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The PSA-63 is an ac power supply to power any 50*100 watt transmitter or transceiver. 600 vdc, 300 vdc, or combination to 210 watts. 6 or 12 volt filament windings, 95 volt bias winding. Less cabinet, accessory kits available to modify for use with various rigs. Size: 4 >4 h, 6 d, 11 w. Weight: 15 lbs, Price: Kit $24.95, Wired $39.95.

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The Galaxy 300 is a 200 watt lJEP SSB transmitter for the phone sections mi" 8u, 40 and 20 meters, 2.7 kc selectivity, 35 watts AM, two speed tuning, push to talk, audio A VC, ALC. S-meter, less VOX and power supply. Size; 7 h, 15 w, 13^ d. Weight: 27 lbs. Price: $299.95; ac power supplv with clock $99,95( less dock $79.95; dc supply $119.95; accessory VOX $19.95; mobile bracket $15.00.

The MM-100 Mini Matcher is an antenna tuner kit for use with transmitters with inputs to 100 watts. Matches 52-7 5 ohm coax to multiple half wave end fed antennas. Size: 4 h, 5 w, 4 d. Price: $10.95.

fhe S1Î 175 Meteor transmitter operates on 80-10 meters with 175 watts DSB or CW, 100 watts A.M. Pi-network, audio limiting. Less power supplv. Size : 5 h, 12 w, d.

The 12A generator delivers 120 vac at 1250 watts full load. 2 pule generator, rope starter, 4 cycle motr.i\ holds 3 qt gas, 1*4 pt oil, air cleaner. Weight: 100 lbs. Price: $149.95.

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The TechCeiver-6 is a 6 meter transceiver with 1 watt output. Crystal controlled, push to talk, plate modulation, 6 tubes, speaker included, less power supplv. Size: 5 h, 9% w, 6 d. Weight: 5lbs. Price: $39.95, ac supply S15.95.

The SW-59 is a general coverage .54-35 mc com m unicat inns receiver with calibrated amateur bandspread. Noise 11 miter, speaker, S-meter, wood cabinet, transformer power supply. Price: $39.95.

The DU rjS pre amplifier has 3 tubes and power supply for coverage of 80-6 meters. Coax or twin-lead connections. Size: 6}4 h, 6H w, d. Price: $39.95.

If manufacturers have any changes, corrections or additions to this list thvy are welcome to bring them to our attention. Should this section meet with any great acclaim we will plan on repeating it next fall again.

The SS-3 Q-multiplicr kit can be used with any receiver with a 455 kc */. Internal power supply, selectivity to 300 cycle peak or notch. Size: 4T4 h, 6% w, 4 44 d. Price: SI 5.95.

1963 Ham Radios

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