Tecraft Transmitter

Sideband Engineers Inc. Rancho Sama Fe, California

Model Sfl-33 sideband transceiver. Selectable single sideband on phone segments of 75-40-20-15 meters, transistorized except fur higer power rt stages, final 2-PL >00V 2.1 kc Collins mechanical filter, ac power supply and speaker built in, ilX"Wf 10 54 w D, 15 lbs. i 389.50 DC to ac inverter $59.50,


Sonar Radio Corporation 73 Wortman Avenue Brooklyn 7, New York

Sonar Radio Transceiver

iïour Bander. Sidebund transceiver for 15-20-40-75 m et ers, 200 watts PEF* 180 watts CW, xtal calibrât or; connections for phone patch, Q-mul-ti plier. sidetone, break in CW. $495. AC supply $99,50. AC supply witb speaker $135'. DC supply $135..

Mouobander. Individual transceivers available for all amateur bands 80-10 meters, VOX, PTT, S meter, AMC, 2,1 kc Collins mech. filter, $395.

Steel Tex

Steel : ex Electronics, Inc, 30210 West S Mile Farmington, Michigan

The W81 RO terminal unit connects to receiver speaker and printer mag nets for no control TU operation, litiSit-in power supply, pre-set mark and space, limiting circuit. Price: 525.00.


Supreme Electronics Inc Front and Main Streets U pland, Pennsylvania

SSF1 mx meter sideband trans nutter. 7 5 watts PEP, S watts AM, McCoy crystal filter, 50-54 mc, VFf> covers 50.0-50.3 mc, 6146 output. Separate power supply required, $289,50,

SI Iff LA six meter linear amplifier. 32 watts drive required, 3-400Z 2000 watts PEP input, ouo waits AM, requires power supplv, 15"W, 6}4WH( 9**Dt 15 lbs. Fully metered. $229.50, PS4 matching power supply, solid state, $199.50,


Swan Engineering Co. Oceanside, California

The SW-240 is an 80, 40 and 20 meter transceiver with 240 watts PEP SSH, 200 watts CW, 60 watts AM to a 6DQ5, Pi-net, AGC, 15 tubes, crystal bandpass filter. Size: $14 h, 13 w, 11 d, Weight: 12 lbs. Price i $320, SW-12DC supply $115, SW-117AC supply with speaker and cabinet $95.


The Equipment Grafters Box 84

South Hackensack, N, J.

The Criterion converters are available for 50-54, 144-143 and 220-225 mc. Outputs available from 6-50 mc, built in power supply, 2 tubes, 2 nuvistors, A me flat handpass, Price : S49.95.

The Tecraft transmitters are avail able for 50, 144 and 220 inc. AH include one crystal and have 6360 final at 20-25 watts input. Plate modulation, less power supply. Price: ?59,95, power supply $39.95.

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