New Hqavhf


the only* receiver capturing all popular Ham Bands.

The exciting HQ-170A-VHF is the first and only Ham Band receiver that gives you everything you want. Separate NuVistor front ends (0,3nV for 10 db S/N) for both 6 and 2 meters completely eliminates the need for add-on converters or jury-rigged adaptations. Built-in 6 and 2 meter operation employs matched circuitry for outstanding performance.

Here is an SSB receiver that combines basic operating excellence with all of the extra features you want to make it a versatile, "fun-to-work-wittT unit. Ful! coverage from 2 to 160 meters, excellent electrical and mechanical stability, expanded vernier tuning and a host of truly incomparable HQ-170A features makes this receiver the new First Choice for the amateur fraternity.

The HQ-170A-VHF is the most versatile, and most complete amateur band receiver now available on the market-one neat package contains all the flexibility you need-superlative AM, CW and SSB reception on AH popular amateur bands.

Coming soon— Matching transmit accessories for the Fabulous HX-50.

*Except for the Hammarlund HQ-llOA-VHF


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