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rca 6032 image-converter tube

Combltud with suitaiiio op-Ural systems, this trridc lube penults viewing of seem- with infra ml nului-tlon. Scene to be viewed is Imeged by optical objccMve upon He mi-transparent photonil linde. spectral „ S 1; good response u p to about 1200A. Atgx. rating, nhso-luii-. prid 2O.OO0Yl)( ur peak AC. grit] #M700VDa S9.05 pptf.

Rca 6032 Image Converter Tube

nts willaro 6-volt storage battery

Haled 2.4 amp. hr Appivs, dimensions: 3 V I, i IV' w. s h. Weight: ] 3 ojs, (plastic I >ry-charged.

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