lbs, $60.

The MPS 800 and MPS-1250 power supplies deliver high voltage dc from 12 vdc input. Size: h, 8 w. 9 d, MPS-800 has outputs of 800 v at 275 ma, 300 v at 150 ma and -90 v bias. Price: $119.50. MPS-1250 has outputs of 1250 v at 400 ma, 300 v at 150 ma and -90 v bias. Price: $139,50.

The K-73 linear amplifier for motile sstî runs 750 watts PEP to 2-81 lA's on 80-10 meters. Self contained power supply, 50 watts drive, pi-net output. Size: b, 13¥i wt

12*4 d, Weight: l S'A lbs. I "rice : $289.50, KC-73 remote control $17,95.


James Milieu Mfg, Co., Inc. Maiden, Massachusetts

The z±922QQ Transmatch is an an tenna coupler with reflectometer to couple 52 ohm input to 10-1000 ohm coax output. Handles 2 kw, band-switching SO-10 meters* Size: 1 h, 14 w, 1d. W eight: !/ lbs. Price: $129.50.

The #90932 transmitter monitor is band5witching 80-6 meters using a 2" scope tube. Beam blanked in standby, envelope or trapezoid pattern. Size: 714 b, 5/, w, 11 d, Weight:

The #90801 transmitter provides 90 watts input CW, 67 watts phone to a 6146* Covers 80-10, TVl shielding, 5 meter scales. With one set of coils, less tubes, power supply, VFO and modulator. Size: 3yS h, P> wp

INV-12400* Input 12-J 5 vdc, output 120 vac 60 cycle squarewàve. 400

watts peak, 300 watts continuous, x r x 9", If- lbs, Î 119,50,

Master Mobile

Master Mobile Mounts, Inc. 4125 West Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles 16, Calif*

The #90831 modulator will plate modulate most transmitters up to 110 watts. 4000 ohm output, pr 6146's

6146 Audio Transformer

less tubes and power supply. Size: 3Vz h, 19 W) 0 d. Price: $60.00. The amplifier tfives 110 watt

CW or 85 wait phone output on 20-2 meters. Plus in coils, 829 B final. Less power supply, tube» modulator and me;ers. Price: S45.U0.

A N L, 10 y+ " x7 y2 " x 8" d. $182.70. Matching speaker £16.95.


National Radio Company, Inc. Melrose 76. Mass.

transformer operated, electrical band-spreact NC ?7XW has walnut cabinet. Size; bt liy2 w, 9 d. Weight: IS lbs. Price: NC-77X, $69 95; NC-77XW, SS9.95.

The #90281 power supply provides T0Q vac at 235 ma and 6 vac at 4 amps, 2*816*5. 2 section iiltcr, less tubes. Size: h, 19 wf S <1.

Weight: 56 lbs. Price: $94,50. The ^'>020] power supply delivers 250 vdc at 115 ma, 105 vdc regulated a 1 35 ma, and 6.3 vac at -1.2 amps. Price: $52,50.

Hammarlund 600

The #90711 VFQ covers 80-10 meters with a built-in power supply, 3 tubes, rectifier and regulator. Size : 954 lb 124Í w- 12 Weight : 2Ú lbs. Price: $ 3 J 4.50.

Cascade Amplifier

The #90881 is an rf power amplifier using plug in coils for 160-10 meters. S20 watts to 2-Sl2A% less power supply ;md tubes. Size: 10K 19 w, IS d. Weight: 13 lbs. Price: $100.50,


Mosley Electronics, Inc.

4610 North Lindbergh Boulevard

Bridgeton, Missouri

40m Receiver Ssb

Model i M-l receiver. SO-IO meters, double conversion, AV and SSB de tectors, S-meter. separate speaker»

The HRO-6Q is an IS tube receiver for 50-430 kc and .48-54 mc. Coils are furnished for 1.7-30 mc, others extra. Slide rule dial, double conversion, st_'lactivity to 100 cycles, £5 watts audio, 110 or 220 vac supply. Less speaker. Size: 10h, 19':: w, 16 d. Weight: 88 lbs. Price: $975, matching speaker Í 29,95.

Full Range Loudspeakers 20watt

The NC-60B is a Novice or SWL general * overage receiver covering ♦ 54-31 mc in 4 bands. Built in speaker, 5 tubes, electrical band-spread, BFO, Size: 7H h, w,

Tube Cascode Regenerative Circuit

The VFO-62 is a 8 9 me vto for use with any 6 or 2 meter transmitter. Self powered, crystal socket, band-switching, spotting switch. Size: 514 h, 6J4 w, Sy3 d. Weight: 6 lbs. Price: $49.95.

Radio Shack Portable Swl Radio

The NC-77X is a general coverage recfiver fot the SWL or Novice. 4 bands, .54-31 mc, built in speaker.

I he \C-L05 i* a general coverage receiver, tuning .55-30 mc in 4 ■jands. Q multiplier, S-meter, electrical baudspread, product detector, tuner output. NC-105W has walnut cabinet. Sue: 7H b, 13wf d. Weight : 27 lbs. Price: NC-105, $119.95; NC-105W, $13^5-

National 60b Radio

J"he NC-121 a general coverage receiver, tuning .55-30 mc in 4 bauds. Logging scale, Q-multiplier, tuner output, HFO, noise llmiter, built in speaker, NC-I21W has walnut cabinet. Size: 7H h, 13J4 w, V d. Weight; lbs. Price: NC-121, $ 129.9NC-121W, $149.95,

Radio Experimenter

The NC-140 is a general coverage receiver for .5 1 31 me in 5 bands with calibrated amateur bandspread. Dual conversion al ove 4 mc, (J nutl-tiplier, noise limiter, product detector, less speaker. Size: 8^ h, I5*£ w, 9 d. Price: $189.95,

Hammarlund 50a

The NC-155 is a ham band receiver for 80*6 meters. Dual conversion, S-meter, .f>-5 kc selectivity, product detector, less speaker. Sue: h,

1963 Ham RadiosTelephone Control Console

The CC-12 control console contains speaker, phone patch, VU meter, kw SWR bridge, and blank switches. Size: 6*/3 h, wt 7 d. Price:

Linear Scale Meter

The NCX-3 is a transceiver for SO, 40, ami 20 meters. 200 watts PEP SSB, 180 watts CWf 100 watts AM, VOX, push-to-talk, gritl block keying, S-meter, product detector, filter SSB, 2.5 kc selectivity. Less power supply and speaker. Size: 6 h, 13.^ w, lUfc d. Weight: 25 lbs. Pricc: $369.95, AC supply/speaker, $110; 1 2 vdc supply, $1 19.95.


Parks Electronics Laboratory Route 2, Box 35 Beaverton, Oregon

The Model 50-1 6 meter converter uses a 6CW4 and 6USA to give output on 7-11, 10-14, 14-18, 26-30, 27-31, 28-32, or 30.5-34.5 me, 1.5 mc bandwidth, self-contained power supply, choice of connectors. Price: $34.50.

The 144-1 is a cascade nuvistorizc« 2 meter converter with possible ifs of 7 3 1, 10-14, 14-18, 22-2K 24 28, 26-30, 27-31, 28-32, 30.5-34,5 or 50-54 mc. 4 mc bandwidth, choice of connectors, 3 db noise figure, power supply included. Price: $54.50,

The Model 25 code wheel sends VVV nr CO and your call at 8 wpm. Switching between wheels and key jack. In eludes 4 blank discs. Price; $25.00, Extra discs 3/$ 1.00.

The 144-1 T1 2 meter preamplifier uses 2 nuvistors to give a 2.5 dh noise figure. Built-in power supply, 4 mc bandwidth, I'HF connectors. Price: $25.00.


Pausan Company Mars Amateur Radio Division P. O. Box 946 San Rafael, Calif.

The CC-12 control console contains speaker, phone patch, VU meter, kw SWR bridge, and blank switches. Size: 6*/3 h, wt 7 d. Price:

The NC-190 is a general coverage ,54-30 mc receiver with amateur handspread. Double conversion above 4 me, noise limit er, ,6-5 kc selectivity, product detector, 5 bands, less speaker. Size: h, 15*4 w, 9 d.

The NC-303 covers 160-10 meter ham bands only ; 6, 2 and \ meter ^cal^s for use with accessory converters. ,4-8 kc selectivity, noise limiter, Q-muItiplier, double conversion, selectable sideband, voltage and current regulation, less speaker. Size: 19 '4 w, 1VA h, 15 d. Weight: 64 lbs. Price: $449; matching NTS-2 speaker $21.95.

I be NC-270 is a ham band receiver for 80-6 meters, .6-5 kc selectivity, S-meter, not<e limiter, crystal calibrator, product detector, T-notch, selectable sideband, te^s speaker. Size: h. 15H w, 9 d. Weight: 28 lbs. Price: $279.95; matching NTS-3 speaker $19,95,

The XC-400 covers ,54-31 mc in 7 bands, with amateur bandspread for 80-10. Product detector, logging scah-, S-meter, 150 cycle to 16 kc selectivity, optional crystal control and mechanical lilters, Size: 19% w, 11 M h, 16 d. Price: $895. Speaker $21.95.

Basic Radio Course

The EK-20 is an transistorized electronic key er with built-in ac power supply. Monitoring audio, speaker, 10-50" wpm. Price: $29,95.

The MT-75A mobile transmitter operates on 80 or 40 with 18 watts input, Less power supply. Size ; 3l/2 h, 714 w, 5 d. Price: $59.50. The SP-1000 2 kw PEP SSB linear uses 4-81 lA's, 2-866's for legal limit. 50-75 watts drive, grounded grid, built-in supply, pi-output, les- tube^. Price: $299.50.

The Mars plume patch can be used on AM or SSB, Hybrid circuit, rf filters, gatn controls, W meter, lárice: $27.95.

The Mars SWR bridfifc measures SWR in 50 or 75 ohm lines. Price: $17.95,

The Mars transistorized oscillator-monitor use,^ ri pickup for monitor* ing. Self-contained batterv supply. Price: $14.95.

P & H Electronics, Inc. 4:4 Columbia Street Lafayette, Indiana

Lafayette Radio

LA-400C Linear amplitier. 80-10 meters, four con verteil lfh25's in gri'Undcd grid. 800 watts PEP 011 SSB, 400 watts CW, 230 watts AM controlled earrier linear AM, 185 watts AM constant carrier, built in power supplv, 20-100 svatts drive reijtlired, rnetrred, 9" x 15" x 10VS", 55 lbsri $179.95 in kit form, $219.95 wired.

Spitfire 500m

LA-500M "Spitfire" linear amplifier, 80-10 meters, six UJBrt's in grounded grid, 1000 watts PEP on SSB I mobile or fixed, uses separate power supply, 3" x 12" x 15", 14 lbs, built in antenna switching. $ 189 9 ^

Model llS-1000, 115 vac supply for LA-500M $119.95.

Model I'S-IOOOB, 12 vdc supply for LA-500M $179.95,

Adjustable Power Converter Vdc

2-150 transmitting converter. Converts 20 meter output of any exciter (AM-SSB, etc.) to two meters 7354 final, 175 watts PEP on SSB, i65 watts CW, 90 watts linear AM, Built in pow+cr supply. 9" x 15" x 10'i"t 15 lbs, 10 100 watt* drive re quired. Well metered. $329.95. 6-150 transmitting converter. Almost the same its the 2-150 except converts 20 meters to six meters, final Sll7 Price $299.95.

The AFC-1 and AFC-2 audio com-pressers (h it) provide avotype com prcssion to 50 db, AFC 3 less power supply, 3 wp 5 h. 3 d, AFC-2 with power supply ami 3 steps audio selectivity, 7 h, 5 w, 5 tL Price: AFC-1 $32,95, AFC-2 $54,95. The A FM antenna transfer unit (center) automatically transfers transceiver oútput to linear during transmit* to antenna during receive. Size: 3 h, 4 w, t d. Price: $32.50. The DI-1 rf distortion indicator i right i displays a trapezoid or envelope pattern on a 3" tube. 160-6 meters, 5 watts to 2 kw. Price: $99.95, TT-1 two-tone oscillator


Polytronics Laboratories, Inc. 88 Clinton Road

West CaldweT, New Jersey 07007

Swan 750 Transceiver

The Poly-Comm 6 transceiver covers 50-54 me with 10 watts output, Xuvistor front end, squelch, noise limiter, S-meter. Weight: 23 lbs. Price: ac only $309.50, ac/l2vdc $329.50.

Polytronics Poly Comm

Th* Poly-Comm 2 transceiver covers 144 148 mc with over 7 watts output. Xuvistor front end, squelch, noise limiter, S-meter, triple conversion, ID diodes, 19 tubes. Weight: 23 lbs Price; ac onlj i.129 50, ac/ Uvdc $349.50,


Rcdine Company Jaftrcy, New Hampshire ply. $? Redline 2X3=

tripler. Feed output of 144 my transmitter into this unit and out comes 432 mc. Five walls input give three watts output. No power supply required. $? Red line 1296'er.

Transmitting tripler, taking J32 mc and converting it to 1296 mc. Three watts input at 432 give one watt output at 1296 me. $? Redline

AIÏC2NP preselector. All band cas code two nu vistor preamplifier, times lot) thru o meters, $22.95.

600 Receiver

Redline DGC- converters. Available for 50, 144, 220 mc. Custom made converters, any specified output frequency. Built in extruded aluminum channel for double shielding. 1)*.-signed to thwart images, cross-modu lation. All nuvistorized (six). Can be used as is or mounted on 3" rack paneL $98.50. Power supply for I M il ' converters with voltage regu lation, special filtering. £49.50

Vhf Nuvistor Converter

Redline 11JC-50 converter, ft road band converter tor 50-54 mc. Nuvis-toi front end. Output 14-ltf mc, Crystal controlled. Requires separate power supply or can be powered from receiver, $31.95. Matching power supply with mating plug. Model HJS $9.95. Redline HJC-144 converter, 144-148 mc, crystal con* trolled converter, nuvistor front end, output 14-18 mc. Built in power sup

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