Meter Station

in one neat package

ARC-1 Xav\ Surplus Transmitter Receiver Xmtr. u^cs 832A in final, 20 waits input, with AM push-pull plate modulation. Ten crystal controlled channels. ~rcq range 100-3 Me, Receiver lias extra, separate guard channel which can be tuned for your net frequency. Complete with tubes, schematic diagram, and conversion instructions for AC power supply and tunable oscillator. Shipping wt. GU pounds, t'scd good. 524.95


Complete with isolating power transformer, 1 1 5v 60 cycles, silicon rectifiers, punched chassis, and all necessary parts. Fits inside ARC-1 case. Shipping wt. 20 pounds. $19,95.

Write for info & prices on completely converted ARC-1, A ready-to-usc 2-meter station for under $100.00.

BC-221 Technical Manuals, 3 different books available. Specify (Models N, AA) ; (Models P, T, AF, AH); (Model AK). 51,50 eoch book.

Output Trans. 8000r P-P to 4, 8, 16, 500r. 15 watts. 3 x 3 V2 x 3Vi". Upright mounting with end bells. 4 lbs, S2.00

Modulation Transformer. K75 to i 807, 1625, 6146, etc, 100 watts, closed use, 4 x 5 x 5", 13 fbs, $3,95

ratio. For Fully en-

Scope i ransformer, 2750v, @ 6ma+, 220-0-220v. @ 224ma. 135v. @ 8ma. Oil-filled. 3 Y2" x 41/4 x 5'\ 12 lbs, $2,00. 3 for $5,00

Filter choke. Stancor C-1003 16 Hy. 50ma. 580 ohms. 1 500v, insulation. P2 x 2Vi x 3. 2 lbs. 75c,

I0uf-600v, oil-filled capacitors. 1 Va x 3 ¥4 x 5 Vif 2 lbs. 95c ea. 1 0 for $7,50

Coaxial Cables, 10 feet RG8/U type N connectors on each end.

Send for our flyer of good, clean surplus. Please include sufficierit money with your order to cover shipping charges & insurance.

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