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BP ELECTRONICS proudly presents the all new transistorized Mobile Power Supply Kit at the LOWEST PRICE anywhere A new concept In kit construction plves you top QUALITY and PERFORMANCE for a minimum investment.

FEATURES INCLUDE: 1, 150 watts continuous power output at 130° F 2t Highest cwality parts manufactured in USA

3. Fully transistorized with silicon rectifiers,

4. Toroidal transformer gives 85% efficiency,

5. Heavy filtering ^tves less than 1% ripple.

6. Bleeder resistor for capacitor discharge.

7. Low price Is possible because of a new Idea by BP Electronics, Complete instructions with special construction aids let you wind the toroid transformer easily in less than two hours.

PC-1 Input 12,5 VDC. Output: 500 VDC at 300 MA and 250 VDC at 500 MA. Maximum power: 150 watts. KIT J29.95

Completely Wired . 41.50 PC*2 Input 12.5 VDC. Output: 600 VDC at 250 MA and 300 Vrl)C at 500 MA, Maximum power; i50 watts. KIT . $34.95

PC-3 Input 12.5 VDC. Output: 600 VDC at 250 MA and 300 VDC at 500 MA and -100 VDC at 20 MA. Maximum power;

Completely Wired 52.50

PC-4 Input 12.5 VDC* Output: 300 VPC at 500 MA, Maximum

Completely Wired .. . 41,50 PC-5 Input ] 2.5 VDC* Output: 500 VDC at 300 MA. 250 VDC at 500 MA and -125 VDC at 20 MA. Maximum power. 150

watt s. KIT J39.95

PC-G Input 13.5 VDC. Output: 800 VDC at 300 MA. 270 VDC at 500 MA ami -100 YDC Ul 20 MA, Maximum power: 300 watts. Available only as completely wired and tested $89.05 For SWAN. COLLINS, and SONAR use the PC-G for full output power. Use the PC-3 for these units with slightly re-dured P.E,P. and a lower price. For the H ALLICHAFTE RS transceiver use the PC-5. I-^r ARC-1 and other surplus gear use the PC-1, Other output Toltafies are available aa special units. Write for prices- All prices are F O.B. Cardlfr, Calif. Shipping Wt. 3 lbs. California customers include sales ta*.

BOX 6<J2r CARDIFF. CAUF. PHONE 714^753-2095

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